Anxiety as a path to self-knowledge and freedom

When society tells you that the hectic world is the right one, that stress and anxiety in your daily life are normal and acceptable, and that living with constant tension is a common and even reinforced tone; we have a huge conflict ahead of us.

Biologically, the human being is prepared to be able to withstand moments of stress over time. in which flight or struggle may be necessary to survive in our environment. But today, the stress we experience in our hectic daily life causes us to live in constant anxiety and nervousness, and this has very serious consequences on our physical, mental and energetic health.

At this point, we have several ways to solve this kind of problem. We can ignore the call for change or we can move on a more sustainable life connected to our deep essence.

    Learn to live at a different pace

    The first call for a transmutation may not be heard; we may be too young or we may not be ready, we may still have to learn other vicissitudes that may come our way. But life, like the planet and its nature, is cyclical, and that means those experiences that we haven’t directly approached with determination and awareness to fully learn from them, they will be repeated to us periodically and more and more clearlyand almost certainly, also in a more painful way.

    At that moment when the person connects to this intense suffering, a dark pit of shadows hangs over them. This is the moment I call “the dark night of the soul”.; it is a time of maximum sadness, pain and loneliness, where we are given the opportunity, through the most terrible expression of our desolation, to transmute this situation by coming into contact with our being, our essence and the Energy of oneself. completely, to connect with our purest intuition and consciousness.

    How can we, in this moment of utter despair and anguish, connect with this most authentic, most spontaneous and most light part of ourselves? Doing an act of self-awareness and working on our shadows is one way this is possible.

      Recover from anxiety

      Normally we don’t want to face all that darkness; it is the part that causes us the most discomfort in our person. But by seeing them face to face and accepting them, in addition to integrating them with love, we can feel more secure and free in relation to our daily choices and events.

      Self and self-awareness, the connection with our essence, is achieved with such simple and unique acts as:

      • Attention to the present, here and now, or mindfulness.
      • Fun and pleasure in the small details, the simple things that make us happy.
      • A conscious and healthy life, with a healthy diet and regular physical activity, as well as daily restful rest.
      • Nature: Its healing ability is incredible. If we take a good forest bath, we will see the difference in our energetic state before and after.
      • Meditation, detaching from our thoughts and simply focusing in silence on our breathing, our bodily sensations, and our state of being, our consciousness.

      • Integrating mindfulness into the breath as a tool to calm our anxiety.
      • Visualizations; close your eyes and imagine yourself in a situation in a completely peaceful and calm natural environment, integrating this landscape of harmony and this happiness in us.
      • Positive Mindset or Positive Attitude, analyze why the way you approach life and the color you see it determines how events will unfold.
      • Surround yourself with high vibrational or positive energy people, who bring you.

      Here are some ways to begin to connect to the healthier frequencies of you and Mother Earth, which are not related to stress, anxiety, fast pace or rush, but rather to calm, the cycles of nature, patience and silence.

      Action and rest are in tune and balanced in our natural environment; this is not the case in our current work environments and cities. Let us take breaks to repair, heal and reconnect, and live our earth experience with more love and awareness, leaving a beautiful mark of pure essence on our existence.

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