What is a narcissistic pervert?

Evil Narcissists (PN) are selfish people, who think only of themselves and they have no empathy. They consciously aim to devastate, suffocate and annul the other in order to feel superior, with more self-esteem and more power.

While this is a personality profile that occurs primarily in men, it also occurs in some women. In this article we will talk about its features.

    Characteristics of narcissistic perverts

    If you want to know if you’ve been or are with a narcissistic pervert, keep reading. Below I summarize their main characteristics of these people (be careful, you don’t have to meet everything…).

    1. Great social skills

    They like to fall and therefore generally have the gift of speech. They are dazzling and dazzling in detail: flowers, letters, looks of affection… Therefore, they come in a pack with the gift of emotional manipulation. They are ultimately admired and otherwise feared, as they can bring to light any vulnerability that we have explained to them to hurt us.

      2. Extremely sensitive to criticism

      They never do anything wrong or do nothing wrong, it is the other one who is crazy and who has problems. They react with anger by scaring you because you don’t care.

      3. As their name suggests, they are bad

      If you try to defend yourself, they will defend you from the attack. They will look for your vulnerable point, “your weak point” to try to make you feel bad and thus manipulate you more easily.

        4. They try to shine constantly, above you

        If you count your accomplishments and accomplishments, they devalue them. His are always more important.

        5. They tend to punish a lot

        In its wide range of manipulation strategies, they use punishment a lot. They stop talking to you for a few days, you get sex or affection… or… they just go away, the famous ghosting.

        6. Fan gas lighting

        If you try to expose your needs or what bothers you, you are still the one who’s crazy, the one with the problem, the one who has to go to the psychologist, the bad mother, the bad woman, and a long and long time soon. .

          7. They try to exaggerate your difficulties and make fun of them.

          This way they try to feel superior to you, and therefore, unfortunately, they feel better about themselves. That is, they overcompensate for low self-esteem.

          8. Look for profiles that are easy to manipulate

          The profile of a couple looking for PN is the “good people” who give their all, with great empathy and sensitivity for others. They trick these women and men into shining like the star they think they are. These types of people who fall in the nets of a FN tend to be emotionally dependent, with a wound of abandonment and a fear of loneliness.

            9. It is not clear people who speak

            The main characteristic of PRs is that they are ambiguous. In other words, it is they alternate words or messages of affection that have nothing to do with what they are doing.

            An example is when they say… “you are the love of my life, I can’t live without you”, but then they stop you from dressing how you want or talking to other men when you want. . Or when they don’t listen to you, they don’t validate your needs …

              Is a PN born or created?

              From epigenetic theory we understand that all disorders have one part of genetics or personality and another part of the environment. We can therefore say that a PN comes from both.

              As for the environment, they usually have parents who are very similar to them, narcissistic in style, who abuse their mothers and play with them. At the same time, these parents also abuse their children. Children grow up with a very big narcissistic wound, feeling that they are not important to either of their parents. And from there, they try to overcompensate their injury with their partners, friendships, and successes.

              In PN we can also see a mother who overprotects the child, gives messages of omnipotence and perfection, externalizes the blame on others, etc. This way, the child grows up convinced that he is a kind of “king” and that others should live as slaves..

              Can PN be cured?

              The answer is very clear: NO. In the consultation we have many women who suffer from emotional dependence and are still chained to this type of PN profiles. The first thing we tell you from the first sessions is that you have to break with any hope of improvement., painful as it may be.

              These are people who intentionally do harm and will never recognize their vulnerabilities or emotional wounds. Fighting change is like trying to break down a concrete wall with our hands alone.

              How to get out of a relationship with a PN?

              I will explain to you some broad guidelines that you can follow, but it is essential that you begin a psychotherapeutic process. Not just to get out of the relationship, but to regain the self-esteem the PN stole from you.

              1. Realize that you are next to a PN

              Analyze verbal, non-verbal language, facts… and compare it to the features we gave you about a PN.

              2. Ask for help

              Friends, family… Talk to them and help them distance themselves and end this relationship.

              3. Focus on yourself and take back the reins of your life and your self-esteem.

              Go out, have fun, take care of the work you love, to do leisure… When a PN enters our life in the process of sinking, it is easy for us to fall into a spiral of doing nothing, getting carried away, feeling listless and desperate.

              4. Start a psychotherapeutic process

              What we usually see in consultation is that we cling to the PN (a person who does not know how to love) because we have childish faults: parents who couldn’t love us the way we needed them, abusive parents, absent parents, school problems, problems with the group of friends …

              There will be a list of traumas and injuries that we will need to process before leaving the relationship because they are preventing you from letting go. We will have to talk to the girl you went to to give her encouragement, love, self-esteem… and thus regain your essence.

              We have met people who don’t love us because we don’t know how to love ourselves… and it happens because our parents couldn’t love us as much as we needed to. They did it in their own way, as best they could, but it was not enough. Only by coming to terms with the injured girl that you were, will you be able to let go of a relationship that is doing you no good.

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