How to attract luck, in 9 psychological keys

We usually associate luck with chance, with a superior force that makes everything unexpectedly turn in our favor. Although chance can give us a stroke of luck, there is nothing that attracts luck in a magical or supernatural way.

However, there are people who seem to be accompanied by luck in each of their actions, that is, they are individuals with a flower in their ass. But … how do they do it? How can they be so lucky?

In this article, you will discover the keys to attracting good luck.

The importance of habits in good and bad luck

To attract good luck, you have to behave in such a way that opportunities arise. In other words, you have to look for luck. The same goes for bad luck, as in many cases it usually appears suddenly. Surely you’ve heard the phrase “it seems like all the bad guys come together”. When this happens, individuals often search for the causes of external factors, as if they have made them seem out of sight. They think the planets are lined up against them, then they wonder, “What did I do to deserve this?”

Well the cause is usually a person’s habits. And while sometimes luck can play tricks on us, our daily behaviors generally increase the chances that things will go well or bad for us.

    Habits to attract good luck

    Far from thinking that luck is a mysterious thing, that it works strangely, it takes a series of habits to become a lucky person.

      You are probably wondering: What are these habits? What can you do to make your luck smile? In the following lines, you will find the answer to these questions.

      1. Look for opportunities

      People who are generally lucky are those who are looking for opportunitiesIn other words, they don’t wait for things to come to them as if by magic. If they want a good job, they fight to get it and fight to put themselves in an environment that encourages them to get what they want. Luck may smile on them, but they are the ones who moved to be there at the right time. Nobody gets the lottery if they don’t buy it.

      2. Connect with as many people as possible

      It is always positive to meet people, especially people who can offer opportunities for luck. Having a network of contacts is always positive and can influence when new opportunities arise. To reach this point, you need to have a number of social skills.

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      3. Focus on your strengths

      Tim Ferris, author of the book 4 Hour Work Week, explains that “it is much more effective to take advantage of your strengths instead of fighting for your weaknesses”. In fact, in his book, he notes that “Studies of the most successful people conclude that people who are lucky in life focus on what they do best. If they don’t master something, they tend to delegate or look for a partner who makes them up. for their weaknesses. ”Over here, you can attract new opportunities that match your potential.

      4. Embrace a positive mindset

      Adopting a positive mindset is one of the basic tips any motivator will give you.. It is a habit that we all should have, because you always have two options when faced with situations that come your way every day: to be negative and to see the bad side of things, something that can paralyze you; or go out in search of those opportunities with a positive mindset that no one can stop you with. Luck has a lot to do with attitude and how you think about what you want to accomplish.

      5. Be realistic

      It is important to clarify that a positive attitude must be combined with a realistic mentality, otherwise it would be what is called false optimism. If you want luck to be a feature of you rather than a state, start seeing things as they are. and not see things as if you live in your unreal world.

        6. Trust yourself

        Luck smiles on one when he believes in himself. Indeed, when the person has great self-confidence, they dare to take on more challenges and are more motivated to keep fighting for what they think they deserve. In other words, he will be more likely to find himself in situations where luck can smile on him and he will move on to situations in which he can be successful.

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        7. Be proactive and salt your comfort zone

        If you trust yourself, you might be more proactive and always be in constant motion trying to materialize the desires you have. Leaving the comfort zone also gives you a higher chance of being lucky, so you don’t expect luck to come to you.

        8. Don’t give up and be patient

        If you want to be lucky, know that luck doesn’t last 24 hours a day or 365 days a year. When someone has their life under control, they adopt a positive mindset, are realistic and looking for opportunities luck is easier to smile. People who don’t give up are always fighting, they are always at the foot of the canyon, which can make luck happen.

        9. Don’t become the victim

        If you spend all of your time worrying about lost opportunities or worrying about the future, you may be missing out on the opportunities of the moment and the chance that luck will smile on you. Therefore, it is better to leave the past behind and change the approach to the present. Think about how you can change your life and make the decision to be here and now to start taking advantage of opportunities that could change your life forever.

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