The 10 best academies to prepare for the PIR

Perhaps few people outside the realm know what these letters refer to, but those who have studied or studied psychology will undoubtedly recognize the acronym for Resident Internal Psychologist: PIR.

In Spain, lin opposition PIR is an exam or a test which gives access to a four-year training and work period during which psychology professionals can obtain the specialist’s diploma in clinical psychology, which gives access to the public mental health care network. It is, along with the master’s degree in general health psychology, the only legal access to the practice of clinical psychology, and the only one that allows you to practice at the hospital level.

Complications of the PIR study

Getting a place in PIR training is extremely complicated. There are very few places and very high demand. Specifically, over the past year, a total of 128 places have been offered across the country and a total of 4,173 people have applied (the increase in the number of places being in high demand by most professionals in the sector).

The competition is fierce. This forces those who apply to go to great lengths to achieve the highest possible score on the exam, so that a large portion of them either choose to buy the material or take courses to prepare for the exam. , in different academies. In this article we will review the 10 best academies to prepare for the PIR.

The 10 best academies to prepare for opposition to the PIR

Below is a selection of the best academies to prepare for PIR exams in Spain.

1. CEDE Academy

CEDE is one of the most recognized academies in terms of preparation for PIR exams. It offers the possibility of acquiring only textbooks or of following training at the academy, in person and remotely (With a diploma certifying the hours studied).

In terms of face-to-face training different lessons and times exist depending on the locality (In Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Valencia, Malaga, Valladolid, Murcia and Granada). It includes very comprehensive manuals which provide a large amount of information (including exams from previous years), the performance of the various exercises and information regarding the appeal process and which involves the completion of the PIR.

2. PIR Estrella Munilla Academy

With CEDE, one of the most recognized academies, especially for his notes and diagrams as well as their support to the student during the course.

Dedicated solely to the preparation of the PIR, it has a training so remote, in which it carries out a follow-up of the evolution of the alumnado, as presencial (in Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Zaragoza, Alicante and Albacete) that usually takes a one or two week course (in the case of Madrid) with the exception of the intensive. As above suggests exercises, and it is not necessary to acquire the syllabus to take the course.

3. FOCUS Academy

This gym located in Santiago de Compostela and currently also in Madrid it is also widely known. It offers face-to-face classes (with weekly classes) and part-time classes (once a month) in which the objective is to promote an active methodology.

They have review summaries, but the study is supposed to be conducted using the original textbooks. There is also an online mode.

4. PERSEVER Academy

This academy established in Barcelona is another option available when preparing the PIR, with great success. It offers a face-to-face mode with one lesson per week or at a distance. They don’t make their own textbooks, but the courses are based on the reference books, although these are not included in the price. There are two monthly exercises and they offer counseling, a mindfulness class and tutoring.

5. APIR Academy

This academy offers face-to-face and online modalities and provides textbooks, simulations, updates and video lessons, among others. The face-to-face modality takes place once a week on Saturday mornings with the exception of Madrid, where the course takes place on Thursdays and Fridays. If the PIR is not approved, the free 11-month course is offered.

The APIR Academy has offices in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza, Alicante, Mallorca, Bilbao, Salamanca, Santiago, Valencia, Cordoba, Granada, Murcia, Tenerife, Malaga and Seville. Of particular relevance is the fact that they provide accreditation for preparation for the PIR exam as a Master in Fundamentals and Theory of Psychological Intervention.


Academy offering a face-to-face preparation with few students per class, Offering limited places. Develops a study guide based on reference textbooks and, like other academies, organizes various exam exercises. It offers the title accrediting the training, specifying the hours studied. It is present in Madrid and Granada.

7. Official College of Psychologists

Although it is not an academy in itself, the Official College of Psychologists offers in certain territories preparation courses for the PIR exam. Examples can be found in Biscay and Asturias. They offer updated theory textbooks, official exams, Information on the call and the possibility of being tutored. You may find the option of completing the training in person (which includes graduation) or remotely.

8. PIRES Academy

This gym is characterized by the distance learning offer, In person. He creates his own manuals and diagrams, and performs various exercises (some open to anyone who wishes). Additionally, audio lessons can also be purchased whether or not you are a student at this academy.

9. ARKE Academy (School of Applied Studies)

Established in the community of Aragon, this academy offers preparation courses for PIR exams in two modalities face-to-face, annual or intensive (five months). They offer their own additional material, but the main material is the original manuals. They also perform exercises and offer counseling.

10. Lluís Vives Study Center

In a study center located in Valence offer intensive courses preparation for the PIR, leading classes on Thursdays. They do not produce their own textbooks, although they do summarize and provide folders with exam questions. It is an economical option that allows you to acquire a base.

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