The 15 Best Psychology Courses (Face-to-Face & Online)

There is a lot of interest in psychology today and studying this discipline can be a rewarding experience. But this job can be very demanding and, when it comes to people, psychologists must be well trained and up to dateIt is therefore necessary to receive continuous and quality training.

Fortunately, there are training centers that care about our needs in this regard and give us the opportunity to take courses with content that is really useful for the professional needs of our profession.

    The best face-to-face and online psychology courses

    In this article, we have prepared a selection of the best courses for psychology professionals. Some of them are face to face and some are online, so you can do them from anywhere in the world.

    Below you can see the list of psychology courses selected for your particular interest.

    1. Psychotherapy intervention techniques and tools course (Mensalus Institute)

    • center: Mensalus Institute
    • location: Online
    • duration: 3 months
    • the price: Consult the center

    The online course of therapeutic techniques in integrative psychotherapy offered by Mensalus is one of the most recommended for psychologists who wish to specialize in clinical practice, deepen their knowledge of the most effective intervention techniques, integrate specific tools into their clinical work and gain experience for their future work, the hand of expert professionals.

    The course is part of the integrative theoretical positioning, consists of theoretical and practical online courses available at any time, videos and practical exercises supervised by tutors, individual online tutorials and also the possibility of solving questions by e-mail and wide access to the virtual campus.

    This course lasts 3 months and the start date is April 12, 2021.

    2. Online Acceptance and Engagement Therapy Course (Active Psychologists)

    • center: Active psychologists
    • location: Online
    • duration: variable
    • the price: Consult the center

    This online course organized by the Activital Psychologists psychology center is one of the best ways to introduce the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, one of the most effective and versatile contextual therapies.

    The training program includes both theoretical content explained by professionals who know first-hand this form of intervention and who work with it in their daily life, as well as role-playing parts and advice and feedback from staff. teacher beyond recorded content. Although this is a relatively recently launched course, it has already been used and completed by over 100 people undergoing professional specialization.

    3. Course for psychologists on child sexual abuse (psychological responses)

    • center: Psychological responses
    • location: Online
    • duration: 3 months
    • the price: Consult the center

    Psychological responses, The training platform specifically for psychologists offers this recommended 12-hour online course of training, which can be completed in up to three months. It gives the opportunity to learn about aspects as important as the accommodation syndrome in child abuse, the typical behavior patterns of victims, the possible cases of dissociation caused by these experiences, and of course the treatment. victims of this type of abuse. , among others.

    The course is designed and taught by an expert psychologist in the field of child expertise and trauma, and it provides both learning material and access to a student forum and advice and resolution doubts in a personalized way by the teacher. To learn more about the content of this training program and the topics covered by each of its modules, go to the Respond Psychology website.

    4. Experiential Emotional Intelligence Training Course (Mensalus Institute)

    • center: Mensalus Institute
    • location: Barcelona
    • duration: 6 weeks
    • the price: Consult the center

    Mensalus Psychology Center is hosting the 25th edition of the Experiential Emotional Intelligence Training Course.

    This training program is aimed at anyone interested in learning to train their management and emotional recognition to improve specific areas of their life and achieve a level of general well-being.

    The main objective of this course is for each student to experience “emotional experience” at a 100% practical level and acquire a series of tools and resources that strengthen their emotional intelligence and can be applied in their daily life.

    The course consists of 6 sessions of 2 hours each, taught weekly, where key aspects such as self-esteem and positive self-image, finding solutions to a given problem, training in assertiveness, categorization of emotions and emotional management.

    5. How to intervene in the dissociation of children (Vitalize)

    • center: Vitalize
    • location: Has assisted
    • duration: 3 days
    • the price: Consult the center

    The course “How to intervene in the dissociation of children” is given in Pamplona, And aims to train psychologists and other health professionals to master the tools for a better understanding of patients’ needs and communication with them in the event of infantile dissociation.

    Therefore, with the help of expert Joyanna L. Silberg, senior consultant for child and adolescent trauma at Sheppard Pratt Health System in Baltimore, she prepares students so they can develop professionally. and effectively in these situations. Sometimes complex, and provides them with the knowledge and tools to distinguish dissociative processes at an early age.

    It is an ideal course for all professionals who work in psychology centers or in psychological support in the health sector, as well as for all health professionals who perform child therapy functions.

    6. Mindfulness class (Psicotools)

    • center: Psychotools
    • location: Barcelona
    • duration: It depends on the levels
    • the price: Consult the center

    Psicotools is a psychology center located in Barcelona (More precisely, in the district of Gràcia) in which mindfulness has a great weight. This set of practices inspired by vipassana meditation are used to regulate emotions and manage states of anxiety.

    The goal of Mindfulness practices is to bring attention to the present moment, without prejudices and without getting caught up in obsessions.

    On the other hand, Psicotools tailors mindfulness courses to the needs of each client or contracting organization, Whether for training in a company, in school or in particular.

    • Click on this link to access your contact details.

    7. Certification Program in Executive Coaching -ACTP- (European School of Coaching)

    • center: European Coaching School
    • location: Madrid
    • duration: It depends on the levels
    • the price: Consult the center

    Human Resources of companies have a growing role within them, As many organizations are aware of the importance of human capital and the well-being of their workers for the performance and results of the company.

    Coaching is a proven methodology to empower people to reach their full potential and improve their well-being within organizations.

    the European Coaching School (EEC), A training center present in several countries, including Spain, offers courses in different cities. For example, Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia.

    It has extensive training offerings and one of its most successful programs is the ACTP Executive Coaching Certification, which allows participants to receive accreditation granted by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

    This course aims to prepare students to master the techniques, tools and skills necessary to become coaching professionals and, therefore, to be able to carry out this task of help and support with the maximum of guarantees. The course provides skills for developing and managing talent as well as improving the working climate of companies and improving the motivation of managers and workers.

    If you decide to take this training, know that it has two levels: Cycle I and Cycle II, and the training is provided in three formats: face-to-face, intensive and intensive international.

    • To find out more, you can find the contact details of the European Coaching School on this link.

    8. Improve your well-being and be happier (Miquel Àngel Rizaldos)

    • center: Miguel Ángel Rizaldos
    • location: Online
    • duration: It depends on the levels
    • the price: See

    An online course designed to work on skills in two related areas: social and communication skills, on the one hand, and emotional intelligence, on the other. From these two pillars, lifestyle habits have been built that promote well-being in the personal sphere and in relationships with others.

    Thus, this course has the capacity to be of interest to many types of people, as it is based on areas of life common to all human beings.

    1. Click this link for more information.

    9. Legal, forensic and penitentiary psychology (University of Seville)

    • center: University of Seville
    • location: Online
    • duration: 4 months
    • the price: 855 €

    This course can be taken remotely and covers various topics related to forensic, criminal and prison psychology., So that it prepares students for the exercise of the profession as forensic psychologist, as expert expert or advisor to the lawyer and judge in legal proceedings.

    This is an intensive program, of 21 ECTS credits, carried out through the virtual platform of the institution. Throughout the academic period, participants deepen the tools and knowledge necessary for the preparation of the forensic report in the different jurisdictions (civil, criminal, labor, minors, …) and its ratification before the courts and tribunals. .

    Its most important lessons focus on different topics related to criminal and forensic science: gender violence and abuse of women, prison psychology and criminal danger, neuropsychology, child abuse and sexual abuse, psychopathological disorders and medico-legal repercussions and parental alienation syndrome, among others. In addition, in this interesting course different case studies are also analyzed and students write expert reports in psychology.

    10. Practical methodology course in sports psychology and coaching (UPAD)

    • center: Psychology and coaching UPAD
    • location: Madrid
    • duration: 220 hours
    • the price: 480 €

    In Madrid we find the UPAD Psychology and Coaching Center, which, in addition to offering psychological assistance services, teaches one of the most prestigious sports psychology courses in Spain.

    The “Practical Methodology Course in Sport Psychology and Coaching” aims to train participants and train them in the theoretical and practical skills and competences necessary for an effective and quality intervention in sport.

    The program is aimed at both psychologists and students who are taking the last courses of the Psychology Degree, so that they can learn to use the techniques and resources necessary for good professional practice. The teaching period is divided into 10 face-to-face sessions (first block) and external internships which take place in a second training block. The extension of this course is 6 months.

    • If you would like to contact UPAD Psychology and Coaching, you can get more information by clicking here.

    11. Emotional intelligence course (El Prat psychologists)

    • center: Psychologists from El Prat
    • location: Madrid
    • duration: Inquire at the center
    • the price: Inquire at the center

    El Prat Psicòlegs, a psychotherapy center in Madrid, offers this interesting course in which they explore the fundamentals of emotional intelligence. He talks about both the processes by which we can benefit from the recognition of our emotions, and the nature of emotional intelligence and the scientific evidence that reveals how it works.

    12. Expert in couples therapy (Official College of Psychologists, Madrid)

    • center: Institute Official College of Psychologists of Madrid
    • location: Madrid
    • duration: 100 hours
    • the price: 1000 € (collegiate)

    Couples therapy is one of the most useful types of psychological therapy, And you don’t need to have been diagnosed with a mental disorder to attend. What matters is not the individual but the relationship. Couples therapy aims to improve the well-being and health of the court or marriage.

    The Official College of Psychologists of Madrid offers training that allows you to practice these techniques that allow a couple to improve in different aspects of their daily life. The formative action delves into the most important topics of couple therapy, so that students are prepared to assess and intervene on the negative dynamics that can affect a romantic relationship and in which many couples are immersed. The goal of this form of therapy is for lovers to recover what has united them.

    13. Course in infantile and evolutionary neuropsychology (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

    • center: Autonomous University of Barcelona
    • location: Barcelona
    • duration: 1 month
    • the price: 400 €

    This face-to-face course, given at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, provides students with the necessary specialization to be able to devote themselves to the field of educational neuropsychology and, therefore, allows students to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in different subjects related to this field.

    This training aims to train future professionals in neuropsychology focused on learning difficulties, so that they are able to detect and intervene in various school neuropsychological disorders such as dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia, ADHD, generalized developmental disorders and intellectual disability. · The program offers the opportunity to develop the functional skills necessary to help children and people with special educational needs.

    14. Mindfulness course to regulate emotions (UMA)

    • center: University of Malaga
    • location: Online
    • duration: Inquire at the center
    • the price: Inquire at the center

    This online course focuses on emotional intelligence through mindfulness. Mindfulness is a thousand-year-old practice that began to be used as a therapeutic technique because it brings many benefits to emotional well-being. With good emotional regulation and mindfulness training, it is possible to cope with different problems, such as stress or negative mood. In this course you will learn skills more adaptive, and in this way, you will be able to better understand and regulate your emotional state.

    15. Personality disorders: myths and realities (hyle psychology)

    • center: Hyle Psychology
    • location: Barcelona
    • duration: One day
    • the price: Inquire at the center

    It is the ideal choice for those looking for ways to learn more about clinical and health psychology through one-day sessions. Barcelona psychology center hyle offers this interesting workshop in which the more complicated and generally misinterpreted aspects of personality disorders are explored, something very useful for any professional who treats patients on a regular basis.

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