Existential vacuum: 5 tips for knowing what to do with your life

Mental life cannot be understood only with the chemical reactions that take place in our brain because we experience emotions, we have feelings and we perceive the world based on our experience and beliefs. In fact, we are all looking for meaning in our lives …

The meaning of life has captured the interest of different philosophical and psychological currents such as existentialism or humanism, and focuses on existence, consciousness and happiness, affecting many other issues such as ontology , vital purpose, ethics and free will, etc.

But what happens when someone doesn’t find meaning in their life? then we speak of an existential void or an existential crisis. Today we are going to go into detail with this topic.

    What is the existential void

    The existential void is a melancholy journey in which the person is unable to visualize their futureAs he does not know where he is or where he is known, he is also not able to look to the future because he does not have vital goals. This can lead the person to suffer from great existential anxiety, and in the case of a solution, it can lead to a depressive state.

    Individuals who encounter an existential void they can end up psychologically torturing looking for an answer they can’t find. But if they do not act, this situation can turn into a vicious cycle.

    The only way to escape this context is to know oneself and discover the desires that one must be able to discover and fight for vital goals. Therefore, in awakening itself is the solution. The future answer lies in the present, knowing who I am, what I am doing here and where I am going.

    Crisis for own existence: feeling emotionally empty

    Vital goals are needed to keep us motivated, because when we can’t find meaning in our life, confusion and sadness can take hold of us. The existential void leads us to feel psychological embarrassment because we have started to question the reasons for our own existence.

    In fact, the existential vacuum is a identity crisis that takes place when our life is out of control. Thus, our mental patterns are not adaptive and our self-esteem suffers as it does not have a solid foundation or frame of reference to guide it. What am I doing here? or what is the meaning of my life? This is something we can ask ourselves.

    Find out who we are and what we want for ours it is the key to our personal development and live in a good mood. In other words, introspection will help us to walk on the ground in the present, to be able to walk towards the future that we want.

      Being emotionally intelligent, key to overcoming

      In recent times, emotional intelligence is a concept that has revolutionized the way we people relate to ourselves. A term made famous by the American psychologist Daniel Goleman, and which is currently applied in different fields: educational, professional, sports and clinical. Regarding the latter area, emotional intelligence has been shown to improve self-knowledge, self-motivation, management and regulation of emotions and, in addition, the well-being and happiness of the people.

      Since Salovey and Mayer (1990) introduced the concept, much research has demonstrated the benefits of emotional intelligence. As we explained in our article “The 10 Benefits of Emotional Intelligence”, it promotes decision-making and personal development, which has a lot to do with existential emptiness.

      In fact, personal development experts, such as coaches, provide emotional intelligence tools for coachees because an individual cannot be understood without good self-knowledge and good management of their emotions.

      Emotional intelligence enables a person get to know yourself better and plan realistic goals, Which are the key to getting out of the existential vacuum and coming back to life. Emotional intelligence allows you to put aside the identity crisis and live life more clearly, both in the present and in the future.

      What to do with your life when you can’t find the right path

      Since coming out of the existential void has to do with finding one’s true identity, facing this situation is different for each individual. In other words, the path to be traced is different in each subject, and requires will on the part of everyone to avoid being trapped in this negative spiral.

      Psychologists take care of lost people on a daily basis, That they don’t like their job, or their life when they are with a partner who does not do them much good. They follow here for fear of leaving the comfort zone, for fear of uncertainty, for fear of meeting their true selves … Happiness lies in oneself, in personal development and in the vital realization of each one.

      Tips for overcoming the existential void

      Here are some tips to overcome the existential void

      1. Do you know

      As we have seen in the previous lines, you must know yourself know the path to follow in life, Do not be afraid of your desires. If you want to improve your emotional intelligence level, you can find some useful lessons in the article “The 6 Best Emotional Intelligence and Personal Development Courses”

      2. Set goals

      Setting goals is essential in order not to feel the existential void. Scientific studies claim that people who set realistic goals enjoy greater mental well-being and are more motivated. In fact, it is the key to avoiding depression.

      3. Accept reality

      Often, frustration and existential emptiness are also the result of unrealistic expectations and not accepting reality. When we accept ourselves as we are, the existential void disappears.

      4. Live in the present

      Accepting yourself makes no sense if you don’t experience the present in its entirety. It’s good to set goals, but you should always keep in mind where you are starting out.

      5. Ask for help

      In some cases, the confusion is such that it is very difficult to look to the future. Then you must have psychology professionals that they can help people overcome the existential vacuum and face the right direction towards full life.

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