10 benefits of studying psychology at UNED

Many students, after the entrance exams to enter university, have to decide which career they will study in the next few years and which profession will mark their future careers (although some people decide this long before). Among the options available, psychology is one of the most popular.

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Study online or in person

Over the past decades, university education has undergone profound changes, in particular due to the advancement of new information technologies (ICT). This is why many university institutions specializing in this type of training have emerged.

Deciding where to study often depends on our grades, but other times we make that decision based on the location or prestige of the college.

In Spain, many universities offer, as part of their academic offer, the degree in psychology.

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Studying psychology at UNED: is it a good idea?

Among the most prestigious and experienced online universities is the National Distance Learning University (UNED). It is a public institution based in Madrid, but which has associated centers throughout Spain and in various countries abroad. For example, Belgium, Mexico, Argentina or Switzerland.

This institution has more than 260,000 students. In addition to the degree in psychology, UNED also offers masters, postgraduate degrees and specialization courses.

    Benefits of studying psychology at UNED

    Since UNED is an online university, there are advantages to studying at this institution over face-to-face training. They are as follows.

    1. No need to travel

    One of the main advantages of studying at UNED and online training in general is that it is not necessary to go to school, that is, it is not necessary to travel and it is possible to study at home. UNED’s experience makes its materials focused on online teaching: with videoconferences, texts and other educational resources that allow you to study online and learn as if you were at university. .

    2. You can study from Spain and other foreign countries

    UNED has agreements with many schools in different countriesIt is therefore possible to take the exams in person. This makes it possible to offer distance education in most European and American countries. In this sense, a Colombian student can pursue a postgraduate degree in this university and enjoy their prestige in their home country.

    3. Calendar flexibility

    UNED students can log into the campus and use the educational material it contains during the 24 hours of the day. Video conferences are recorded so you can play them over and over again. Therefore, it is ideal for people who prefer to study at unusual hours or who need to combine their studies with other tasks. For example, work.

    However, to complete assessments or to speak to the tutor, they usually set aside hours.

    4. Real-time update and contact

    Although it is necessary to make an appointment with the tutor, it is possible to be connected with the teacher in a fluid and immediate way and from anywhere. Outraged, students decide when to use teaching materials.

    5. Excellent training offer

    This academic institution has decades of experience. In addition to the degree in psychology, it also offers various postgraduate degrees (master’s and expert degrees) in different specialties of behavioral science: clinical psychology, social psychology, human resources, sports psychology, etc.

      6. It’s cheaper

      Studying at UNED, being an online university, costs less than face-to-face university training. This is because the expenses are reduced. For example, at the scene. Online education has a positive impact on the pockets of students.

      7. Great career and experience

      The National Distance Learning University is one of the most prestigious university centers in Spain, Which started in 1972. It is a public university. dependent on the Ministry of Education. It has teachers who are very successful in their specialty and the educational content is of high quality.

      8. Mobility

      If you are a person who moves frequently or, for example, if you work for a few months in a city other than where you live, it may be a good idea to train at UNED, because it allows you to study from anywhere and anytime.

      9. Cutting Notes

      Since the number of places in this university is unlimited, it has no limit. However, it is a demanding university, in which you must be very responsible and have a great capacity to study on your own.

      10. Comfort

      Being able to study from home and at any time of the day makes studying at UNED comfortable. However, as discussed in the previous point, this does not mean that it is easy, as it requires a high level of self-demand.

      Distance learning is not for everyone

      Despite the benefits of studying at UNED, this university is not for everyone. Demand level is high, And the discipline that each imposes marks the success at the time of obtaining the title under study.

      Many students have graduated from this academic institution; however, some people also realize, once enrolled, that the methodology is not suitable for them.

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