Do you consider yourself to be the goose of your class? 4 reasons not to worry

Do you consider yourself to be the goose of your class? Today we give you 4 reasons not to worry.

Bullying in the classroom: what to do when others treat you badly

Bullying is a sadly current reality in the education landscape. Today we will not focus on the reasons why these abusers appear, but on the reasons to keep hope for those who suffer from them. verbal or physical abuse that, to put it in a less dramatic word, they can feel Gilis and be victims of those who in the future will be socially maladjusted.

In crime psychology, we study that adolescents who, in adulthood, will have difficulty adapting socially, survive in school and high school their lack of resources in social skills with two strategies. They are as follows.

What are thugs doing to make you feel like a “gorse”?

1. Physically or verbally assaulting other children

Their weaknesses (lack of means of communication, hostile family environment, low self-esteem) push them to seek superiority over violence. The recipients of these assaults should not follow any pattern other than not being part of their group. It can make you feel like a gooseberry.

2. Bring together individuals with the same faults

Subjects who will have difficulty adjusting to adults due to their weaknesses come together in middle and high school and form a hard core. If you are not in a group, they will try to hurt you by making you feel alone and separated. It can make you feel like a gooseberry.

If you are one of those people who suffer from the lack of social skills of violent subjects who attack in defense of their insecurity, there are four reasons to be hopeful. It is a difficult process, but you can stop suffering from this harassment.

Because bullying is a real problem and suffering from it makes you goiterIt makes you a person who has to deal with unfair and undeserved conflict and who can help you be stronger. Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t give up hope.

Being bullied is not the end: reasons for optimism

Asking for help makes you stronger

One of the skills that you learn over the years is to ask for help. A mature, confident person himself is not afraid to assume that he has a problem and that this problem may affect him or overcome it momentarily. Don’t be afraid to disappoint your surroundings or worry them. You are not responsible for what happens and your environment is responsible for precisely such cases.

The social support network will help you in different directions. First of all, you will feel heard and taken care of, so that the feeling of loneliness it will gradually disappear. They can also advise you on how to resolve the issue or who to contact.

Yes or yes, seek the support of an adult, if you can be a member of the family. Their experience and resources will help find solutions to the conflict. If you cannot find this support in your family, do not hesitate to look for a person in charge of the center where you study.

Social skills can be developed

Often the feeling of weakness in the face of conflict is marked by a lack of social skills. To be socially successful, we need to have those skills that help us deal with conflict or have social success that allows us to avoid those conflicts. The good news is that these skills they can be learned. Your own experiences will help you improve them, but if you want to change and develop them, there is even better news.

Do not say what bothers you, this shyness prevents you from expressing yourself freely, the excessive fear of not integrating yourself into the group, the ingenuity of expressing yourself with humor … soft skills are acquiredAmong other things, psychologists and coaches help you develop these skills so that you can face your social life in a more secure way.

Valuable traits change over time

As we have said, all the studies on the psychology of crime and anti-social behavior show that children and adolescents with aggressive or overly dominant behaviors are the ones who will have adjustment problems in the future.

During adolescence, strength, aggression, and intolerance may seem to be the most valued traits. But in a few years, in the adult society which rewards the values ​​of sensitivity, intelligence, empathy, ingenuity, originality … Your traits which in adolescence may seem like a weakness will become few. of your main assets.

Anything that now makes you feel different will come back in your favor and consolidate itself as a pillar of your social identity. Don’t be afraid to be different. They try to be alike because they are afraid to be themselves. You are you. And that makes you very lucky.

What seems irreversible today will be a memory tomorrow

When we are in the middle of a conflict or problem, continuous anxiety activates our metabolism and we secrete hormones at a very high rate. Our brains work two or three times what they should. This feeling of activation makes us a focus on the problems and we believe our life always will be.

Well, as you get older you will realize that throughout our lives we are faced with hundreds of situations that we believe to be final … and then they are not so much. When you leave it with a partner, you change jobs … we still believe that this change is final. And then it becomes one more memory. Life is constantly changing and dozens of very positive chapters await you. Trust that they will arrive.

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