Why is personality development important?

Getting to know yourself helps to focus on the actions a person performs on a day-to-day basis.

Thousands of people come to the consultation without knowing who they are or why and why they do things; when a person knows who they are, they know where they are going.

The most important thing for a person is his personality, because it provides references on what to do in life, although it is true that there are certain things that can prevent a person from developing their personality. Here we will see what they are.

    Obstacles to personality development

    These are the main elements that prevent the proper development of an individual’s personality.

    1. Overprotection

    When people live in overprotected housing, there is no place for the being of the person, there is no border between a person and the one who overprotectsso it is not possible to differentiate which is which.

    2. Home without promotion on decision-making

    There are households in which the members of these they are not able to make their own decisions; one or the other thinks or commands what the other must do, which most often causes pitfalls and low self-esteem.

    3. Parent family members who lack a structured personality

    When the father or the mother does not have a structured personality, it happens that it is difficult for the child to develop his ownsince on the one hand the development of the personality is not something of priority for this family and on the other hand there is no model of example to follow.

    4. About participation

    There are other parents, grandparents, uncles… who don’t let nuclear family members grow, because they tend to have an opinion on a person’s life. There is a lack of boundaries with such external members; the boundaries are unclear and anyone can comment on someone from the other family.

    5. Knowledge

    Personality development is rarely promoted as such at home; Many may have heard of it, but they don’t really know all the benefits.

      Benefits of personality development

      Among the advantages of developing one’s personality correctly are the following.

      1. Be motivated

      A person who knows himself has more motivation for life.

        2. Focus

        When someone knows who he is, he knows what he wants and where he is going. Therefore there is more chance of success in the things that are offered.

        3. Discipline

        People who have already taken their personality seriously tend to behave in a disciplinary way it leads them to the achievement of objectives.

        4. Transgenerational

        When at least one family member has developed their personality, other family members also develop theirs.

          Possible psychological consequences of not progressing in personality development

          When a person does not develop his personality, he more often experiences failures, because his actions are not based on a consistent basis. Low self-esteem appears, which generates a number of complications: the person can be controlled by others or teased, which can lead to a drop in self-esteem. that’s why It is advisable not to wait too long and to undergo psychological therapy so that the problem does not progress.

          There are also certain disorders that develop when you don’t have a good personal structure.

          It is important to know that it is within the family that such development should be encouraged. Each member occupies a place or rather called “role”; however, if this role is unclear and not differentiated from each other, it is unclear where each occupies.

          For example, in a family it helps a lot to know who the father is (by the actions the father performs) as well as the mother and the children; however, it is very common to find homes where the role of father or mother is not completely defined and where a child takes the place of the father. This child must always act like a child for optimal development, just like every member of the family. Most of the crises that occur in a family are precisely due to a problem of differentiating who is who.

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