The 8 Traits of Sincere People (Explained)

One of the traits most valued by people is sincerity. We like to have around us a real, authentic, authentic person, who says and does what he really thinks.

Being a sincere person is not just about giving up what you think. True sincerity is assertive, respectful of what others feel, but true to what one thinks. That is to say true, but avoiding that they hurt.

Next, we’ll dive into what they are the main characteristics of a sincere personboth to be able to recognize a person of this type and to know what we must put into practice to become one of them.

    Main characteristics of sincere people

    Before delving into the characteristics of a person, we must first know what sincerity is. The word “sincerity” derives from the Latin “sine cera”, literally meaning “without wax”.

    The story behind this phrase dates back to ancient Rome. At that time, sugar as we know it did not exist, so the Romans used other options to sweeten their meals. The main sweetener was honey, but it often happened that many beekeepers were not entirely honest and, for more profit, sold it mixed with wax, which made it less pure.

    Over time, the term “waxless” began to be used beyond honey, referring to a pure, genuine, unadulterated person., which does not mix its authenticity with characteristics that are not its own. The most common definition in dictionaries of what it means to be a sincere person is to say that it is one that shows the correspondence between your expression and your behavior with the true way of feeling and thinking. He is shown to others as he is.

    Apparently, and in the opinion of many, sincerity is a very rare virtue, because there are many people who do not show themselves to others as they really are. Many people show themselves to the rest of the world “slicked down”, lying about who they are, often for no good reason, and barely apologizing for pretending to be.

    Let’s see what are the main characteristics of a sincere person, something that will certainly help us to identify them and, also, to put into practice all that is necessary for us to become one of them:

    1. They have good self-esteem

    Sincere people often have a lot of self-confidence, not enough to soften their words or hide their opinions.. They know who they are, recognize their weaknesses and value their strengths, rely on their resources, experiences and emotions to take a stand.

    They have high self-esteem, enough to dare to speak their mind without fear but with enough care not to harm others. This self-esteem is so high that they are aware of who they are, appreciate who they are, and act without harming others.

      2. They accept constructive criticism

      Many people have a hard time accepting criticism, no matter how true. It’s hard to accept what others tell us if we start by fooling ourselves about who we are.. This is not the case with sincere people.

      Sincere people give their opinion with the intention of helping others. They say what they think, with respect and in the form of constructive criticism. They also appreciate it for themselves, understanding that if others criticize them it is to help them improve, so they gladly accept it as long as it is constructive.

      Naturally, if the criticism they receive is clearly intended to harm them, humiliate them or harm them in any way, it will not be accepted in any way.

        3. They are responsible for what they say

        sincere people they are responsible for what they say as long as they promise to do something they really mean to do. In doing so, they are not looking for recognition, they are really committed to something or they are giving their word because they really feel they can help.

          4. They are in line with their values

          Sincere people are consistent with their values, while what they say and do does not contradict what they think. They are consistent in their behavior, thoughts, ideas and words, which they demonstrate even when what they think goes against the majority opinion. Even if it is often not easy to defend a point of view, these people adhere to its principles.

            5. Respect the negative…

            Related to the previous point, sincere people they say the negative but in the most respectful and practical way possible. If they see someone saying or doing something that does not benefit them, a sincere person will not sit idly by waiting for the other person to figure it out on their own.

            It is very important to understand that true sincerity is not to tell the truth abruptly, excused in this “one must tell the truth, even if it hurts”. To be sincere is to respect the other, to prevent him from feeling bad, and if we still know that what we are going to say to him may hurt him, let’s do it as gently as possible but sincerely.

              6. And also the positive

              We often tend to avoid saying words of admiration to others. Sometimes highlighting the positive in others can be expensive, a kind of shame invades us. Recognizing the good in others is an act of humility that is not easy for everyone and that we do not want to do.

              Being honest is not just about focusing on the bad, but also on the good. Meaningful people say the positive things they see in others, so that they feel valued and help them see that we are not just weaknesses, but that we have strengths and abilities. Hearing sincere compliments from someone we admire can greatly boost our self-esteem.

              7. They Help Selflessly

              Sincere people help selflessly, without double intent. When they help someone, they do so with a genuine personal desire to help others, to be better. They do not expect to receive anything in return, nor excessive recognition.

                8. They are generally happy

                Being honest with others and especially with ourselves is something that gives us peace and happiness. sincere people they feel that the world around them is at peace, they enjoy great tranquility when they live a full and authentic life, not covered by an order of lies they tried to believe.

                Since they don’t say anything false, untruthful or half-truth, they don’t live in the anguish of “if they find out the truth” that many sincere people have. Their sincerity provides them with great emotional stability, knowing that if their surroundings are twisted by something, that something will not be dishonest deeds or words they have done.

                In addition, sincerity allows us to enjoy better relationships, because people value sincere people much more, which in itself is a source of great well-being.

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