5 good habits for summer

Summer is coming and most people are taking a few days off.

At this time of year we often find ourselves tired of the daily tasks we have been doing for the past few months. We book vacations in the hope that they will be happy, carefree days.

    Recommended habits for the summer

    I offer them here 5 the habits that make these days out of the routine satisfy us.

    1. Get ready for the holidays

    As soon as possible, ask yourself how we feel about this year’s holidays, instead of assuming that what has always served is the only possibility (always the beach or always a trip abroad, for example). Fantasize different options, discuss them with our loved ones, give us time to change our minds and adapt to our current reality. All these actions help us to grant ourselves a good holiday.

    For this preparation, it is useful to take into account all the people involved and the circumstances in which we find ourselves: to reach agreements instead of imposing or letting impose the conditions of the holidays and to take into account the economic situation are fundamental aspects of this preparation.

      2. Pay attention to how these days go

      When we are already on a well-deserved vacation, things may not go as we planned. Sometimes we “put on autopilot” and don’t allow ourselves to feel that reality is far enough away from what we initially dreamed of. Lthe proposal is to be honest with ourselves and, before the situation becomes unbearable, evaluate with those around us the changes to be made so that everyone can enjoy a few days of rest.

      Other times it is the opposite, what we experience exceeds our expectations and it is important to be able to recognize and value this possibility as well.

        3. Consider the days immediately following

        We often forget that when we return from vacation we need a few days to get used to the routine again, this is a normal process which when not taken into account you live with a level of high stress.

        In the days following the holidays, the hourly rhythms are no longer the same, even if they are not the usual ones either.. They are also in this intermediate territory, in addition to the hourly rhythms, the people with whom we relate, the way we eat, how we rest, etc. Keep in mind that a few days of adaptation are part of normality.

        In addition, anticipating the importance of these last days will allow us to retain for longer the positive and nutritious aspects that we have experienced during the holidays.

          4. Take care of what we love, what we want

          By this I mean, again, setting aside automatisms and allowing us to explore what motivates us at this time in our lives. What we wanted a year ago may be very different from what we like today. The willingness to listen to what is really important to us it helps us to create the conditions for this to happen in our lives.

          Sometimes we clearly identify what we really want and the difficulty lies in communicating and negotiating with the environment. When we avoid expressing our desires, usually to escape conflict, we paradoxically fertilize the ground for it to happen.

            5. Put a limit on what worries us

            There are always things to worry about in life. When these worries are not extreme, it is useful to settle them, if possible, before the holidays. This way the unresolved items – there are always some – won’t be so important and there will be less chance that we will be busy during the rest time trying to solve the problems that will continue to exist when we return. It’s about embracing the importance of rest and relying on our decision-making abilities after days of fun.

            When worries are extreme and we go on vacation, we have to assume that somehow they will come with us. Being clear that this will be the case can help you deal with times when you can’t disconnect from difficult situations in a more accepting and pleasant way.


            With these five aspects, the days when we are in this special place with the people we have chosen, always within the margins that life allows, will be beneficial. We propose here aspects that help to plan the vacation in a realistic way, while opening the possibility of pay attention to what is out of the routine, sparking interest in us. We can thus enjoy a few days better connected to our current moment of life, always taking into account the people with whom we interact and the circumstances of our lives.

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