Intolerant people share these 12 flaws

It seems hard to believe that in the middle of the 21st century, many people do not tolerate others. It’s to get our hands on the head when we make the headlines and we see that Donald Trump, the presidential candidate of the United States, has a large number of followers. We think: “something seems wrong …”

People with intolerance express it in different waysFor example, in a conversation about homosexuality, making it clear that they still live with a primitive (or perhaps atrophied) mind supporting prejudiced ideas. Most importantly, they show their discomfort in an aggressive, resentful and uneducated tone. Without a doubt, for intolerant people it is better to keep them away.

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Characteristics of intolerant people

Whether we like it or not, we have to live with these kinds of people. But what are these characters like? There are a number of characteristics that people with intolerance have (if you can call it that, as I would call them imperfect) that you can find below.

1. They are full of prejudices

Intolerant people have too many prejudicesThat is, they prejudge a person or situation based on a previous opinion or something that is not well known. And, moreover, they are influenced by stereotypes, ideas of something or someone accepted as a model of qualities or behaviors.

Somehow, first impressions and prejudices cause these types of people to attack the interests of others before they find out what they really are.

2. Discriminate

This model of thought based on prejudices and stereotypes this leads them to become discriminatory and intolerant people, Who at least get angry. They often discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or other disorders. Any categorization of identity is a good excuse to offer unequal treatment.

3. They are fanatics

Intolerant people are people with a high degree of bigotry. Since these people firmly believe in their ideas, they also defend them with exaggerated and unbridled passion. Group fanaticism, moreover, fosters the formation of prejudices towards other groups of people, and is fertile ground for intergroup as well as interindividual conflicts.

    4. They are uncompromising

    It may seem that the words intolerant and intransigent are the same, but while they are inextricably linked, they are not exactly the same. Intolerance is not accepting the ideas of others, believing that you know everything and discussing these ideas openly; while intransigence does not give in to the demands and demands of others. Intolerant people are also very often intransigent.

    5. They don’t listen

    Intolerant people defend their ideas, but not only that, but they don’t listen to other people’s opinions. Since they think they are right about everything, their idea is all that matters and they consider knowing what other people think to be a waste of time. In practice, it is as if the opinion of others does not exist.

    6. They are authoritarian

    The authoritarian personality is a set of individual characteristics that are generally learned in childhood and that include anti-democratic and intolerant traits. Many times he has been brought up in an environment with many rules and in which the expression of ideas and feelings is restricted, he ends up adopting a domineering attitude in his dealings with others.

    When you meet a bossy person, it doesn’t matter if they are right or not, the opinion of others has no value and must be obeyed or get angry.

      7. They have problems with their interpersonal relationships

      And of course, considering the above features, of course intolerant people have serious difficulties maintaining interpersonal relationships and come into conflict with other people quite often. They always try to be right and look down on others.

      Lack of communication, unilateralism and domination usually play a role in the basis of these conflicts.

      8. They have dichotomous thinking

      For people with intolerance or it’s white or it’s black, they don’t have on average. These are people who want everything under control because they grew up in families who generally educated them that way.

      Therefore, those who are intolerant tend to classify as “enemies” those who do not stand in their favor on certain issues.

      9. Fear of uncertainty

      As these are people who want to have everything under control and think that everything is white or black, they panic in the face of uncertainty and do not want to accept that there are other points of view and that in life, everything is not always well connected. They hate spontaneity and the unexpected.

      10. They are psychologically inflexible and rigid

      One of the causes of the previous point is their rigid thinking and they think there is only one truth: theirs. There are no more options, and when someone tries to manage their opinions, great anxiety is generated in them. It is this fear of the unknown that makes them behave in this way, in an intolerant way. It is his way of making sure that the only existing truth is his and no one else’s.

      11. They explode to a minimum

      Intolerant people they see others as threats, And when someone tries to bring them the opposite, they act in a hostile manner. By having a discriminatory mindset and being fanatical about their ideas, they tend to be aggressive towards other individuals or groups.

      12. Criticism Doesn’t Fit

      These people don’t know how to respond to criticism, And as mentioned in the previous point, they act badly when someone tells them that they are not okay. Sometimes we’ve all received reviews, sometimes they may not be true, but other times they can help us think about what we’re doing wrong. Intolerant people do not criticize themselves.

        Resentful people: how are they?

        Also, these types of people are often resentful and vengeful. Resentment is a negative feeling that can be very damaging to your psychological health.

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