How to improve body acceptance? 10 useful tips

They bombard us with all kinds of bodies that are supposed to be beautiful, making us compliment ourselves with what we have because we are not like them. We don’t have breasts, we lack muscle, we are fat or bald.

All this is at the origin of many complexes and also of a lack of self-esteem. We want to be like them and them, but we just aren’t. We think “How unfair is life!” Without falling for the fact that most of the covers of Heart magazines and TV commercials are the product of Photoshop-style digital programs.

Whatever our body is, and as long as it is healthy, we must accept ourselves as we are. here we will see how to improve body acceptance.

    How to improve body acceptance?

    It happens to all men and women that we are not comfortable with any part of our body. It is typical for women to disagree with the shape of their hips, the size of their breasts, or to appear too fat. In men, we tend to be unhappy about not having enough muscle or having tickets, among many other complexes.

    Male and female canons of beauty are different, But not for this equally cruel. Trying to be like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt is just as complicated for women as it is for men, also making them dissatisfied and constantly comparing themselves to others and especially what the media is bombarding us with.

    They got us into our heads how we should be that the thing got delusional. We look at ourselves in the mirror and can’t find what we would like to be, exaggerating our flaws and considering that we don’t deserve to be loved because we are just not perfect. But there is no such thing as perfection. Make no mistake, what you see on TV or on networks like Instagram is a fake, the product of digital image modification techniques. And if you haven’t photoshopped, that’s the job of a scalpel. This beauty is not natural. Do not envy the artificial.

    All this thinking, let’s look at some tips on how to improve bodily acceptance. The idea behind all of this is that every body is just as it is, either because we were born that way or because some event in our life, like an accident or illness, left us with scars. But scars are a symbol of survival, of being heroes and heroines. Beauty is more than just seeing beautiful things; it is a much more complex, more transcendent concept.

    1. Focus on the good things that you are

    A good exercise to be aware of the many good things we have is to make a list with a minimum of 10 things that you like about yourself, considering your physical appearance, such as your smile, your hair, your hands, your legs …

    We should not neglect more internal aspects, like personality, which is what really defines us, in addition to our intellectual capacities, like our reasoning and our ease with languages ​​or mathematics, for example.

    It is a good idea to put this list in a visible place in the house, such as the bedroom door or the refrigerator. So every day you will be able to read it and be aware of the many good things that you have.

    2. Eat well

    Food is not your enemy, quite the contrary. It is clear that humans need food to live, but in addition, you have to be beautiful and beautiful to eat well.

    A body that lacks nutrients is a body that can start to have very serious health problems., Which can manifest itself in the form of hair loss, extreme thinness, yellowish skin …

    Never stop eating to lose weight. If you have an unhealthy relationship with food, the best way to approach it is to seek professional help.

    3. Know yourself and surround yourself with positive people

    Unfortunately, there are people who like to point out our flaws. It is very common that those who are unhappy with their own body, instead of trying to solve their own problems and empathizing with others, prefer to sink into others. Let’s not be like them.

    We have to accept that everyone is as they are. Almost no one enters the canon of beauty that has been attempted to be imposed on us. What not to do is to rejoice in the misery of others to try to boost morale. Let’s not be bad people.

    It is best to seek out people who demonstrate positivism and acceptance, who are very clear that, always in what is healthy, each person is as they are. So if you’re in a bad spot, you can turn to them for advice and remind yourself how important you are.

    4. Accept your own body

    In order to improve self-esteem and increase self-confidence, it is important to try to come to terms with functional changes., In the event that there are any changes resulting from illness, as well as the new body image.

    This is especially useful in cancer patients, those who may have lost a part of their body due to treatment, such as the hair or the breasts. This, in fact, can motivate the experience of a grieving process. Throughout these stages, it may be helpful to express emotions such as frustration, disappointment, hopelessness, or anxiety, to help ease mental pain.

    Once these phases are completed, it is good to try and put in the effort to accept what the new body looks like and to understand that the body is still a wrapper that our soul is in. If we are still alive, isn’t that what really matters?

      5. Dozens

      Many people with low self-esteem find that it’s not worth the pampering, Applying very harshly the saying that “even if the monkey dresses in monkey silk stays” and stop going to the hairdresser, don’t dress in pretty clothes or go through everything.

      Your body is worth it and it deserves it. Put on makeup, dress well, put on the piercing you wanted, get that tattoo that bothered you so much … do whatever you want that beautifies your body.

      If, on the other hand, as you are, you are already beautiful or beautiful, fine for you, you are satisfied with the way you are. The important thing is not what you do and what you stop doing, but what you do because you want to do it, because you want to be pampered.

      6. Take into account the issues that have affected your body image

      What made you look ugly or ugly in the mirror? Identifying any social pressure or personal issue that has led to this situation can be particularly helpful in directly addressing the source of the problem.

      Factors such as having had surgery, experiencing physical or emotional abuse, being diagnosed with an eating disorder, or having a physical defect are hard things to change, and emphasis should be placed on the feeling and not on the cause.

      This is where seeking professional help is especially recommended, as you will be able to delve deeper into this aspect in the right way, allowing you to work on anything that leads to self-acceptance.

      7. Understanding media pressure

      The media, be it television or social networks, very clearly influence our idea of ​​beauty.. Its influence is by no means negligible. We are constantly bombarded with images of the ideal false beauty, implying that what is not in this canon is imperfect.

      Recognizing these messages that are used to sell all kinds of products is a good way to start the path to bodily acceptance. Understand that one cannot and should not feel jealous of a model with a high percentage of plastic in her body or envy a photo modified with Photoshop.

      8. No body is the same

      We are not made from mussels. Everyone is as he is. There are thinner ones, there are thicker ones. There are highs and lows. They are bald and hairy to places where it is normal not to have them.

      The human body is like the personality, there are individual differences and this is what gives the world color and variety. Beauty is not in the homogeneous and the monochrome, but in the diversity. We can only see it on the street. No one is the same.

      Look at other people’s bodies with an open mind and without prejudices and so you won’t apply them to yourself or to yourself.

      9. Exercise your body

      Exercise is a key aspect in contributing to a better acceptance of our own body. Not only because it will make us fitter, but because it will make our brain free of endorphins., Which induce a state of emotional well-being.

      These hormones are like a natural pill released by our body that makes us happier, and being happier is directly related to being less critical of ourselves.

      Just find an exercise we like and practice it for about 30 minutes a day, or walk around that time frequently. With only half an hour a day of moderate activity, they are already inducing changes in mental health.

      10. Relax everyday

      Closely linked to exercise, we have relaxation. This activity can help us feel more comfortable with our bodies, reducing stress and self-criticism..

      You only need 15 minutes a day, to find a time of the day when you can do this activity in peace. Being disconnected from the world during this time can be a great way to induce happiness that in the long run will make us accept ourselves as we are.

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