Learning to love yourself: the path to a fulfilling life

We know that a great driving force in our lives is love, but Often we don’t understand what love really is and what it brings us.

Different cultures, religions and spiritual thoughts throughout time agree on the importance of know how to love each other so that later this love can flow from one to the other. Our world is hungry for love; however, we often don’t understand how to get and experience love.

In seeking we yearn to receive from others the love we need, and it becomes confusing to seek what is not understood, instead sometimes we are willing to take on the suffering and pain, it It is possible to feel that we have made a mistake and that love is not always good, or that there is no luck in love.

    The importance of self-love

    We cannot give what we do not have and it is not possible to perceive or transmit love if we do not understand what love is.

    Then … How do we learn to love ourselves if we have not felt loved or if our conception of love is wrong?

    There are people who confuse self-love with selfishness, but in reality, if love is the protagonist, selfishness would be the antagonist. The ego does not fit in love.

    Selfishness always seeks self-interest, self-love is feel an inner wholeness that inspires you to share what you have, especially if what we have is not material or physical; which becomes something even superior to the physical. By sharing this experience with others, we do not end up with less, on the contrary, this sharing makes us grow as human beings.

    So, if a person has not received love… Is there a way for them to love themselves and feel loved?

      Build self love

      No matter what circumstances you have experienced, love is a force that is always available to us, just like the sun to our world.

      How do we learn to love each other? Here are some tips to encourage self-love:

      • Learn to accept yourself as you are, without judgment, without being treated unfairly. Without disqualifying you.
      • Feel empathy for yourself. Understand that as human beings we are imperfect and can be wrong.
      • Learn to forgive those who have hurt you, don’t hold back.
      • Try to see something salvageable in difficult situations. You may say to me: “There are situations where there is nothing good. It is true, however, that you can do something kind even in the most difficult of circumstances, as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Teresa of Calcutta, Malala Yousafzai did, to name a few. .
      • Feel entitled to deserve the best, not just the hardware. Go for what you desire so much in your personal development, not just what meets the social mirror. Trust that you are capable of accomplishing what you dream and desire.
      • Take care of your mind: work on modifying the thoughts that are not to be built or those that hurt you and if possible, release them.
      • Take care of your body: eat healthy, do a physical activity that you enjoy, sleep as needed.
      • Feed your mind with thoughts of peace and well-being.
      • Learn to receive, learn to give.
      • Have fun, be your best company even before sharing your time. If you’re not having fun, you won’t like sharing your life with someone for a long time.

      Sharing the experience with the couple

      If you want to have a partner to share with you, enjoy every stage of your life, including the time of solitudeand live this time to get to know yourself and discover what you really want and expect.

      Yes if you have a partner but you do not feel satisfied, check the previous points, practice them, live them, and think about what changes you can make. When we change, our situation changes and so do the people around us. Love is changing!

      Not only this February 14. It still can be. It is possible to celebrate love. Love for your life, love for others, love in essence.

      If you want to know more about self-love, I invite you to contact me.

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