Coffee with Balance: a new program to bring psychology closer

Coffee with Balance is a program that runs from Monday to Thursday, live, From the Facebook page of the In Mental Balance clinic.

It is an unprecedented format in our country in which various subjects related to psychology are approached from a close and informative perspective, but always with scientific rigor.

    What is the format of Coffee with Balance?

    It’s a short 10 to 15 minute space that airs Monday through Thursday. The appeal of the format is that you can interact with professionals live, This makes the program a dynamic space in which a conversation with the audience takes place.

    The topics covered are very varied, always related to psychology. Each week a general theme is proposed, and during the various broadcasts of the program it is deepened on this subject.

    In addition, the creators of this space give us the opportunity to propose themes for future programs, which makes the space a living being, for and by the public.

    What topics are covered in the program?

    Coffee with Balance is a psychology program, so all topics have to do with this science. however, communication is done in an informative way. In other words, you don’t have to be an expert in psychology to understand what is being said in this space.

    In addition, there is always an attempt to give a practical perspective, so that viewers can apply what they learn during the show to their lives.

    In recent weeks, topics such as “Discomfort makes me grow taller”, “Self-esteem”, “Social support” or “Christmas stresses me out” have been discussed.

    Who presents Coffee with Balance?

    The psychologist responsible for this program is Jesús Matos, director of the mental balance psychology center.

    Jesús holds a degree in psychology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, a master’s degree in clinical and health psychology from the same university and a master’s degree in legal and forensic psychology from the European Psychology Foundation. . He is also the author of the book Bon dia, Alegria, a TEDx speaker (TEDXPinamar 2019 and TEDxSanJoséDeDavid2019), and a regular contributor to Saber Vivir magazine and the Huffington Post.

    What can I do to see and participate in the program?

    It’s very simple, the program is broadcast from Monday to Thursday from the Facebook page of the clinic In mental balance. To see it live only you must like this page, and when the program starts it will pop a warning.

    However, the programs can also be viewed later. You can access all of them by logging into the Mental Balance Facebook page. In addition, you will be able to provide comments, suggestions and opinions which will be taken into account for the following programs.

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