How to find motivation: 8 tips for starting projects

Motivation is a psychological construct based on the orientation towards accomplishment. As this helps us to accomplish our tasks with the best possible disposition, it is important to be motivated to face the challenges of our daily life as well as possible.

In this article we will see how to find the motivation necessary for our daily lifeAnd we’ll go over some tips to keep it in time.

    What is motivation?

    Motivation is a force that drives us to achieve a goal. This attitude can come from both our inner self (intrinsic motivation) and our environment (external motivation).

    There are several types of motivation, but they all have in common that they are based on psychological mechanisms that promote action in the person.

    So, to answer the question of how to find motivation, let’s take a look at what types there are.

    1. Motivation for success

    It is the motivation that is inspired to achieve a specific goal, represented by what is called the achievement, the achievement of an activity.

    2. Motivation for affiliation

    It involves the search for acceptance in a certain social group. It is common in adolescence.

    For example, wearing particular clothes, or listening to a type of music to be accepted, are behaviors that respond to this type of motivation.

    3. Motivation of competition

    It refers to the desire to achieve goals in the best possible way. It is not enough to achieve this, but to satisfy this motivation, it must be done in the most optimal way.

    Tips for finding motivation

    In the following lines, we will see some tools that can be useful for find the motivation we need.

    1. Acknowledge your desires

    The motivation comes mainly from our desires.

    If we are able to recognize what our desires really are, we will be aware that this is what motivates us and we can guide that motivation to achieve what we want.

    So a good idea is to do something very simple and which we often overlook as a possibility: stop and think, literally, about what we want. Sit in a comfortable place and make a list of what is real motivates us, write down ideas as they come to mind then the command.

      2. Focus on achievable goals

      While it is true that desires and goals generate motivation for us, we must focus that motivation on achievable goals. Objectively assess the projects we are going to embark on because we feel accomplished rather than frustrated.

      3. Organization and order of value

      The first step to start building the achievement of our goals is organizing. If we manage to sort out our ideas and our environment, we gradually encourage the motivation linked to the pursuit of our projects.

      Remember that success comes from order; if we are messy people it is very likely that we will not be able to finish what we set out to do, And as a result, our motivation will be diminished.

      4. Visualize your successes

      This exercise will go a long way in helping you find the motivation you need. to start with an activity that you postponed, In addition to functioning as a support which maintains motivation permanently.

      By visualizing yourself achieving your goals, you give yourself a good reason to keep doing whatever it takes to achieve them, because the gratification of seeing yourself triumphant is motivating.

      5. Be motivated with prizes

      It’s about seeking motivation thanks to rewards that you give once the activity you need to perform is completed.

      For example, after an exhausting day at work, you can give yourself permission for a special meal, or to buy an item of clothing you like, etc.

      these rewards they work as modulators of our reward system; what will happen is that whenever we have to do a harder job than usual, we will do it thinking that then we have to reward, so it will be much easier to start.

      6. Think about your loved ones

      An effective way to stay motivated is think about the people who are proud of you and your achievementsIt doesn’t matter who you think of; they can be family, close friends, partner … In short, you have to attract your mind to the people who want you to succeed.

      7. Breathing exercises

      These exercises work to oxygenate our brain and at the same time are effective for decrease stress levels that we can feel while performing an activity.

      The less tense we are, the more likely we are to be able to motivate ourselves and comply with activities.

      8. Listen to inspiring music

      This question is subjective, but very effective. Music is proven to have a very motivating effect on people; in fact, a lot of top athletes they listen to music before going out to compete in their respective disciplines.

      The musical genre will depend on the particular taste of each subject, and the motivation can come from both a classical symphony and the sound of an electric guitar. That’s why you need to find out what genre motivates you.

      Of course, the important thing is to listen to music before working on something, not necessarily while working; it might distract you. It is also interesting to read, whether in ebook format or with a lifetime book.

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