Superiority complex, a trait of insecure people

We have all seen the members of the Galician nobility on the paths looped and adorned with a long carpet. They are perfect individuals in all aspects, omnipotent beings with haughty gaze and petulant pose..

But what if one of these blue-blooded subjects transcends the pomp that characterizes them so much and ends up in places as common as a mall or a fishmonger? You would think these are mean people, people who feign exaggerated self-esteem that is clearly seen to be wrong. These are people who suffer from a so-called superiority complex.

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But what are the causes of the superiority complex?

People with a superiority complex they are people trapped in an eternal feeling of delusional contempt for others, People who believe that their neighbor is inferior and that he should be at their service. One could explain several reasons for understanding the behavior behind the man, but with the permission of the reader, I think it would be more interesting to investigate in a concrete way the subject in question.

It is in the depths of our being that we meet our true primordial self. In this intrapersonal reality, neither money nor power makes much sense and it is for this very reason that in this place these concepts fall of their own weight, becoming what they are, a simple human illusion created by a human mind trying to justify a possibly meaningless existence.

A noble self-deception

It may sound contradictory, but many great-looking people share a key characteristic: their self-esteem necessary to build a wall to protect themselves and not be weak, but the very need to have such a barrier already bears the seal of the weakness.

Feeling superior or inferior has a direct relation to self-esteem. Self-esteem is formed at an early age and is associated with the social environments closest to the child, family and school. In these social environments, of course, children can have both positive and negative experiences and it is these experiences that will build their self-image, that is, the view they have of themselves. in relation to society and to other people around you.

There are many children who, in the suffering of bullying, create their own reality to make more bearable a suffering that overwhelms them and breaks them inside. For that, signs of support and affection from school and family are important in these casesAs they act as a counterpoint to the negative feelings the boy is suffering from.

So if you come across one of those blue-blooded characters and they look over your shoulder, there’s a good chance they’ll put on some medals that they definitely don’t deserve. It’s not your fault, maybe you have a problem with low self-esteem.

The features of the aristocrat

The characteristics of a person with a superiority complex are present throughout their social life, from the way they dress to the look and end with the way they speak. In a way, dIcho’s contempt for others is always a cognitive projection of his own flaws, Defects that are moved to others by defense mechanisms to make their condition a little more bearable.

They are pedantic and superb, always mindful of their image; they have an overly positive view of themselves although sometimes the opposite effect is usually given (and this is when their true self-esteem is revealed) as they often cause people to be rejected for their arrogance.

They are also very histrionic and theatrical with their emotions, even having gripes. paradoxically, joy and over-motivation are also common in this behavior. On the other hand, they probably think everyone is jealous of it. Whenever they can, they speak for themselves, leaving no room for dealing with other issues.

Similarities and Differences Between Superiority Complex and Inferiority Complex

Although these are two different complexes, the truth is that they share the same cause: self-contempt. People who suffer from an inferiority complex are more likely in the future to idealize themselves through fantasy.

When this happens, such as in the background of people with low self-esteem, those who live in large dream castles will seek to hide in activities where they have some advantage in showcasing them, because they desperately need to reaffirm the false beliefs they have about themselves.

In search of balanced self-esteem

From Psychology and Spirit we want to highlight a series of recommendations for parents of children and adolescents to avoid the superiority complex.

  • Encourage realistic goals.
  • Do not hide from them the reality of the world around them.
  • Establish clear rules and limits.
  • Support them in their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Avoid being too permissive.

In conclusion …

In conclusion; you have to be careful with people with a superiority complex because these are subjects who at the time did not manage to overcome certain feelings of frustration, of frustration that they pay with others. To hide this rage towards themselves, they exaggerate their qualities, which is why they are often arrogant.. You have to be careful in front of him

Don’t be fooled; anyone who needs to constantly display his virtues carries a whole bomb of insecurity behind him that will eventually explode. The best we can do is try to help them, give them our sincere support so that they can express their insecurities without a mask. And, if necessary, a psychologist can treat these people so that they can overcome their blockages.

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