How to take back control of your life, in 8 keys

When you realize the hell you are in (like the one I detailed in a previous post) isn’t what you want and you start to distance yourself and move away, there are several things you can do to reclaim those resources and assets that we all have; which allows us to move forward and re-float from the well in which we are immersed, recovering with more force and firmness all our potential, our inner power.

This will allow us, in the end, to be reborn more easily from the ashes and to reinvent ourselves.

Take back control of your life

Here are some of the things that can help us gain independence:

1. Go back to your origins

You will realize how much people love you and that at one point you left behind, your parents, your siblings, your friends … They are waiting, waiting, eager to offer you a space, to be able to help you and you provide that support that keeps you going. Don’t be afraid to knock on their door, because they are waiting for you to take that step.

2. Take walks in the mountains or in the countryside

Nature has a powerful anti-stress effect, calms the nervous system, restores attention… their contact has a moderating effect, it allows us to feel our inner self deeply and to enter into a state of peace which right now is what you really need.

3. Tell someone important to you about your experiences.

Don’t deny what you’ve been through, don’t minimize the damage you suffered. This will allow you to let go of this burden and to feel the bond with the other again. In addition, by opening your heart and sharing your experiences and the pain that some of them have caused, it will be easier for you to look at yourself in a mirror that is softer, more subtle and kinder to yourself, and to move every scene. memories and experiences.

4. Seek professional help

So that you can understand everything you have been through, what led you to this situation and what you need to do and know about yourself so as not to repeat it? In this way, you will be able to recover and release the accumulated suffering, the feeling of loss due to shattered illusions, guilt, anger, frustration … You must also take responsibility for your life and your decisions, hereby I mean you yourself, the paths you walk, your relationship with the environment, how you react to events that happen to you …

Take responsibility for the consequences, it will allow you to better manage your life and your experiences., This will give you power over yourself. And, if there is something about the way you act that you don’t like or that is causing you stress or confusion: work it out, learn new ways, change it.

5. Learn to meditate

For example with mindfulness, concentration, Chi Kung (or any other meditation technique that you feel comfortable with). This will help you keep track of intrusive and negative thoughts that crop up out of control. Practicing full presence will make it easier for you to be here and now, Do not project excessively towards the future, nor get stuck in memories of the past. These tools promote states of serene calm and help you enjoy the moment, and allow you to see every moment in all its glory.

6. Look for meaningful activities

The things you love to do that give you great satisfaction. Painting, dancing, writing, singing … The arts have the honor and the particularity of allowing us to explore the emotional world ”and to transform it almost without realizing it!

7. Give yourself a gift

Get a massage, go to a spa, buy something you like…. How much time have you not spent a moment on yourself? How long has it been since you took care of yourself, not yourself? Be dry!

8. Allow a tribute

You have taken a very important step and one with powerful implications for you and your near future. You have to allow yourself to celebrate it properly to turn the page completely; rituals have the capacity to convey importance and transform acts, to elevate them, to give them connotations of reality and force. Go out for dinner in a place you love or plan a special trip, if possible with friends, so that you can once again feel the wonder of sharing life and experiences with others. So you can close the circle, seal this step and open another with all honors!

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