Public speaking and overcoming stage fright in 8 steps

Many people have serious difficulties speaking in public, As they are afraid of the stage when speaking in front of an audience.

This type of anxiety can cause great discomfort, which affects their self-confidence and their perception of their own abilities. But not everyone feels bad about speaking in public. There are individuals who value attention and feel very comfortable communicating in front of a group of people. What are these people doing to make themselves feel so good in a seemingly tense situation?

Tips for public speaking

If you are one of those people who has difficulty speaking in public, the tips below can help you feel more confident and leave behind the fears of speaking in front of an audience. You should know that the fear you feel is a normal response from your nervous system and that learning to speak in public is possible with practice and a little courage.

1. Be well prepared for what you have to say

If you have to give a speech for your best friend’s wedding or make a presentation for your senior year job, preparing well for what you are going to say can help you gain self-confidence.

So research what you are going to say so that you can master the subject. Prepare this speech so that you have an idea of ​​what you are going to say, so that it is much easier for you to remember and express your ideas fluently and clearly.

2.practice it, repeat as many times as needed

But preparing for what you will say in public may not make much sense if you don’t practice it.. In addition to organizing information and structuring both on paper and mentally what you want to express, practicing it will be very helpful in gaining peace of mind and confidence.

Of course, practice takes time, but each time you practice you will notice that you have improved yourself. When you have to do this presentation or speech, everything will be smoother and you will be more comfortable. If you want comments, it is strongly recommended to practice in front of family or friends who can give their opinion. You can also record a video to see for yourself how you do it. It also surprises you in a positive way.

3. Focus on the breath

Focusing on the breath is one of the most popular techniques for reducing anxiety. Therefore, if you control your breathing, you will be able to better control your time.

When you focus your attention on the breath, your voice will sound better and you will be calmer. Breathe calmly and pay attention to the pace you set when speaking.

4. Attend classes to learn to speak in public

Public speaking training will help you become more aware of what you are doing right and wrong and what you can improve. Not only that, but you will discover what “the art of public speaking” is..

If you train properly, you will master body language, know how to use your voice more effectively, and learn different techniques that will make you feel better and more confident in front of the audience.

5. Admit you’re nervous

One of the best ways to overcome fear of public speaking is to admit it. It’s normal to feel some tension when you have to speak in front of a group of people you don’t know.

But iron out the problem and apply the tips above. Acceptance helps reduce anxiety and helps you not be so hard on yourself. Don’t be so perfectionist, give yourself time and don’t demand so much of yourself.

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6. Mentally change your audience

People worry about how we evaluate the events that happen to us. So if we take the presentation as something that life goes into, because we are evaluated by a panel of experts and we play our final mark, it is very likely that our anxiety will increase.

Maybe you can convince yourself that your audience is just a bunch of students as nervous as you are, or maybe you can imagine these are friends you haven’t seen in years. This way, you won’t have to exert extra pressure when speaking in public.

7. Rely on visual aids

Imagine giving a presentation with a very elaborate and eye-catching PowerPoint or doing it with notes given to each member of the audience.

This will make the audience less impatient to watch you and, in addition, it will allow you to rely on these visual aids to guide you and decompress you.

8. Take it as a fun experience

To make yourself more comfortable speaking in public, the first thing to do is to change attitude and turn fear into something stimulating, And if it can be, even fun.

This is the most important tip, because if you are comfortable and find the experience fun, the audience is likely to contact you. The fun sticks. So if you can, shine a light on your sense of humor. You will see how well it will be received.

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