Celebrate the little moments, increase well-being and reduce anxiety

Did you know that to reduce anxiety, you can not only do relaxing activities, but also celebrate? By celebrating small moments, you will practice appreciation and gratitude, two essential ingredients for reducing anxiety and stress, thereby increasing your well-being.

Anxiety is a state of tension in the body and mind that comes from the way we act and think. Often, when anxiety is strong, we look for brakes to reduce it, fight it, minimize it. So we turn to various practices, such as meditation, yoga, among others. These activities offer us a break from the hustle and bustle, discomfort and tension. So they can also become good healthy habits.

then, There are several ways to reduce anxiety and stress. On the one hand, you have to find what is causing the tension and make the necessary changes. On the other hand, it is good to shift the balance of sensations and emotions in a positive way and this is where relaxation and party activities come in.

    Celebrate as an ally of well-being

    Celebrating, as I tell my consultants, is a moment of awareness in which we employ two great allies of well-being: gratitude and appreciation. Both are triggers for positive or pleasant emotions.

    Gratitude has important positive implications for health, social relationships, and helps reduce anxiety and stress levels. In the field of positive psychology, there are many studies that claim that practicing gratitude helps to activate the emotion of gratitude and thus to have a more satisfying life.

    The evaluation of what is good for you, of your relationships, of what you have, of what you do well, the evaluation of small aspects of daily life… All this isuma to your quality of lifeprecisely because satisfaction with life is the product of a positive evaluation of it.

    Remember that valuing, being grateful, being aware, and sharing are essential ingredients for your well-being and happiness.

    Celebrating is an act in which we value something that makes us feel good. Celebrating is not necessarily synonymous with organizing a party. Likewise, when the party is shared, its profits are doubled, although celebrating and sharing with others adds to health and well-being. That’s why toasting is a shared symbolic act that marks a moment that will not only be a source of pleasure then, but whenever you remember it.

      4 types of celebrations

      What are we celebrating? There are countless celebrations and festivities associated with every culture, country and region. From tribes to cities, from prehistory to the present day, celebration is part of our lives. We learned to celebrate certain dates, like Christmas, birthdays, and also when we reach certain achievements, but we forget something important, to celebrate small moments.

      That’s why I developed a classification of four types of celebrations:

      • Cultural Holidays: These are dates that your whole community usually celebrates, and they are set for one day a year. For example, Christmas, Friends’ Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, religious and cultural holidays in your community.
      • Celebrate your birthdays. These are the dates on which, one day a year, you remember something important for you and your loved ones. For example: birthdays, wedding anniversary, among others.
      • Celebrate accomplishments. These are dates on which a path ends, when you reach a goal. It could be: winning a competition, finishing a career, starting a business, buying your house, etc.
      • Celebrate the Small Moments: This is a new category where only you choose to celebrate by valuing the good in your life. For example, podrás hacer honors an amistad, love, health, life.

      Before entering the last category, maybe you think:
      “I’m not a fan of parties”, “I can’t seem to feel happy to party when I should”, “Planning a party is not beautiful and it’s totally stressful”, “I don’t ‘don’t like parties’, ‘I can’t find important reasons to party'”. Now tell me yourself: do you identify with any of these ideas?

      Well, if your answer is yes, you might think that celebrating is just fulfilling set obligations, such as cultural celebrations and birthdays. Also, you may or may not think of yourself as being a party animal when it’s not about “being” but about generating beautiful moments, and we all have this potential ability.

        Celebrate the little moments

        Celebrating Small Moments is a category I designed after researching happiness and well-being and is based on practicing appreciation and gratitude in small moments.

        It’s a celebration that only you choose when and what to celebrate. This makes it possible not to limit the celebration to these marked dates or to think only of the major milestones. We can benefit from celebrating a little time each week if we follow the steps I will explain later.. For example, you can stay this week with a friend, choose a nice place and toast by saying loudly that he is toasting that day for friendship.

          Two tasks and four instructions to celebrate the little moments

          to celebrate you have to create a beautiful moment and for this I recommend two important tasks:

          • The first, he reflected. Write down all the things you are grateful for that are beautiful in your life. Think about what you were, what you wanted to be, what you have, and what you are doing.
          • The second, take action. Start generating your celebrations.

          Keys to consider

          To generate your celebrations, these guidelines can help you:

          • What to celebrate Choose a reason to celebrate from your list.
          • When: mark in your calendar the day and time you will celebrate,
          • Where and with whom: choose a pleasant place, at home or outside. Think about whether you will be the only one at this celebration, or better yet, if you will invite someone else.
          • Celebrate: On the day of the celebration, you must do two things. Put into words: “Today, I/we celebrate…” Raise a toast by appreciating and giving thanks for this moment.


          It’s important that the celebration is something you choosenice and not something impossible.

          As we have seen, celebrating not only adds beautiful moments, but also allows us to practice appreciation and appreciation for countless things in our lives.

          Remember, celebrate the little moments. You don’t need a big party to celebrate a wonderful moment. Celebrating will increase well-being and reduce the anxiety that remains the quality of life. Well, now it’s your turn ¡Celebrate!

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