10 curiosities about the life of Sigmund Freud

Sigmund freudHis life and his brilliant theories have been the subject of study and controversy over the years. Born in 1856, Freud is a box of surprises.

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Meet the 10 unknown aspects and some curiosities about the life of Sigmund Freud.

Ten things you didn’t know or were curious about about Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis

1. What it takes to read Don Quixote

Sigmund freud he learned spanish to be able to read Miguel de Cervantes’ famous work, “El Quijote”. An unequivocal sample of his determination to discover new realities and cultures.

2. A genius from an early age

The great elegance and wisdom which emanated from their writings as a student have been recognized and rewarded for their exceptionality. This is why Freud won, among other prizes, the Goethe’s literature of the year 1930.

3. What does a woman want?

Sigmund Freud once declared: “The big question to which I have not answered and to which I have not been able to give a convincing explanation despite my thirty years of research on the female psyche is: what does a woman want? wife?”. No wonder I made this reflection, since throughout her career, she has analyzed many female patients with different psychological mismatches.

4. Missives between Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud

Albert Einstein he once sent a letter to Freud asking “Why the war?” The various written conversations that the two geniuses had were published by the psychoanalyst in two of his works: “The future of an illusion” (1927) and “L’inconfort dans la culture” (1930).

5. Freud’s dog

Sigmund Freud had a chow chow dog named “Topsy”. Freud considered him practically as an assistant during the psychoanalysis sessions he carried out on his various patients. The Czech once said: “I prefer the company of animals to humans; they are much simpler.”

6. His daughter, Anna Freud

Freud psychoanalyzes his daughter, Anna. In his 1919 work “Stick to a Child”, Sigmund Freud presents four cases or profiles of women, One of which explicitly refers to his own daughter, Anna Freud. Decades later, Anna Freud explained in an article entitled “Relationship between whipping fantasies and daytime sleep” some conclusions about her own person. Most likely, some data and thoughts are based on the psychoanalysis conducted by his father.

7. Your aversion to new clothes

Among other rarities, Sigmund Freud he was little (very little) cute. He hated buying new clothes and was only allowed to own three suits, three spare underwear, and no more than two pairs of shoes. A lesson in austerity.

8. The cancer he suffered from

Sigmund freud he had to undergo more than thirty surgeries due to problematic cancer in the oral cavity, he suffered. A mandibular and palatal prosthesis was placed on him, which was poorly tolerated by Freud and prevented him from speaking normally.

9. A crater on the moon bears his name

In honor of the memory of the wise psychoanalyst, a small lunar crater discovered shortly after Sigmund’s death was called “Freud”. It is one of the lesser-known curiosities and reflects the importance of this historical thinker.

10. His taste for collecting

Freud he was quite a collector. Among the objects he kept, his favorites were the ancient statuettes. He also enjoyed walking and picking mushrooms in the woods and playing cards.

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