Meyo: the new technological tool that helps manage stress

For many people, excessive stress is another aspect of daily life in which they must come to terms with the effects. However, while it is true that some degree of stress is inevitable, no one should get used to having their quality of life permanently limited.

Fortunately, today, the development of new technologies allows us to design resources with which to learn to relate to our own emotions and feelings. A clear example of this is Meyo, a perfect app for dealing with stress and anxiety., Among many other functions related to the maintenance of psychological well-being. In this article, we will see what it consists of.

    What is Meyo?

    Meyo is a smartphone application with a very ambitious goal: to be an intelligent assistant designed to provide 360 ​​° coverage on all major topics of physical and psychological well-being.

    Its creation involved professionals from all areas of health, from sexology and nutrition to psychology and fitness. In addition, Meyo is full of cultural content perfect for learning and reflection, alone and with the family: short films, audio-reflections, etc.

    Regarding the subject matter, Meyo has several tools specially designed to help the user cope with stress and anxiety, both in the short term, in the moment and in the medium and long term, providing resources to learn emotion management skills and activate state regulation. It is a very useful and adaptable digital platform which is also always at hand.

    How does this help overcome stress?

    These are the main functions with which Meyo helps the user to manage his daily stress.

    1. Content of mindfulness and relaxation exercises

    Meyo includes several Mindfulness, meditation and relaxation techniques programs in general, very practical for dealing with stress at the time. Simply select the appropriate option, support your smartphone in a nearby location, close your eyes and let the audio guide you.

    Outraged, it is a very good way to get started in these practices and to start applying them in everyday life independently, as it provides everything you need to learn these exercises without the need for prior knowledge.

    2. Guidelines for better organizing and improving performance

    The feeling that our responsibilities are weighing down on us is one of the main reasons many people experience stress on a regular basis. Fortunately, Meyo offers the possibility of learning to structure daily life by optimizing the use of the time available to the user. For example, it gives the keys to study effectively, to work without giving in to distractions, etc.

    3. Physical exercise plans adapted to the person

    You might be wondering what exercise has to do with stress management. In fact, they are very closely related. We now know that moderate exercise helps a lot in controlling stress and anxiety, both physiologically (Promotes the release of hormones and neurotransmitters associated with calm and pleasure) and psychological (helps break with intrusive and anxious thoughts).

    Meyo includes exercise programs specially designed for people who want to reduce their stress levels by adopting healthy habits … which brings us to the next section.

    4. Helps maintain proper energy levels

    Meyo includes diets that go beyond the typical “I want to lose weight”. And it has been proven that high levels of stress maintained for long periods of time have a lot to do with a person’s physical condition, and since we are what we eat, the lack of nutrients is out of balance.

    Those who eat less have fewer resources to use the energy they haveAnd this leads the body to put psychological well-being at the bottom of the priority list, because the most important thing is to operate basic biological processes. Suddenly, stress appears, the effect of being noticed in a situation of physical vulnerability in which one lacks strength, concentration problems appear, etc.

    By the way, Meyo also helps with problems with sleep, which is also closely related to stress for reasons similar to lack of nutrients.

    5. Guidelines for detecting trick thoughts

    Stress Usually Supports a Dysfunctional Belief Systems, which predispose us to think that we are not ready to face the tasks that we have unanswered, our responsibilities, etc. Meyo includes the function of learning to detect such recurring thoughts so that the user gets used to quickly identifying them as such and neutralizing their effects.

    6. Programs to overcome addictions

    Addictions as common as smoking are significantly linked to stress problems, as one phenomenon reinforces the other and vice versa.

    Smokers tend to seek relief from their stress by resorting to cigarettesAnd at the same time, smoking promotes the maintenance of a high sensitivity to stress in the medium and long term, through different processes: deterioration of physical health, more possibilities of losing control of time (for breaks for smoking) , concentration problems and the appearance of anxiety vis-à-vis the “monkey”, deterioration of self-esteem, etc.

    This is why leaving the addiction behind is so important to win the battle against excessive stress, and Meyo includes programs to get rid of these addiction processes.

    Are you interested in trying Meyo?

    What we’ve seen so far is just a small part of all the features that Meyo offers. Other examples of its content include programs to promote self-awareness, resources to improve self-esteem, others designed to help users cope with their fears, etc.

    If you want to try Meyo, you will be interested to know that in a few minutes you might be using the features which are more suited to what you need: the use of its interface is very easy once you have downloaded the application. To start the process, go to this Google Play page.

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