Learn to value time

Time is the common denominator of our lives, our stories, and our future.

Are you giving me some of your time?

Time forges us and shapes us based on what we experience. Time proves us right in some things, but in others it takes it away from us. Time surprises us and values ​​us when we look back. All of these things that we’ve done in the past that we wouldn’t even have imagined moments before they happened. It is therefore a very precious commodity. Time is not bought, traded or sold.

Value the people who devote time to you, or rather, who devote time to you. Either way, without stopping to measure; duration, frequency or quality. That they give you time, it means that you accept it too, and therefore you agree to receive.

We are so immersed in immediate or short-term goals that we don’t pay attention to the time between the start and the achievement of those goals. For example, how many of us rush to work, distracting ourselves with our cell phones until we reach our subway station, or picking up our ears to quickly escape the reality of everyday life and reach our destination? ?

Learn to value the present

Invite them to act some changes you can make in your everyday life and thus value time in a different way:


Capturing all this information that surrounds us, whether it is streets, landscapes, people, gestures … All this information is input for our brain. You can learn a lot about what people need, how they feel, or what they can reach you for. pass on looks.


Give more importance to what we are feeling or what we are feeling at each moment. Whether it’s a quick breath, tense shoulders or a roar in the stomach. Try to think about what can make us feel this way and respond to that need (take a deep breath, rotate your shoulders, eat something …).

Thank you

Even though we have better days than others, others are not deserving of us passing on these bad vibes. So be grateful and try to be as kind to others as you would like them to be to you. Not just for them, but for how you will feel after doing it. Be polite and smile more and you will see them smile at you more than you thought, otherwise don’t worry because your vibes and attitude will be better as well.

Then spend some time on whatever makes you happyMade or just quiet and comfortable with yourself. All those activities that make you enjoy this time that you devote to them, that you do not perceive the time and in which you would spend hours and days like minutes.

The importance of connecting with the people around us

Spend time with these time-consuming people talking about everything and not talking about anything. To those that are generally perennial over time, no matter how often you see them. To those others who are punctual but intense. It gives you strength, desire, enthusiasm, and experiences. All of them form your trajectory, your way of life. Thank you to all, I repeat, to all of you who have come through your life because somehow they have shaped you today to be who you are. Here we have the fantastic, exciting and mysterious crossroads.

You never know what the new crossroads will have to come, they will just come. How long they will be or what their task will be, you won’t know until you look back and understand what you have brought from this crossroads in time and time.

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