9 common attitudes and characteristics of great thinkers

There are many different types of people, while some are quite practical and thrive very well in environments where they get commands and don’t have to reason a lot, others are big thinkers and don’t fit into jobs. monotonous, their mind is always active and they must realize themselves in this regard.

    How great are thinkers

    Great thinkers are people who spend much of their life devoting their time to what they love and motivating them.They feel a kind of impulse that makes them become experts in a certain field. So there are many thinkers who have become people known for their contributions: Descartes, Freud, Skinner, Aristotle, Plato or Maslow are a few examples.

    However, there are people who, although less well known, also possess a thoughtful and original mindset.

    Common characteristics and attitudes of brilliant minds

    But what do these types of people have in common? What characteristics or attitudes do they show? What makes them different? You can find the answers to these questions below:

    1. They work for passion, not money

    If there is anything about these types of people, it’s that their motivation is not moneyBut there is an impulse in them that makes them work on what they are passionate about. That’s what motivates them and makes them happy, and that’s why it doesn’t take a lot of effort from them.

    At least that’s what Dan Pink thinks, Author of The Amazing Truth About What Motivates Us. “Money is an extrinsic motivation, but for these individuals, it is the intrinsic motivation that keeps them going, even in the most difficult times. This is what fills them, ”explains the expert.

      2. They are sacrificed

      And of course, when someone pursues their great passion and their motivation springs from within, they keep paddling against the tide when necessary. The great thinkers they feel good about what they do and that’s what matters to them. This gives them a great capacity for sacrifice, because there is no money that can pay the reward of doing what you really want.

      3. Enjoy the solitude

      Since these types of people move because of their intrinsic motivation, they don’t need the approval of others and think for themselves instead of letting others make the decisions for them. This makes them individuals who enjoy times of solitude, where they find themselves as well as their own thoughts and emotions.

      4. They criticize their work

      Being caring people, they are often critical of themselves and their work. They are rarely satisfied with what they have accomplished and always want to go further. This can be positive in some ways, but it can also make them frustrated more easily if they have a negative perception of themselves.

      In this regard, we know the case of one of the best guitarists of all time, Paco de Lucía, admired by so many people for his genius, but who could not listen to his own works because he believed that they could always be improved. . He is considered the best flamenco guitarist of all time, which is obvious when you hear him, but he could not appreciate his works.

        5. They seek to surpass themselves

        By not being satisfied with their work, these people always want more and they have trouble always going further. They like being able to influence others and while enjoying their loneliness, they want to be recognized for their work. They are ambitious people.

        6. They spend many hours in their specialty

        These people may have access to great universities, but that’s not really the reason they’re getting to where they are. If they access prestigious universities, it is precisely because of their great potential. In fact, headlines aren’t what makes them great thinkers, but his dedication to a particular specialty.

        There are autodidacts who fail in their studies and who are on the contrary very good artists or who have a great mastery in a certain field. This ties in with point one. In other words, they are moved by their great passion.

        7. They are curious

        It should be clear that there is something about these types of people that makes them different, and that is that they are curious. They are always exploring, looking for the relationship between the things going on around them. They must find an explanation for the facts, otherwise they are not satisfied.

        8. They are creative

        Curiosity turns them into creative people, who they reject clichés and social norms. They feel the need to act differently and are able to generate genuine and original solutions to problems.

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        9. Commitment

        Curiosity and creativity are not exactly synonymous, although they are related. The latest research on creativity indicates that creatives are not only curious, but they are very methodical people, quite obsessed with their specialty. This means that creative ideas don’t usually come up overnight, but rather are the result of stubbornness and a long-term commitment to something.

        By spending more time on it, they generate more ideas and challenge more things until they reach the solutions they are looking for. This trait is characteristic of creative people as well as of great thinkers.

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