The 10 best Masters in Psychopedagogy

Psychopedagogy is the discipline that deals with the study of learning problems and, in general, any type of difficulty that arises in educational or academic fields.

It is one of the most sought-after specialties in the labor market, in all kinds of contexts, both educational and social or employment, and there are currently many Masters that offer this specialization. Therefore, if you want to specialize and professionalize in this field, keep reading. Here is a selection of the best Masters in Psychopedagogy, with the most important information of each training program.

    Most Popular Masters in Psychopedagogy

    They are the most important masters in Psychopedagogy in Spain, taught in person or online.

    1. Master in Psychopedagogy (European University)

    European University offers its students this official European University of Madrid degree taught online, which consists of 12 months, 60 ECTS credits and with a start date of April 26, 2022.

    This Master is aimed at all professionals who want to learn how to detect, diagnose and intervene in all kinds of alterations or difficulties that arise at any stage of children’s development.

    With the participation in the Master of the European University of Madrid, each participant will be able to practice the main skills to promote learning using the latest pedagogical guidance techniques and will obtain a wide variety of career opportunities.

    • You will find more information about the Master on this page.

    2. Master in Psychopedagogy (International University of Valencia)

    East Master in Educational Psychology offered by VIU it allows students to become true specialists in dealing with all kinds of academic or developmental difficulties in children and adolescents.

    With this Master, each student will be able to specialize in both Educational Psychopedagogy and Socio-Work Psychopedagogy, all through a flexible methodology of success and with external internships in a real environment.

    This official VIU degree is offered online, consists of 60 ECTS credits and the start date is February 2022.

    3. Online Master in Educational Psychology (UAX)

    This online MA in Educational Psychology from Alfonso X El Sabio University It is aimed at all people who wish to become professionals in the field of educational psychology and integrate the most advanced intervention methodologies into their daily practice.

    Each participant will acquire the most important theoretical knowledge in psychology and at the same time will be able to carry out internships in more than 500 public and private schools.

    This Master is taught by doctors and researchers, has a duration of 9 months, consists of 60 ECTS credits and the start date is April 2022.

    4. Master in Psychopedagogy (UNIR)

    East UNIR Official Master It is offered 100% online with live lessons and allows students to have a personal tutor to solve any questions at any time.

    This Master is particularly suitable for all professionals who wish to acquire the various theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to intervene successfully in any specific learning difficulty or in the educational environment of the child.

    The UNIR Master carries more than 15 successful editions on its back and allows the possibility of reviewing each of the courses in a deferred manner when the student wishes.

    5. Master in Psychopedagogy (University of Barcelona)

    The UB offers this Master’s degree to university graduates who wish to train in an integral and multidisciplinary way in the field of Educational Psychology, as well as getting a wide range of real career opportunities.

    The objectives of the Master are the acquisition of the main theoretical knowledge of psychopedagogy by each student, as well as the most advanced tools and methods of intervention at the present time.

    This Master allows 3 modes of specialization, is offered in face-to-face mode, consists of 60 ECTS credits and has 50 places available.

    6. Master in Educational Psychology (Complutense University of Madrid)

    This university degree in Psychopedagogy is offered by the Complutense University of Madrid and is aimed at graduates or graduates in psychology or pedagogy, as well as social educators.

    The main objective of the course is the specialization on the part of the students of each of the areas in which an educational psychologist can work, from the educational field to the socio-professional field.

    This Master consists of 60 ECTS credits, is offered face-to-face and has 40 places available.

    7. Official Master in Educational Psychology (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

    The official Master in Psychopedagogy of the UAB is offered to its students in person and consists of 6 months, divided into 60 ECTS credits.

    This Master is aimed at all participants who wish to specialize in educational psychology from an interdisciplinary perspective and acquire in their work practice the best tools to apply in formal and non-formal contexts.

    The UAB Master offers a variety of career opportunities, formal and non-formal, including educational or university centers, residences, public employment services and work centers.

    8. Master in Educational Psychology (URL)

    Ramon Llull University offers its Master in Psychopedagogygraduates or graduates who wish to specialize in psychopedagogical intervention in the educational or social field.

    This degree focuses on psychopedagogical practice and research as the main axes of training and is recognized as equivalent to the Master’s degree in compulsory training for secondary and baccalaureate teachers, vocational training and language teaching for the specialty of SCOLAR orientation.

    This Master is offered face-to-face, consists of 60 ECTS credits and is studied in 2 academic years and is compatible with professional or personal life.

    9. Master in Psychopedagogy (UOC)

    The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya offers this Master for professionals who wish to train in guidance, counseling and psycho-pedagogical intervention in formal and non-formal settings.

    This online degree allows theoretical and practical project-based learning, consists of 60 ECTS credits and the start date is October 19, 2022.

    10. Master in Psychopedagogical Assessment + University Diploma (Euroinnova)

    Euroinnova Business School offers its own Diploma in Psychopedagogical Assessment from Antonio de Nebrija University in online mode, which consists of one year (720 working hours) and 5 ECTS credits.

    This degree will allow participants to specialize in psycho-educational assessment in different areas, as well as to access the center’s labor market to take advantage of various career opportunities.

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