8 recommendations for acquiring new habits during the holidays

Taking advantage of the holidays to get out of the routine is one of the goals that many people set for themselves on these dates, and today we can use several psychologically healthy strategies to facilitate this process of adapting to a new situation.

And is that although the concept of “holiday” is often linked to leisure and rest, it should not be limited to these areas; those days of disconnection with the routine we had maintained They can be the perfect opportunity to reshape the way we approach life.

    How can you take advantage of the holidays to encourage new habits?

    Breaking the inertia we have adopted after spending many hours a week at work can be the first step in a process of personal development that is more accessible than ever during the days when we are not free. If you are interested in living your vacation start meaningful personal development projectsor emotional care that you haven’t previously participated in, keep these tips in mind.

    1. Reprogram our sleep schedule

    Reprogramming our sleep schedule into cycles that allow us to get more rest and have a better quality of life is one of the first steps we can take while on vacation.

    During the working months, we have rigid schedules in which we usually leave work late and get up early. Since during the holiday period we have time to rest we can adjust our schedules to be able to sleep a little more in the morning and not go to bed so late.

    This measure will allow us to regain hours of sleep, to have a deeper and more restorative sleep, and above all gather strength to perform during the day.

      2. Rethink goals

      Another recommendation we can follow to take advantage of the free time we have during the summer months is to rethink our vital goals and promote personal self-knowledge.

      This can be accomplished by creating a journal to find out our true interests in the medium and long term, and set new goals that truly align with our values ​​in all areas of life.

      Personal reflection and introspection will allow us to know ourselves better and achieve a greater state of well-being and balance that brings us general psychological health and a better quality of life.

        3. Reconnect with old friends

        The holiday season is when we rekindle those friendships we haven’t seen in a long time, catch up and enjoy their company again, which we certainly haven’t been able to do all along. the year.

        Maintaining a busy social life is important during these monthsbecause staying and interacting with other people we love will help us stay out of the reach of an overly sedentary lifestyle and will also help us disconnect

        In other words, reconnecting with old close friends will help us improve our physical, emotional, and psychological health.

        4. Exercise outdoors

        Exercising frequently is essential throughout the year, however, during the holidays, we have the time and the favorable weather to do all the exercise that we have not been able to do during the rest of the year. year.

        It is better to do this exercise outside and be able to be in nature, because we have more time to move to areas far from pollution and enjoy contact with the natural environment.

        Getting out of the house, going for long walks or simply running in a wild environment helps us, once again, to maintain our physical health and provides great emotional and intellectual well-being.

          5. Start your hobbies

          Starting a new hobby that we have always wanted to start and which for lack of time has not been possible is another project that we can embark on during the summer months.

          During the holiday period, we have all the advantages to start learning how to take the first steps towards a new hobby and this can serve as a means of show us that our minds are flexible and that we can hone our skills in no time.

          Some of these new hobbies that we can get into are DIY, art, hiking, all kinds of risky sports or more intellectual hobbies like outdoor reading or hobbies that require more specific intellectual exercise.

          6. Avoid a very sedentary and passive lifestyle

          While all of the above recommendations are specifically designed to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, it’s important to avoid spending long hours at home. we have to stay busy most of the day so that the time we spend at home is the minimum.

          Sedentary lifestyles, that is, lifestyles of spending long hours at home without consuming too many calories or energy, are strongly discouraged for physical and emotional health.

            7. Do relaxing activities

            Another habit we can incorporate into our daily lives during the holiday season is to engage in relaxing activities of all kinds to keep our minds calm and achieve daily emotional balance.

            Some of these practices can be oriental meditation, mindfulness, yoga or simply controlled and conscious breathing for 10 minutes each morning to start the day in a balanced way.

            8. Adopt healthy lifestyle habits

            Likewise, in addition to acquiring relaxation habits, we must also integrate into our daily life a series of healthy habits related to both our sleeping style, already mentioned, and our daily diet.

            Starting to eat healthy and at the same time every day is a good way to adopt a healthy eating lifestyle. This means avoiding overly processed foods that are too sweet and keeping carbonated or alcoholic drinks away from us.

            Are you interested in having professional psychological support?

            The holidays can also be an opportunity to improve your mental health by taking the time to begin a psychotherapy process. If you are interested in taking this route, please contact us.

            In PSiCOBAi We can help you in person or online.

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