How much money does a psychologist earn? Average salary in different countries

Mental and physical health issues, adaptation to the needs of different individuals and groups, training and selection of personnel … there are a large number of areas in which a professional is needed which takes into account the different processes that make us successful. people and shape the way we are, think, feel, act and relate

This professional can be found in the figure of the psychologist. And today, these psychologists are more and more in demand due to the various problems that exist in our society. As a professional activity, the services of psychologists are a regulated and remunerated activity.

How much does a psychologist cost? Let’s look at the average salary these professionals earn in seven different countries and territories around the world.

    What does it mean to be a psychologist?

    Psychologists are those professionals dedicated to the practice of psychology, the science dedicated to the study of the mind and the various processes that are part of it or in which it participates. The psychologist works to explore and intervene at different levels and in different areas of specialization, both clinical and care, social, business or school, among others.

    Becoming a professional in this sector will require a lot of dedication, as well as extensive training and preparation that allows us to be efficient and provide the best possible service regardless of our field of action. In addition, as in many other businesses, we must be aware of new developments in order to optimize the improvement of customers or patients as much as possible.

    People engaged in psychology are in close contact with thoughts, emotions and behaviors of those who decide to trust him as a professional. Being a psychologist requires a high level of vocation, with a deep interest in people and the well-being of clients being above all other considerations.

      The psychologist’s salary

      The specific compensation that a psychologist receives can vary widely, The final salary will depend on the field of psychology in which the professional is engaged, the type of service and treatments offered and the degree of prestige of the professional. For example, someone who has just completed their degree will not be billed in the same way as someone with several years of experience behind them.

      There will also be differences depending on whether you are engaged in the clinical field and in health, education or business. There will also be variations depending on whether the psychologist practices for the private or for the public. It should also be borne in mind that if you are a freelance professional, which is very common, you will have to face multiple expenses in order to maintain the consultation in question.

      Likewise, the code of ethics allows the salary that each professional receives for his work to vary greatly according to the criteria of each professional, provided that it does not delegate or degrade the profession and does not involve unfair competition with other professionals. It is even possible for a professional to decide to offer free counseling or therapy, as long as the person requesting it is in dire need of it and cannot afford the stipulated fees.

      For all this, the figures below are only indicative, and may vary greatly from case to case. In addition, it should also be borne in mind that the lifestyles and purchasing power of different countries diverge considerably, as well as the socio-cultural assessment of the psychologist as a professional.


      Professionals dedicated to psychology in Spain can have a very variable salary. Generally, the average salary varies between 1000 and about 1500 € per month, In some cases reaching € 3,000. This year, it is therefore generally between € 18,000 and € 21,000 gross.

      If we focus on the private clinic sector, in the health sector, the salary per session of a clinical psychologist can vary between 40 and 120 € approximately, i.e. the amount obtained by school psychologists outside the center. .


      The professional practice of psychology in the territories forming part of the United Kingdom he is paid between £ 30,000 and £ 48,000 per year on average. In the case of senior positions such as selection heads in hospitals, the figure can reach £ 80,000. In Britain, for example, a psychologist charges around £ 38 an hour.


      In Mexico, the remuneration of professionals in psychology is generally around 9,000 pesos per month. In the private clinic, each consultation is usually billed between 300 and 500 pesos. In the hospital sector, the salary is around 10,000 pesos per month.

      As for the educational branch, the average salary is between 8,000 and 12,000 pesos. Finally, the industry average is between 10,000 and 12,000 pesos per month.


      The average salary for a psychologist in Australia is around $ 85,000 per year. However, it should also be noted that the standard of living in this place is much more expensive than in other countries.


      Argentina is one of the countries where the profession of psychologist has experienced the most expansion, especially in the psychodynamic branch. In this country, the private consultation generally costs between $ 207 and $ 600 per session. The average salary of a professional with a degree in psychology can range from $ 202,695 to $ 261,000 per year.


      The average annual salary of a psychologist in Canada is approximately CA $ 71,450. The session costs approximately $ 37.12.

      United States

      The average annual salary of psychology professionals in the United States is $ 51,000. While that might seem like a high amount (around $ 4,500 per month), it’s worth noting that average salaries in North America tend to be higher as well.

      By sector, we see that the clinical sector receives an average of $ 60,000, while educational psychologists can reach $ 54,000. However, private consultations generally have a much lower remuneration, hovering around $ 37,000.

      Work intrusion

      It should be noted that the money psychologists earn depends, in turn, on many other factors that have nothing to do with their level of education and experience or the efforts that have been put into a professional career.

      More precisely, today the work intrusion is one of the factors that most affects the chances of getting a job and to progress professionally. This is something that is part of the problems of the labor market and its regulation in many countries with an abundance of psychologists.

      Thus, the presence of people who present themselves as therapists of psychological aspects who have followed courses of a few months or weeks related to Coaching not only they entrust the work to many real psychologists, Forced to take on much more responsibility, but also lowers the wages of those who have a job due to unfair competition.

      Addressing these types of regulatory issues is very important in order for psychologists to have access to the salary corresponding to a profession which is accessed after more than 5 years of study and preparation.

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