5 face-to-face and streaming psychology courses for this summer

Summer is always a good time to train: beyond the hotel sector, economic activity tends to decline, so we have more free time to figure out whether to lose economic opportunities.

Entities that conduct training programs know this, which is why many design courses designed to last only for the summer, making them accessible to most people.

If you are interested in educating yourself in the field of behavioral science and mental health, keep reading, because you will find here a selection of face-to-face and streaming psychology courses for this summer which will help you enjoy your free time.

    Face-to-face and streaming psychology course to take advantage of the summer by training

    Here are several recommended psychology courses if you want to invest some of your free time in specializing and expanding your knowledge and curriculum.

    1. Practical methodology course in sports psychology and coaching (UPAD Psychology and Coaching)

    The UPAD Psychology and Coaching Center, Located in Madrid (district of Argüelles) combines for years its psychological intervention services with various training programs in the field of behavioral sciences.

    This recommended sports psychology course offers a face-to-face streaming format with another, lasts 5 days and begins Monday, July 6; is aimed at psychologists and final year students of the psychology degree who wish to train to be able to master direct intervention with athletes both individually and as a team. In addition, having very limited places (both face-to-face and online) emphasizes personalized advice.

    The learning here is theoretical and applied, with case studies to familiarize yourself with the use of psychological intervention techniques in sport. Some of the contents taught in this training program include injury prevention and management, parenting advice to support young athletes, professional methodology used in the practice of sports psychology, motivation and expectation management. , etc.

    You can find more information about this and other UPAD psychology and coaching courses on this page.

    2. Sexual and couple therapy course (psychology and UPAD coaching)

    Couples therapy and sex therapy services are among the most requested in psychology centers. And no wonder; the lack of information and the taboos that still prevail in this area of ​​life, among others, lead many people to develop problems there.

    This is why many people in training in psychology decide, at some point in their professional or academic development, training in sex and couple therapy, two complementary forms of intervention and that they overlap in many ways. This course offers an overview of this area in which to professionalize, and an excellent option as an introduction to sexology and support for couples.

    The UPAD Sexual and Couples Therapy Psychology and Coaching Course takes place over 6 days in the second half of July and features a face-to-face and online format using Zoom. It provides information on general aspects of the theoretical framework of sexology, as well as on its areas of intervention: sex counseling, sex therapy and sex education.

    In addition, it also focuses on the development of fundamental therapeutic skills in this area, understanding the communication dynamics of the couple and their possible errors, familiarization with the tools of sexological intervention, etc. It has limited places: a maximum of 20 students.

    3. Basic skills course for therapists (psychology and UPAD coaching)

    Beyond the theory contained in psychological intervention manuals, there are the therapeutic skills that psychotherapy professionals develop. this course is designed to facilitate mastery of these practice skills of psychological intervention with patients.

    This training program has very limited places to offer personalized treatment that adapts to the doubts of each student, and it is possible to attend in person and online (via live lessons). It also includes 3 individual sessions of 30 minutes.

    In this course there are many practical exercises, and it is based on role play and the development of general skills applied to work in therapy, such as modulation of non-verbal language, knowledge of different styles of relationship between therapist and patients, conflict management, self-analysis, etc. It starts on July 13.

    4. Music therapy, emotions and technologies (UNED)

    From July 1 to 3, this interesting course promoted by the National University of Distance Education takes place, which can be done online or in person in the municipality of La Roda, Albacete.

    This training program consists of 20 hours of instruction (one ECT credit) and allows you to learn about such interesting aspects as how music influences the functioning of the brain and its effects on the nervous system from before birth to the stage. of old age, or the way in which music contributes to the cognitive development of children and influences the well-being of people with disorders such as congenital multiple arthrogryposis, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, etc.

    5. Mindfulness course (Psicotools)

    The Psicotools psychology center, located in Barcelona, Offers one of the mindfulness classes to keep in mind if you are interested in training for this form of multi-purpose intervention.

    Its team of professionals has been using Full Care techniques for years both in patients and in training programs for individuals and companies, and offers the possibility of learning to use them by applying their theoretical and practical principles in oneself and in others.

    You can see more information about Psicotools, along with their contact details, on this page.

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