9 psychology book authors you should know

Psychology is not simply an isolated knowledge of popular knowledge; for it to be useful, this information must be clearly communicated to most segments of the population.

And not just democratizing access to psychology is a positive and commendable thing; in addition, there is so much to say and so many interesting subjects to discuss, that there are many authors of psychology books that have a lot to offer. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few that are highly recommended.

    Authors of essential books on psychology

    In the following lines you will find several authors from the world of psychology who might be interested in the way they communicate in an informative and fascinating way on the topics they cover.

    1. Jesús Matos Larrinaga

    Jesus Matos is a psychologist specializing in the treatment of emotional regulation problems; since his consultation in Madrid, he has offered psychological assistance in particular to patients suffering from mood disorders such as depression, sadness caused by low self-esteem and similar disorders.

    But beyond his facet of psychotherapist, Jesús Matos also speaks about issues related to his field of work. In her book Good Morning, Joy explains several practical keys to apply in everyday life. and manage feelings of sadness.

    In its chapters there are many practical exercises that help to manage and overcome this type of psychological discomfort through a 12 week program. All this with clear descriptions so you know what to do at all times.

    And is that while major depression is a serious disorder that should be treated with psychotherapy, there are other less serious disorders related to sadness that can affect the evolution of habits based on referrals given by experts.

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    2. Steven Pinker

    Steven Pinker is so well known as one of the most publicized representatives of evolutionary psychology. as with being a polemicist, forays into the world of social commentary are constant. Leaving aside his essays on history and politics, however, what we find in this author is a skillful communicator focused on the innate and hereditary aspects of human psychology.

    The Rasa Table is probably his best-known book, and he sets out the findings of several lines of research that show us how the biological elements of the human body predispose us to behave in certain ways.

    This is highly recommended work for those interested in the relationship between biology and behavioral science.

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    3. Miguel Ángel Rizaldos

    Miguel Ángel Rizaldos a psychologist specializing in the clinical field, And for years he has devoted much of his efforts to raising awareness. Specifically, he is interested in talking about the most practical and applied aspects of psychology used to improve the functioning of areas of life such as family dynamics.

    In his book Guide for Parents in Difficulty, this professional gives a series of tips and recommendations on how to approach the complex task of raising young children, both in values ​​and how to develop in their environment. usual.

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    4. Nacho Paste

    Nacho Coller is one of Spain’s most publicized and versatile psychologists. Although much of his career has been spent in the field of psychotherapy, Coller is used to television and the digital world, where he plays a big role as a broadcaster of this science.

    His book A Turtle, a Hare and a Mosquito brings us closer to the world of relationships, thoughts and life in society with great psychological wisdom, but also with a style and irony that leaves no one indifferent.

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    5. Monica Dosil

    Mónica Dosil is a psychologist specializing in psychotherapy for people of all ages with over 25 years of experience in this field of work, as well as the author of several books on emotion management and self-esteem.

    One of the best known is “Your Way of Life”, which addresses different areas of psychological well-being both in terms of living habits and interaction with the environment and others, and the mental processes of. modulation of feelings (hardware and software, making the comparison with the world of computers). A reading designed for all types of people, with or without training in psychology.

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    6. Marí Pérez Álvarez

    In addition to being a doctor in psychology and a professor at the University of Oviedo, Marí Pérez Álvarez is a renowned researcher with a long history of publications on behavioral science. From the point of view of behaviorism, this writer has produced several works in which he rejects the idea that psychological phenomena can be understood simply as a product of the brain.

    One of his best-known books is The invention of mental disorders: listen to the drug or the patient?, In which he discusses the idea that much of what we consider to be a psychological disorder is in fact a concept generated from the logic of treating discomfort problems through the use of psychotropic drugs, in thus assuming that the root of the problem lies in specific parts of the nervous system. and not in behavior.

    Whether you agree or disagree with their findings, it is very interesting as a benchmark when thinking about the impact of the pharmaceutical industry on the world of mental health.

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    7. Adolf Tobeña

    He is one of the authors of psychology books that will be of most interest to fans of the forensic field.

    From a perspective combining psychological and psychiatric aspects, Adolf Tobeña, professor of medical psychology and psychiatry at UAB it deals with interesting topics such as aggressive behavior, patterns of emotional manipulation applied to others, and the dynamics of confrontation and violence in general.

    In the book Anatomy of Human Aggression, this expert explains the keys to understanding the different types of interpersonal and group violence.

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    8. Frans de Waal

    There is good reason why Frans de Waal appeared on Times Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People list.. This author is a professor in the Department of Psychology at Emory University and director of the Living Links Center at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, where he studies the biological and behavioral links between great apes and apes.

    Throughout the pages of the book The Monkey We Carry Inside, Frans de Waal tells us that that we share with great apes like the chimpanzee it is not just a highly developed cognitive ability with other animals; in addition, there are aptitudes to live according to morality which we have also inherited, such as solidarity, kindness, altruism, etc.

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    9. Rubén Ardila

    This Colombian psychologist and researcher is one of the best-known psychology authors in the Spanish-speaking world. His interest in communicating without renouncing scientific rigor has made him one of the references in behavioral science in many Latin American countries.

    In Walden Tres, Rubén Ardila takes on the task BF Skinner tackled decades ago and talks about the possibilities of developing wellness societies from the application of behavioral technology.

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