10 benefits of having good self-esteem

Self-esteem is an essential characteristic to effectively achieve our goals, since it is linked to self-confidence.

This characteristic of the personality begins to be established from childhood, determining the factors of the environment (education, friendships, etc.).

In this article we will see what exactly this psychological construction consists of, we will also review what are the main benefits of having good self-esteem.

    What is self-esteem?

    To understand the benefits of having good self-esteem, one must first become familiar with its concept. Self-esteem is the appreciation we have of ourselves, Based on a good perception of our capacities and our personality.

    Contrary to the beliefs of many people, a person with high self-esteem doesn’t have to be arrogant. It often happens that people with good self-esteem are the most discreet and reserved.

    Self-love it begins to settle in the early stages of development, Through the training that parents or guardians give to the child and their interaction with their peers. This is why parenting styles are crucial in this process, and it is not advisable to be too permissive with young people, nor to have absolute authority over them.

    The ideal is to find a healthy balance so that they can feel loved and at the same time be able to accomplish certain tasks on their own.

      Benefits and benefits of having good self-esteem

      In the following lines, we will see a list of the benefits of having good self-esteem.

      1. Self-confidence

      People with good self-esteem have self-confidence which is fundamentally beneficial for any project they undertake, besides being a protective factor against stress and depression.

      2. Ability to forgive

      A well-established self-esteem allows the subject to be able to forgive correctly, without resentment in the middle.

      This ability is not just about forgiving others, but this also applies to self forgiveness.

      3. Better skills development

      Being a carrier of good self-esteem facilitates a better development of personal skills, knowing that the more we have of ourselves, the greater the tendency will be. aspire to challenging goals that enhance our abilities.

      4. Adequate health concern

      Health care is a problem that is quite related to good self-esteem.

      And this is it the people who care most about being healthy are those who have a good self-image and are valued. This allows them to lead healthy lifestyles and avoid overindulgence.

      5. Ability to face and overcome problems

      Another benefit of having good self-esteem is using more effective coping styles. In general, people with this psychological characteristic they face problems with confidence and head-onThey don’t need to shirk – because they are confident in their abilities and know they have what it takes to overcome the problem.

      6. Better mental health

      The correlation between mental health and self-esteem is very positive, as people who have a better self-image they must avoid conflicts and toxic situations in their life.

      More self-esteem, more emotional confidence and therefore lower stress and anxiety levels.

      7. Better ends of life

      The goals and objectives of life are matters which depend on how we perceive ourselves. In this sense, if a subject has a better image of himself, he will believe that he is capable of accomplishing better things in life and will do his best to achieve it.

      8. Ability to assume responsibilities in the best way

      Good self-esteem helps us to better assume and assume our responsibilities, understanding that not only is it enough to be able to fulfill our obligationsBut it is also important to do them well.

      9. Better interpersonal relationships

      Having good self-esteem means tend to develop good relationships with their peersSince those with properly adjusted self-concept relate adaptively to others, and are also selective subjects who avoid relating to individuals in conflict.

      10. Safety when making decisions

      When we exhibit good self-esteem, it is common for us to make decisions in a more engaged and secure way.

      Of course, this fact responds to a prior assessment of the situation related to the confidence we have in making plans, in looking beyond the present.

      People with well-established self-esteem assess the viability of their actions before making the appropriate decisions, to avoid the possible frustration of not being able to achieve the goals set at the outset.

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