How to be happy with yourself: 7 very useful tips

Happiness is a recurring theme in people’s daily lives. Many think that you have to look for new places and new people, and they can invest a lot of time in it …

The questions we need to ask ourselves would be: Where is the happiness really? Where should I direct my life to find it? Maybe it’s closer than we think, where we least imagine it.

In this article, we will see some useful tips to stop looking elsewhere for what is in ourselves. In fact, we will talk about how to be happy with yourself.

    What is happiness?

    Happiness can be understood in several ways; it’s a subjective question, and a lot of it depends on each of us, how we understand the concept of happiness.

    So how are you happy with yourself? We can agree that happiness comes when we perform activities that give us a feeling of gratification, Or when we get a reward (material or not).

    Sharing moments with our loved ones, practicing our favorite sport, listening to a symphony, are things that can generate an indescribable feeling of happiness. Indeed, these actions cause our brain to secrete certain substances responsible for giving us these sensations, the so-called happiness hormones (endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin).

    When we experience the happiness that these activities generate in us our reward system is activated because we seek more of that happiness through the same activities. So, it is clear that happiness largely depends on each person’s particular reward system, on how we ‘set it up’.

    Tips for being happy with yourself

    Now let’s look at some recommendations for living a full and happy life, without having to be surrounded by material things or be the most popular of the bunch (things that are beyond our control).

    1. Know what motivates you

    When we recognize what our true desires are, we are less likely to launch into the pursuit of happiness in the wrong places. It is important to take the time to think about what we really want to invest our time in..

    2. Gather your goals calmly

    This refers to the fact that you have to be careful of the anxiety of reaching your goals too quickly. remember this good does not always come quickly, And the best thing is you learn to enjoy the road. This way you will be much happier while you are doing things.

    3. Do you like

    Affection is a natural source of happiness, and sometimes we spend too much time looking for it in others. The sooner we realize that we are important in our lives, the closer we will be to being happy. for that you need to cultivate good self-esteem.

    You don’t need to receive praise and affection from many people when you know what you are worth and learn to appreciate it for it.

    4. Find happiness in yourself

    As we mentioned earlier, you don’t have to look elsewhere for happiness. If you organize your life the right way, you will be able to do it right here in you; you just have to focus on seeing it. Many times it is more difficult for us to see the things that we have in front of our eyes, or in this case after them …

    Our happiness lies in ourselves, in the things we love, in the enjoy the good times focused on the here and now, Avoid the anxiety of thinking about the future or the melancholy of thinking about the past.

    Let’s be happy by living the present and avoiding generating irrational obsessions. If you control your thoughts, you will control your happiness.

    5. Look for your dreams

    There is a saying that goes “Tie your life to a dream, and you will be happy.” Dreams are projects that largely depend on ourselves and the desire we have to make them come true.

    The more we focus on the things we can do on our own and avoid leaving our happiness in the hands of others, the more comfortable we will be with ourselves. Ideally, your happiness depends above all on youIt is essential that you are clear.

      6. That the last thought of the day is positive

      Before bed, every night, think about at least three positive facts about your day. This habit will help us to set up our mind and shop to give relevance to the good things over the bad.

      At first you will do it on purpose, but then seeing things on the positive side will become an intrinsic part of you.

      7. Make sure your goals are achievable

      This point is of great importance for our happiness; and it is that if we set ourselves totally unattainable goals, we sign a sentence for a life of stress and anguish.

      The ideal will always be that before defining our objectives, we make an objective assessment of the feasibility of the sameThis way we will be more likely to achieve them and less likely to be frustrated.

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