Inner beauty: 6 keys to cultivate

Yes, it is true that appearances, for better or for worse, matter a lot today. But it is no less true that in many aspects of our lives, or even in those that are more important, aesthetics cease to be so relevant in human relationships.

After all, a beautiful face or a good skill when choosing clothes is useless if you do not know even the most basic principles of maintaining a friendship or a relationship.

And no matter what they say inner beauty is not something isolated in each personBut it manifests itself through their actions and their way of exteriorizing their thought. After all, as intimate as it is, if we don’t do what it takes to put it into practice and make it influence our relationships, it doesn’t exist.

Fortunately, just as we can take more or less care of our image, inner beauty can also be developed with a minimum of time and effort. Let’s see.

    What is inner beauty?

    Inner beauty is the set of social skills that facilitates the establishment of more or less stable personal links. While conventional beauty attracts attention, inner beauty is not only capable of attracting attention; it also allows people to keep up to date with what we are doing and to want to stay in touch.

    So inner beauty is not in itself a quality, but a set of features highly appreciated by others and that they influence our ability to socialize and even connect emotionally with others. It’s a set of characteristics that lead us to bond emotionally that doesn’t always have to be loving, but usually goes hand in hand with affection, empathy, and understanding.

    How to develop this kind of beauty

    Here are some helpful tips on how to develop inner beauty.

    1. Make a list of your flaws and strengths

    This is a very useful first step in finding out what the current situation is, at what stage of personal development are we and how far we are. You can do this by writing down on a piece of paper, in the form of a list and organizing it in two columns, what your flaws and strengths are, as you see them.

    From the action above, prioritize the weaknesses you want to work on the most to improve yourself, and how you can use your strengths to make it easier. An alternate version of this is to write down how you plan to be even better at what you already positively highlight, it is always advisable to start with the aspects that you don’t like so much about, so that it doesn’t ‘there are no strong imbalances.

    2. Make a list of what you think they think about you

    It’s a second step to stop and analyze what you need to improve and what you don’t want from other people’s perspective.

    To do this, write down two more columns of your strengths and weaknesses, but from the perspective of others in general. It is better not to stick to the criterion of a small group of people, Because that would give more force to the prejudices and possible prejudices on the part of this group. The idea is to write something that represents “others” in general.

    Once this is done, it analyzes to what extent these possible defects are based on something real, And to what extent these are errors of judgment. Consider that hardly anyone other than you fully knows you, because everyone knows you as long as you connect in a very specific context.

    Once that’s done, prioritize what you think is the most urgent to change about yourself, based on what you think is the judgment of others. Is it similar to what you did in the previous step where you focused on your point of view? From the combination of these two lists appear the aspects on which to work more to develop inner beauty, although you should give more importance to your criteria than to others.

    3. Work on your values

    In inner beauty, there must always be a series of values ​​that guide and establish us what do we want for ourselves and for others. Being consistent in this aspect helps us connect more and better with the rest, as it expresses a commitment to certain ideas of the common good.

      4. Acquire basic communication skills

      Often times, the image that others have of us is damaged by not knowing how to communicate well. Learning these basic skills is the most useful thing you can do, even if it takes months or years. Know how to practice active listening, get used to asserting oneself, make sure conversations are useful to both of you… All of this will enrich your social interactions.

      5. Get used to thinking about the needs of others

      Many times we can forget what other people want or what matters to others. Solving this through practice and constant self-correction allows us to consolidate another of the great pillars of inner beauty: the ability not to think only of yourself.

      6. make your day count

      Personal development can become a very powerful motivator. Therefore, beyond the time devoted to your responsibilities, try not to fall into a life abandoned to passivity and free time spent doing nothing (although the latter is important for rest). Read, learn, discover new places… whatever you think about helps you grow as a person.

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