Emotions Men Rarely Experience and Express

Men experience certain emotions and situations that are not easy to express. For this, it is important at all times to take stock of the emotions by accepting them as they are, and above all to know the methods to be able to bring out these emotions.

    6 emotions a man goes through and rarely says

    These are experiences that men tend to externalize less due, in large part, to gender roles.

    1. Anxiety

    Some people describe anxiety as nervousness, restlessness, tremors, or in some cases tachycardia. However, anxiety is often accompanied by depression; a state of mind that can be defined as sadness, anger, and crying for no apparent reason.

    How to fight against this discomfort? Going for a walk helps a lot to oxygenate the brain; it is basic and fundamental to take at least 30 minutes a day to walk around at a not so fast pace, it helps to reduce the restlessness felt in the anxious state.

    2. Frustration

    It’s a feeling of being stuck, of not going anywhere, of feeling that you want to achieve something and you can’t or it’s very difficult, everyone felt frustration at some point in his life.

    Frustration is fought by having a life plan and making it viable and achievable. Most people who feel frustrated are stuck in their present moment and their future, either because they’re overloaded with too many tasks or because they haven’t realized what they’ve been up to. wanted when they wanted.

    3. Sadness

    State of mind where you want to do things, discouragement, lack of interest, sometimes there is apparent crying, and sometimes anger.

    People who feel sadness for no reason could be in a biochemical deficiency, however feeling sadness is normal, to get out of it the person is asked to remember a time when they were very happy and to touch their shoulder once. once you have said image, it is a matter of using an NLP technique called anchoring, and serves to “anchor” the image in association with a memory; therefore, this image will cause serotonin to be secreted in the brain, making the person happy.

    It should be noted that the emotion of tristeza, as well as some others, are normal when they fall within the curve of normality; when you have already come out of the curve it is said that it is abnormal and that you have to attend it in a different way.

    4. Fatigue

    Fatigue can be physical and/or mental, if it is physical there is also mental fatigue. However, if there is mental fatigue, there is not necessarily physical fatigue, one or the other are stressors.

    Physical fatigue is different from mental fatigue. Therefore, we will treat it differently; physical fatigue can be combated with a rich bath, rest, nap, deep breathing, a walk, a meal.

    And mental fatigue, in addition to the previous ones already mentioned, also helps with reading, drinking tea or coffee, going out to see the sunset, taking a vacation, to name a few.

    5. Shame

    Shame is something a man could hardly express, it’s a feeling of pain where he doesn’t know how to get out of it; however, it is not customary to accept certain emotions of fear a bit complex that they bequeath to have.

    It is normal to feel shame and we can fight it when we are aware of it.

    6. Disappointment

    Many men felt disillusioned, and despite this they don’t recognize it because they feel inferior in front of others.

    It is fought by doing a thorough analysis of who you are and having security and self-esteem.


    It’s not that there is a difference in the emotions of men and women, emotions are emotions and they feel very similar, but values, beliefs, prejudices bring the emotion of a one way or another.

    Emotions are part of human life and as such they help to develop people’s minds, we can feel emotions during the day, and all the time we oscillate between emotions, thoughts and behaviors; it’s a cycle that never endssince that is how the body and the mind are linked.

    It should be mentioned that a healthy emotional development is important, since the others mentioned above depend on it, but if there is a deficiency in any of the above, it will also be in the emotions.

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