Proactive people: 12 common traits and habits

We all know creative people, those who continually do activities and work hard to achieve their goals. Being proactive means going out and looking for what you want and not waiting for it to arrive as if by magic., Since opportunities do not come alone and luck must be sought.

    How are people proactive?

    Proactive people create their own destiny and pursue their ambitions. In the following lines you can find a list with the characteristics of an ambitious person who pursues his goals with perseverance and determination.

    1. Connect with your needs and wants

    Proactive people these are people who are always on the move, and that’s because they have a motivation for something. These are individuals who seek their own self-actualization and therefore connect with their needs and wants. When a person is in tune with themselves, they enter a state of flux and know which direction to throw. That’s why it’s easy to be in constant motion.

    2. They know their strengths, but also their weaknesses

    But these people not only know their needs and wants, but they know their strengths and weaknesses, which is positive as long as one accepts their own weaknesses and focuses on their strengths to move forward. This is essential because it helps to chart the course and not to get stuck in the weaknesses that one has..

    3. They have long term goals

    Knowing yourself in every way is the first step in knowing what goals you want to pursue and what goals you have in life, and visualizing a future that a person desires is essential to being motivated and knowing where you want to go. . Proactive people have long-term goals.

    4. But also in the short term: they live in the present

    However, you can’t just have long-term goals, because to achieve big goals you have to go step by step. This can only be achieved if, in addition to long term goals, short and medium term goals are met.. Living in the present is necessary in order not to feel frustrated and move forward on the path that we have set for ourselves.

    5. Great self-confidence

    Self-confidence is a concept on which Albert Bandura theorized, A psychologist who proposed the theory of social learning. According to this, beliefs in self-confidence or self-efficacy largely determine our success and motivation, as these are the assessments we make of our abilities or skills in relation to a particular task or activity. Proactive people enjoy great self-confidence, which helps them overcome obstacles that arise in everyday life.

      6. Ability to plan

      Proactive people are those who don’t wait for things to happen, but who will seek them out. To do this, they have goals and plan the steps to take to achieve them. Good planning avoids frustration and helps give feedback no matter what keeps you motivated throughout the goal acquisition process.

      7. Be automatic

      And does proactivity have a lot to do with motivation. Being a self-motivated person is the key to not giving in to difficult situations. Self-motivation is one of the components of emotional intelligence and is an ability that some people have to provide self-interest and the necessary momentum even in difficult situations and in the face of adversity.

        8. They are not afraid of uncertainty or change

        The fear of uncertainty is one of the main fears that humans can experience. This fear can be really disabling and interfere with a subject’s personal growth. In fact, it is considered a limiting belief and can cause a person not to act when they want something with all their might.

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        9. They live outside their comfort zone

        Fear of uncertainty can lead a person to live in the comfort zone. A psychological space in which an individual feels more comfortable and secure, as uncertainty can often produce anxiety for the unknown. Proactive people are not afraid to live far out of the comfort zone and also love to experience new things.

        10. They appreciate different alternatives and solve problems.

        Some people tend to avoid dealing with the problems because they believe they will avoid the discomfort.. Proactive people, on the other hand, look at difficult situations up front and seek solutions to problems that arise in their day-to-day lives. In fact, they have a great ability to come up with different alternatives when it comes to providing solutions.

        11. They learn from mistakes

        Proactive people learn from their mistakes because they think they are opportunities for growth. Life has good times and bads, but there’s no point in staying anchored in the past and lamenting situations that don’t come out the way you wanted. To move forward, you must accept yourself and treat yourself with compassion.

        12. They are persistent

        Persistent people are those who overcome obstacles on the way, who continue to walk the canyon despite adversity.. They work hard until they are successful, which means they are always on the move and don’t stop. Persistence is one of the keys to success. Without a doubt, there is a close relationship between persistence and proactivity.

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