18 Facebook pages for psychology students

the Facebook pages for students and professionals in psychology they are a good way to frequently receive information and all kinds of learning content.

In this sense, Facebook is a very useful tool, because it allows us to be in touch with our area of ​​interest without having to actively search; all you have to do is subscribe to any of those pages of interest and check that social network frequently (which a lot of people do almost daily) for posts in the field that we want to appear in. our news feed.

Facebook pages for students and curious about psychology

Below is a selection of these Facebook pages with links to each one. Just search for the topics that interest you, click on the links placed in each of the page titles and give it a “like” once you’ve entered the social network.

1. Psychology and the mind

Your reference page to be informed of all the best content in psychology, healthy habits, neuroscience, recent research, curiosities about the human mind and much more … Join a community of over 1,100,000 psychologists and spectators.

2. AzSalud

A community dedicated to disseminating issues related to medicine, nutrition and psychology. In a few years, it is a portal visited by hundreds of thousands of Internet users and which has received several distinctions.

3. Psychologist Bertrand Regader

Bertrand Regader’s official page, The Barcelona psychologist and writer who brings us closer to the world of psychology and neuroscience on a daily basis.

4. Psychology in Latin America

If you are a psychology student (or psychologist) living in Latin America, this page is for you. More than 95,000 people are already part of this community which has continued to grow since its creation in mid-2015. One of those pages that keeps you up to date while immersing you in a vibrant community of psychologists.

5. The female guide

When we talk about women’s health, many doubts and misconceptions arise. To shed light on this tangle of knowledge, La Guia Femenina is a very useful portal. It is a team made up of women who come from different fields of social and psychological health and who speak to us from a very interesting point of view.

6. Psychologist Jonathan García-Allen

Another page that reveals psychology and its link with health. Jonathan García-Allen’s Facebook page regularly posts all kinds of content related to behavioral science, healthy living and many other topics related to the good life. Totally a must.

7. Psychocodes

On the Psicocode Facebook page you will find daily articles on psychology and personal development. Here you will read on a wide variety of topics on how to plan your time, study methods, concepts used in psychology, etc.

8. Change

The Facebook page on psychology run by Leocadio Martín is frequently updated with articles and thoughts of particular interest to those interested in this topic. Almost 65,000 followers, not bad at all!

9. Psychology of the world

A page directed and managed by the creators of Psychology and Mind in which they offer us materials specially dedicated to organizational psychology, coaching and personal development. Another of those essential Facebook pages for both professionals and the curious. 13,000 subscribers today.

10. Health guide

Psychology can also be observed by considering the interaction between body and mind. Guia Salut, a portal created by the founders of Psychology and Mind, offers daily content in this direction, so that we can learn to take care of our body from the psychic to the physical. A community that continues to grow day by day.

11. Child psychology

The name of this Facebook page describes itself. It is a great option for people interested in educational psychology. and psychological interventions focused on the little ones in the house. Because there is also a lot to learn from the little ones. Over 1.6 million fans (yes, you heard that right).

12. Psychology 2.0

The Facebook page managed by clinical psychologist Miguel Ángel Rizaldos it is strongly recommended for people who wish to access content related to the psychological facet of well-being and health. In addition, it is updated daily. 43,000 subscribers!

13. Psychology and reflections

One of the Facebook pages for students in which images and inspirational quotes are combined with articles on psychology. It’s quite interesting to follow this page, which already has 210,000 followers. One of those stories to watch closely.

14. Positive psychology

More than articles and informative texts, here you will find reflections and short quotes that explore this aspect of positive psychology which is so related to philosophy. A community of over 100,000 users, no more and no less.

15. Sports psychology

On this page you will find all kinds of content related to sports psychology and methods to improve physical performance. 8,000 subscribers and growing.

16. Psychology and Marketing

Those interested in applying psychology to the world of marketing and advertising have a valuable source of information on this Facebook page. Outraged, marketers and the business community in general can also learn strategies, Methods and concepts of utility in their field of work. Over 5,000 subscribers.

17. Organizational psychology

Psychology applied to work and team management in organizations is the reason for this interesting Facebook page. Since this area of ​​psychology is one of the most strenuous each year, soaking up this type of content can be useful for many students who have not yet had the opportunity to work on something related. with “his”. 25,000 subscribers.

18. Forensic psychology

Facebook page for students and psychologists interested in this branch of psychology related to legal proceedings and looking for evidence to clarify what happened in specific cases. Articles related to the topic are often shared.

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