The 10 best psychology podcasts

A podcast is a type of digital content, usually presented in audio or video format, Which is mainly consumed online. For the most part, podcasts have specific themes, just like a website or blog.

Major podcast listening platforms include Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, and Ivoox, where you can find great podcasts that will allow you to broaden your knowledge in different areas of interest.

    Podcasts related to psychology and mental health are a great way to learn about issues with our emotions, from a practical perspective and from people who influence emotions and different types of disorders. psychological.

    The 10 Most Recommended Psychology Podcasts

    In this article you will find the 10 best psychology podcasts you can listen to todaySo, you can select the best quality content that allows you to expand your knowledge in psychology and mental health.

    1. PymTalks

    PymTalks is also a great podcast that deals with issues related to the mind, mental health, and psychological illnesses., With the intention of bringing all these concepts closer to those curious people to enter the world of psychology. It’s the official podcast of Psychology and Mind, the industry’s go-to site (and one you’re browsing right now!).

    The podcasts that you can find in this space include those dedicated to research on the human brain, issues related to couples and families, and the analysis of certain pathologies from a scientific point of view.

    2. Radiosapiens

    Radiosapiens is another very interesting podcast for those who want to learn more about psychology and mental health. from the hands of specialists in the field. Also, this podcast not only talks about mental health, but you will also find content focused on human behavior.

    While it is true that their podcasts are not published regularly, the quality of the interventions and the professionals involved is of great interest, as they talk about topical issues.

    3. Mental health

    The Mental Health Podcast is a self-help, emotional, psychological, and mental analysis program. and the promotion of lifestyle habits that improve our psychological health.

    This is a great option for learning psychology in a simple and accessible way, as well as having collaborators such as Helena López Casares, who has written books such as Creative Intelligence, and Rafael Sant Andreu, who has a broad professional background.

    4. Siquia’s Psychiatric Podcast

    You can visit the Siquia psychology podcast on the YouTube and Ivoox platform, And it’s a space where he deals with issues related to mental health, tips for dealing with certain psychological pathologies, and even how to educate our children from a psychological point of view.

    The Siquia team is in contact with podcast fans to bring them the topics that grab their attention, with the aim of disseminating psychological issues in a fun and easy way.

    5. Improved mental health

    Spreaker mental health is a website founded by renowned mental health professional Gustavo Novelo, Who created a podcast where he informs and reflects on current events related to the mind, human beings and our emotions.

    It also offers exclusive content that only registered members can access on its website, where topics are covered in more depth, as well as uploading content on a regular basis. Note that you can download podcasts from their own website.

    6. Mental health block

    The Mental Health Blog is created for the purpose of discussing and discussing issues related to mental health, psychology, And the different types of pathologies and disorders that affect the daily life of many people.

    In addition to extensive and comprehensive content, it is also accessible to download audios in all possible formats including iTunes. The podcast’s authors are Fausto Ponce, Patrishk and Chako Záun.

    7. The couch

    The Divan is a podcast where professionals listen to these people with questions, Doubts and curiosities about the world of psychology, with the aim of putting a thread in the needle to all the concerns of the fans.

    In addition, it also deals with issues related to mental health, such as the different types of psychological pathologies that exist and how these affect people in their daily lives, as well as giving us tools for how to deal with them.

    8. Understand your mind

    Understand Your Mind is a website that produces some very interesting podcasts that are around 20 minutes long. where current issues related to emotions and psychology such as shyness, selfishness and human behavior are discussed.

    It is directed by the writer Luis Muiño, by Mónica González and Molo Cebrián, who will be the people in charge of immersing you in this fascinating journey on psychology and emotions.

    9. Pavlov’s dogs

    Pavlov’s Dogs, Extremadura Canal podcast, Is one of the best options for those looking for informative content with which to delve into psychology and related sciences with all its complexity.

    In their programs it is possible to learn from experts on interesting topics such as autism, work psychology, life crises, etc.

    10. The Good Morning Club

    The Good Morning Club is a podcast focused on awareness, meditation and mindfulness led by psychologist Oliver Olivia.

    In this space you will find content that invites you to reflect and relax on issues that have to do with you and your emotions, with a strong dose of positivism, and with the aim of promoting a correct mental attitude to achieve them. goals that we have set for ourselves. day by day. Note that you can download podcasts from their own website.

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