Let’s talk about creativity

When we hear about creativity, we usually associate it with artists or people skilled in painting, sculpture or graphic design. However, creativity is a gift that all human beings possess.

In addition to being an attitude towards life and a function of the brain, it feeds on imagination, knowledge, experiences and emotions.

    What elements does creativity contain?

    Creativity can be understood as a certain way of behaving in the face of problems. Moreover, authors such as JP Guilford propose that the creativity possessed by human beings can be measured in four factors:

    • Ease
    • Flexibility
    • Originality
    • elaboration

    This researcher also mentions the possibility of developing divergent or convergent thinking. She defines convergent thinking as the function of giving a single answer to a given problem or situation; while divergent thinking is defined as the function of looking at different angles with ease in finding more than one answer to a problem or challenge, and through which the person can draw on alternatives to engage down unexpected paths to find possible solutions.

    So, creativity is about creating new connections in the brain; with our ability to combine mental content and flow, to have flexible and original thinking to carry out this creative process.

    When we are in an environment or place that makes us feel comfortable, calm and relaxed, this creative process can be experienced to offer opportunities or several alternatives for a concrete situation.

      What limits the development of creativity?

      What hinders creative processes are prohibitions, harmful criticism or value judgments that the person receives about an expression you perform or an action. Besides:

      • Fatigue
      • Stress
      • Anxiety

      These factors are the main blockers of creativity, and when activated, they do so because of the negative thoughts, fears, insecurities, lack of self-esteem and other forms of discomfort that accompany us. everyday and prevent us from expressing ourselves creatively. .

        Factors that allow to achieve the development of creativity

        But we must not ignore the fact that in every person there is an innate creative potential waiting to be expressed and developed. This potential is sometimes not discovered by the person, because he doubts his abilities, he feels insecure, or he grew up in an unfavorable environment in which he does not feel safe to express himself and his motivation to activating creativity is cancelled.

        These are the main factors that they enhance our creative side:

        • Feel relaxed and safe.
        • Being in a space that gives security to be able to express oneself with respect and freedom.
        • Feel the emotion of motivation and confidence.

        These factors are conducive for our brain to make new connections between ideas, to be able to focus and concentrate on the alternatives that the mind manages to develop as ideas, and to see multiple alternatives given a situation. which requires our intervention.

        According to research in this field, it has been possible to discover how to unblock thoughts and emotions in order to have creative thinking. First, we need to be relaxed and calm, well hydrated and rested, so that we can break down cognitive blocks.

        It helps to stretch, to get up from the chair and to move; These basic and simple actions help us create states with our physical well-being that allow us to recover from the factors that limit and block our creativity. And if we accompany them with small moments of closing our eyes and deep breathing and we perform these routines before starting or continuing our activities, we will improve a lot in this aspect.

        Emotions of well-being produce better ideas and a creative, original and innovative personality. Today, fortunately, there are already many techniques of creativityit is only to have the interest to approach them and to prove which is the one which allows each one to engender this creative process.

        Once they are found and discovered, everyone can do them on a daily basis as preparation for each activity that costs them.

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