14 apps to relax anywhere

We are generally under a very high level of stress. The social structure and pace of life that we lead forces us to constantly struggle, compete, fight and struggle to maintain a very high level of activity, energy and productivity almost constantly.

It can all be exhausting and nerve-racking, leading to issues such as anxiety being one of the most prevalent in the world. So we need space and different ways to disconnect and relax. This need has led to the birth and multiplication of workshops and activities in this direction. And even the potential of new technologies has been exploited for this purpose, generating among other alternatives various applications or smartphone apps to relax anywhere.

    Apps to relax anywhere (and eliminate stress)

    Here are a dozen apps or apps to relax. in different ways, from using meditations to breathing techniques or using sounds to lower stress levels or even help sleep.

    There are also others that offer guided meditations and other strategies that have been shown to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety levels.

    May 1

    Very attentive to the (free) launch of this application the week of March 16, 2020, because Meyo set to completely revolutionize the healthcare applications market. And it is that the strategies to relax are only one of its countless benefits.

    Meyo is a 360 ° health app, which means that it seeks to make the user the absolute owner of their health in all aspects, from the physical to the emotional. Because being in good health is not just not being sick. Being healthy is about being happy, enjoying our surroundings, living stress free, keeping our mind and body strong, and ultimately being the best version of ourselves.

    Aware of this and the importance for physical and psychological well-being of living peacefully and stress-free, Meyo offers us all the tools we need to relax wherever we are. Meditation exercises, yoga sessions, breathing techniques, music to relax and any other type of audiovisual content (challenges, exercises, videos, tips, etc.) the effectiveness has been tested by a team of psychologists and doctors who are behind this application.

    It is certainly one of the best options if we want an app to relax and escape for a few moments from the stress of our life. But the benefits don’t end there. Meyo wants us to enjoy physical and emotional well-being, so while relaxation is an important part, it offers us so much more: healthy eating, exercise routines, tips for better sleep, strategies to improve communication skills, ways to be more social, tips for quitting smoking, tips for overcoming stress … Everything you need to be healthier in all aspects and to feel good about your surroundings , is located inside Meyo.

    • You can download the Meyo app for Android and iOS.

    2. Gurumind

    Gurumind is an application which, in addition to teaching you to meditate through guidelines and instructions, includes more than 100 meditations and relaxation techniques adapted to different needs: stress management, insomnia, fear, depressed mood, etc.

    To use this app and its guided relaxations, just click a few clicks and start using your resources for free.

    If you want to know more about Gurumind, you can find more information on this page.

    3. Calm

    With the Spanish version and available on Android and browser, this application offers different strategies to relax, from guided meditations to practicing breathing techniques, music and relaxing scenes. It’s paid, but offers a free trial.

      4. White Noise Lite

      A simple application that bases its operation on the choice of different relaxing sounds, such as rain, wind, Tibetan bowls or frogs, which allow you to disconnect by performing continuously, at the same time as you imagine yourself in a relaxed situation. It helps sleep and has alarms prepared so you can wake up on time but calmly. It’s also free on Google Play.

      5. Gravilux

      Available on iOS, this application allows you to draw with your finger, seeing how a lot of particles move depending on where we pass our finger.

      6. Tayasui color

      Still under iOS, this paid application (which could be bought some time ago for free on the Apple Store) mainly offers us paint different pictures of different complexity in order to relax.

      7. Breathe2Relax

      Although its aesthetics are not the best, this free application is very useful in order to learn how to perform different breathing techniques that allow us to reduce nerves, tension or anxiety. Available on Android and iOS.

      8. Aura: full attention and happiness

      Available on iOS and Android and as a free download, Aura is an application that allows us to develop personalized relaxation sessions, based on a series of basic data such as age, level of agitation or stress, optimism and interests of the user. provides daily sessions of about three minutes of meditation and mindfulness (Also be useful in learning how to do it).

      9. Size

      From what we’re actually faced with in a game, it helps a lot to relax with its minimalist proposition where we have to grow a tree. It also plays a musical thread intended to facilitate meditation and relaxation. Of course he gets paid.

      10. Intimind

      Created by expert mindful psychologists, this app is fully available in Spanish on Android and iOS. Although the full version is paid (with subscription), it offers a free introductory program of 11 different 10-minute meditation sessions.

      11. Lifetime charge

      Free iOS application that bases its operation on creating lists of positive and negative things that happen to us daily, help us put them into perspective and reduce stress generated day by day.

      12. Smiling spirit

      Completely free application on Android, although completely in English. This application is based on helping us to carry out meditation sessions and offers different programs depending on the age group, the place where it will take place (at work for example) or for athletes. Apparently also offers the ability to monitor mood.

      13. Relaxing melodies: sleep and yoga

      Application which has a variety of white sounds to help us relax and can even be combined to have personalized tracks. It also has a stopwatch and allows for multiple meditations (although these are in English and are usually paid for). Available on Android.

      14. Stop, Breathe and Think: Meditation and Mindfulness

      This application available on Android is also very useful for practicing different types of meditation. It helps you relax, stay motivated, and get better rest. It also lets you see your own progress and even has videos to help kids practice yoga. It’s free to download and also has over 40 free activities, but it has over 80 in the premium version, which requires a paid subscription.

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