How to maintain your digital devices? Another aspect of emotional well-being

According to psychologists, during the months of the pandemic, there was an increase in “techno-stress”; A study by CCleaner shows that About 70% of Spaniards are regularly stressed if their electronic devices do not work properlyand that about 80% associate the proper functioning of these instruments with their emotional well-being.

    Well-functioning digital devices boost mental health

    Keeping electronics tidy, clean and free of ‘digital waste’ is associated with better mental health for Spanish consumers, according to a study developed by CCleanera leader in system optimization software.

    The results of this study show that approximately 80% of users experience satisfaction or relaxation when devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers are optimized and their software resources are well organized, without being cluttered with clutter. unnecessary items.

    In this sense, 81% of respondents say that the proper functioning of these products is an important issue for them, and Slow operation and decreased device performance lead to high levels of stress in 70% of people.

    Distance relationships or friendships, telecommuting, self-learning via the Internet of people, so much so that technology has become the inseparable companion of many users.

    It’s no longer just a matter of waiting for a page to “load” on our screens; If a smartphone or a computer does not work as it should, it affects many activities that we could do. Therefore, the malfunction of one of these devices can lead to a qualitative change in people’s quality of life; thus the relationship between the psychological well-being of consumers and the proper functioning of their electronic products has become very close.

    So Around 75% of Spanish consumers say they feel calmer if their devices are well organized and optimized. However, this is not always reflected in user habits: only 37% say they organize and clean their devices. Moreover, about 29% procrastinate by leaving this type of task for another time when they recognize that they have to accomplish it, and 14% say they never find the right time to do it.

    “It’s shocking how the computer security and speed of our technological devices are such closely linked factors to our mental well-being. Our research shows that our levels of dissatisfaction, frustration and technological stress increase when our devices are not working properly and they have a detrimental effect on our general moodSays Bertrand Regader, psychologist and CEO of Psychology and Mind. “So it’s important to have tools that optimize our devices.”

    “While no one doubts the benefits of using laptops, tablets and cell phones to connect with friends, colleagues and businesses, psychologists have noted an increase in “techno-stress”a phenomenon that generates stress and anxiety, which in turn can have a negative impact on our quality of life”, explains Jonathan Garcia-Allen, psychologist and communications director of the Psychology and Mind portal. a very effective and easy-to-implement prevention strategy. »

    For a device to work properly, you need to take care of your health. Just as good nutrition and good hygiene are essential for people, we need to pay more attention to how downloading files and bulky content affect the devices we all depend on. Having too much ‘junk’ not only opens the door to security issues, but can also negatively affect device performance and therefore our mental well-being,” added Luis Corrons, Security Evangelist of CCleaner.

      Psychologists recommend applying healthy digital routines daily

      Another part of the results obtained from the research carried out by CCleaner shows that despite recognizing the importance of optimizing and organizing the functioning of electronic devices, users do not always go from desires to actions.

      About 53% of respondents admit that they never update their drivers and 39% usually do not change their passwords.. And when it comes to internet privacy, 24% say they never clear their browsing history or clear their cache.

      Of course, around 76% of respondents delete junk files at least once a month, and 72% empty their trash, while 33% empty their inbox daily.

        How to optimize and improve the health of electronic devices?

        Currently, there are applications and programs specifically designed to improve the optimization and organization of electronic devices to significantly improve their user experience and performance; An example of this is CCleaner, founded in 2004 and currently the world leader in system optimization software. 39% of users surveyed say they use this type of resource, either to improve device performance (49%) or to avoid slowing them down (47%).

        In this regard, Luis Corrons, CCleaner security evangelist, gives the following advice to maintain a good organization and optimization of your digital spaces:

        • Don’t just delete emails that constantly come in and don’t interest you, spend a few minutes a week deleting unwanted subscriptions.
        • Delete all your email, social media, or webpage accounts and apps that you no longer use.
        • Avoid multitasking: Having too many tabs open at once will make your device run worse and make you less likely to pay less attention to each of those items.
        • Don’t fall for the dynamic of using your computer’s desktop as a store of files you hardly ever use; consider creating folders with meaningful names that act as a directory to access less important folders.
        • Once a month, uninstall mobile phone applications that you no longer use; it’s best to write it down in your journal or some other place you keep in mind often.
        • Regularly check the photos you have stored and delete duplicate and blurry photos, which can become a big part of your media files.
        • Use a tool like CCleaner to remove unnecessary items left on your device, preventing them from accumulating and generating “digital trash” that affects your device’s performance.
        • Configure your folders to keep only the emails you really need, so less relevant ones don’t pile up.

        Survey methodology

        CCleaner conducted this survey in online format and in collaboration with YouGov, an Internet market research and data analysis company. The user sample surveyed was 2,053 adults who live in Spain and regularly use electronic devices. The survey was conducted between January 19 and 21, 2022.

        About CCleaner

        CCleaner is a world leader in system optimization software with hundreds of millions of users worldwide, who use their resources either personally and/or professionally. Its software tools optimize computer performance, improve device security, and extend the life of computers, smartphones, and other hardware.

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