Top 10 Benefits of Being an Outgoing Person

In the different personality types, one of the most characteristic characteristics of each individual is introversion or extraversion.

Let’s focus on the second of these to find out which factors in this condition are most beneficial for the person, at different levels. For this, we will have different examples of benefits of being an outgoing person which will help to visualize all these phenomena.

    What is the personality trait of extroversion?

    In order to jump into a list of the benefits of being an extrovert, we first need to do a little theoretical introduction to fully understand what exactly it is about extroversion. It is a psychological concept introduced by the psychoanalyst Carl Jung and that later continued to be used as a personality trait in different models, such as the PEN model or the big five..

    Extraversion corresponds to a sociable character. Extroverted people enjoy spending time with others, are very talkative, and exhibit a lot of energy. In contrast, introverted individuals prefer to spend more time alone or in the company of very specific people and tend to be much calmer and more thoughtful than others.

    Certainly, reading the title of Benefits of Being an Outgoing Person, many readers will have a common linguistic doubt, as it is common to find the term extrovert instead. So what is the correct terminology? The truth is that both terms are accepted, although the more widespread would be extraversion, but the original form and therefore the cult, is that of extraversion, because it uses the additional Latin prefix.

    It is important to keep in mind that when we talk about personality traits, it does not mean that a person is totally extroverted or totally introverted, because it is a continuous scale in which one of the two conditions generally predominates, without this signifying that no characteristic of the other pole is manifested..

    We may even find ourselves faced with an ambiguous person, who will therefore show signs of extraversion or introversion depending on the situation in which he finds himself, without either of the two extremes prevailing.

    Benefits and Benefits of Being an Outgoing Person

    Once we know what extroversion means, we can start talking about the main benefits of being an extrovert. Let’s start with them.

    1. It is a predictor of well-being

    The most important advantage when we talk about extraversion is that this trait is an indicator of the well-being of the individual. According to the 2019 study by Jeromy Anglim and colleagues, people who score high on extraversion shooting are the best predictors of a person’s well-being.

    This statement allows us to anticipate that, an individual who particularly enjoys social situations and other conditions inherent in extroversion, has probably felt a little happier than people who do not have this trait. logically all these questions are dealt with in statistical terms, so there will be special cases of all kinds.

    2. Confidence

    Another benefit of being an outgoing person is the confidence that these people have in themselves. These people are generally bold and have less difficulty dealing with situations that take them out of their comfort zone.. And it is that, by their condition, they need constant stimulation, which leads them to seek new experiences.

    Therefore, when faced with a challenge, subjects with extraversion fundamentally have a slight advantage over others, as they have less concern for results and more confidence to be able to meet the challenge, which returns the odds of success. in the face to him, because they are not blocked by indecision or pessimistic predictions.

    3. Leadership

    Extroversion has also been shown to correlate with qualities such as leadership. That makes sense, so sociability and dominance are common characteristics among people who score high in extroversionAnd these properties are also some of the most common among people seen as leaders.

    Extroverts will tend to seek assertiveness when in social situations, which is the hallmark of leadership. When faced with conflict, they are generally more inclined to state their vision, offering a course of action that leads the team to success.

      4. Promotion

      Continuing with the perks of being an outgoing person, and in line with the previous point, the likelihood of getting a job promotion is higher for these people. This question is based on the fact that they are seen as leaders, have the confidence to seek new challenges and also the own visibility that these individuals generate, in front of introverted people, who prefer to go unnoticed.

      These qualities increase the chances of extroverted individuals advancing to positions of greater responsibility. A different issue is the performance they get in these places, but the way to get there will be easier than for other people, who may find it more difficult.

      5. Speed

      Speed ​​is another perk of being an outgoing person. Obviously, that doesn’t mean these people are faster. This characteristic refers to the speed of action and thought. Extroverts are comfortable with new situations, they are given the variety of stimuli they are looking for..

      Therefore, in the event of an unforeseen event, instead of being paralyzed or falling back down, they will be more likely to perform a quick analysis which will allow them to make a decision in a short time and act on the inconvenience. they found their way. The decision taken may be more or less effective, but the time taken to make it will have been less than that of others.

      6. Speakers

      When talking about the benefits of being an outgoing person, it should be remembered that they are generally excellent speakers, a quality that is highly valued in some industries. It seems logical to think that, a subject who enjoys being in shared situations with other people and even being the center of attention will feel comfortable speaking in front of an audience.

      It will even pose an additional challenge and motivation if the speech in question is of particular relevance, is made in front of people who represent authority in a certain sense, or is being evaluated. These types of situations will provide additional stimulation that will give you the new sensations you need.

      7. Persuasion

      In accordance with the above advantage, we could say that extroverted people not only like to talk and receive more good, but this makes them individuals with strong persuasive power, another of the characteristics of leaders, which we have seen earlier.

      These people like to talk but also to convince. Therefore, they are particularly adept in business tasks, as they are not afraid to face the ‘no’ and will always find a way to counter-argue to achieve their goals and change their minds.

        8. Stronger immune system

        One of the perks of being a more curious outgoing person, as it has nothing to do with psychological factors, is that have a stronger immune system, as studies like Kavita Vedhara’s 2015 seem to show. The explanation is not entirely clear, because one might a priori think that, precisely because of their greater degree of exposure, they might tend to contract diseases more easily.

        But it is perhaps precisely this overexposure to the environment that allowed the immune system of these individuals to be sufficiently strengthened to show a lower degree of infection than that of other subjects.

        9. Social circle

        Obviously, among advantages of being an outgoing person, we also find the logical consequence of have a wider social circle. By their very nature, these topics will tend to form friendships easily and increase the number of people they trust more and more.

        However, it is important to keep in mind that, introverts, everything and tend to relate to less people, they will be able to rely perfectly on people of their most intimate trust, even if they are not. not so abundant. These subjects will prefer a smaller circle but with high quality relationships. radiators

        To close the list of benefits of being an outgoing person, we can’t forget that these individuals tend to be true heaters of energy for others. With their energy, enthusiasm and leadership, they can somehow infect other less proactive people, who thanks to them will embark on projects and situations that they probably would not have dared not to have had this blow. an extra inch.

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