The 10 Best Universities to Study Occupational Therapy

Times have changed rapidly and with them, awareness of mental health issues and what it means to enjoy a good quality of life has also changed. Therefore, forms of intervention such as occupational therapy have become very relevant, offering proposals that go beyond alleviating the discomfort of people with health problems.

If you’re considering training in this area, keep reading. Here you will find a selection of best universities to study occupational therapy in Spanish.

    Top Universities to Study Occupational Therapy

    These are the main universities to consider for studying occupational therapy and professionalizing in this field.

    1. European University

    The European University offers a degree focused on the specific practice of occupational therapy, lasting approximately 4 academic years (240 ECTS credits). A time during which we will learn the theory and practice of the basic qualities that every occupational therapist must have and what kind of difficulties these professionals usually face most often. Some of the topics studied are basic principles of psychology, applied psychosocial sciences, occupational therapy special care, ICT and its application in occupational therapy, professional ethics, etc.

    Its teaching method is part-time, so part is done electronically and another is based on the courses taught at the Faculty of Biomedical and Health Sciences of Villaviciosa de Odón. At the end of the degree, you will obtain an official diploma issued by the European University of Madrid.

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    2. Complutense University of Madrid

    The Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) has in its training catalog a specialized degree in the correct application of occupational therapy, established with a total of 240 ECTS credits and designed to have a limited number of places to which only 80 people can access.

    Having both a physical and a psychological deficiency can have major consequences in many aspects of our daily lives, which is why during this degree we must study a variety of disciplines such as psychology, biology, pathology medical or psychomotor skills.

    3. Miguel de Cervantes European University

    The Miguel de Cervantes European University (UEMC) typically teaches a concise occupational therapy practice-focused degree each year for approximately four full-time academic years.

    Taking this university degree, we will discover how to identify the personal difficulties that a person with reduced autonomy can develop, what intervention plans we should apply in each of them and what strategies we should apply later, if we are interested in the success of this patient achieving a much better quality of life in the near future.

    4. Rey Juan Carlos University

    The Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC) usually achieves a degree focused on the specific field of occupational therapy, consisting of a total of 240 training credits, which will then be distributed by the teaching body of this university for a period of 4 academic years.

    This degree will teach us to assess in a certain way what are the physical and psychological needs that a potential patient may have to satisfy, how we can anticipate the psychological problems that he may suffer and what is the action plan that we have to follow if we want him to become happier over time.

    5. University of Extremadura

    In the University of Extremadura (UEX) has in its training inventory a degree focused on the use of occupational therapy consisting of a total of 240 teaching credits, a series of academic knowledge that these professionals will later distribute to us over 4 calendar years.

    This training will provide us with all the tools we will need to be able to develop later as occupational therapists, a task that in practice, as we will discover, can be much more complicated to develop than we initially imagined.

    6. University of La Coruña

    Through the University of La Coruña (UDC) we can do a degree in occupational therapy with an ideal desired duration of 4 calendar years, a time during which we can learn what are all the physiological and psychological needs that a person with reduced autonomy may need.

    This training is given face-to-face and on the other hand, you must also know that throughout this Diploma you must also do real internships in a company related to the sector.

    7. University of Salamanca

    The University of Salamanca (USAL) generally teaches a Diploma focused on the concise study of occupational therapy consisting of a total of 205 credits, a training material that these teachers have wisely made the decision to spread over 3 academic years.

    During this training we will learn to develop activities aimed specifically at trying to promote better physical and mental health of our patients, how to detect possible emotional difficulties that they may suffer today or what strategies we should follow, if we would like them to achieve on their own means a quality of life far superior to that which they can currently have.

    8. University of Vic

    The University of Vic (UVIC) makes available to all of its students a specialist degree in Occupational Therapy which is taught face-to-face, although it should be noted that if required we can also request that it be taught to us semi-face to Face.

    This training has an estimated duration of 4 academic years, consists of a total of 240 ECTS credits and the price of each of them is within the interesting figure of 84.10 euros.

    9. Fernando Pessoa University

    The Fernando Pessoa University (UFP) located in the Canary Islands, offers all its students the possibility of being able to do with their team of teachers a specialized degree in the correct practice of occupational therapy. Training whose duration is estimated at 4 calendar years if it is followed full-time.

    If we study this degree over time we will discover what are the essential elements that make up the profession of occupational therapist, we will study how we can recognize our own limits to later find a solution and understand what is the close relationship between the good -being, health and work.

    10. Catholic University of Murcia

    The Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM) has a diploma in its specialized training portfolio in the correct practice of occupational therapy, which includes a total of 240 credits and has an approximate duration of approximately 4 years of training.

    This degree is taught in person and its recommended price is 4,500 euros per course or, which amounts to the same, 75 euros per ECTS credit. We should also know that the Catholic University of Murcia has the most advanced facilities for the specific study of this therapeutic modality, being for example a sensory integration room or a laboratory of personal autonomy products.

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