The 30 most motivating songs in history

A lot of research has shown that music has a positive effect on our behavior and our behavior, affecting our mood or mood.

If you are one of those people who needs extra help getting out of bed or going for a run, in this article we provide a list with 25 of the most motivating songs in history

Music can make us happy, energetic, and even excited

You and I have these days that we’re not in the mood for anything and need a nudge to get moving. It is curious how one day we can be very excited and the next day apathetic and demotivated on the other end. But I’m sure we’ve all heard one of those songs that goes through our ears not and we noticed its notes on our beats. We’ve all been in the car and when the return of that song we love so much begins, the melody runs through our bodies and makes us feel great.

And it is that, some for its catchy lyrics, others for that guitar “riff” that flows in the veins and others for its infectious rhythm which invites you to dance, there are very motivating songs.

Psychology and music

It is precisely this effect of music on our body that has prompted many psychologists and researchers to take an interest in studying the relationship between this phenomenon and our brain. Some curious data from some research has found a link between intelligence and music, more specifically, in the musical tastes that people with high IQ (CI) listen to and the music that people with low CI enjoy.

In fact, psychology too provided conclusive data on the relationship between music and people’s need for consumption. Thanks to these discoveries, many companies select the appropriate music so that the customer needs to consume more and thus increase their sales.

    Music therapy: music to improve mental health

    However, not only are companies aware of the benefits of music, but even mental health and wellness professionals use music to treat different conditions. It is known as music therapy, a methodology that improves the patient’s quality of life in two ways: active (playing music) or receptive (using music to, for example, induce relaxation).

    Scientific data on music therapy has shown that this practice is useful in both rehabilitation, education, and wellness improvement programs.

      The best songs to motivate

      But, How can we use music in our daily life? So, for example, to motivate us.

      In this article, we’ve prepared the 25 Most Uplifting Songs Ever, so you can use them whenever you want: at the gym, when you get up in the morning, when you’re downhearted, and more.

      30. Through Fire and Flame (Dragonforce)

      Dragonforce is known to be something like a Power Metal band genetically engineered to create the fastest guitar riffs and solos, and in this track they prove it.

      29. I will send to Boston (Dropkick Murphys)

      Rock of Celtic touches to give it their all with their hearts sung to screaming.

      28. Reptile (Skrillex)

      This piece of music is in line with certain songs that seem to be made for running or lifting weights.

      27. Running Wild (Airbourne)

      Airbourne is a kind of alternating / direct current passed through the centrifuge, and in this issue show all that energy they have.

      26. Hungry (Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard)

      A piece of music that seems specially designed for going to the gym.

      25. In for kill (La Roux)

      A good electro pop song. As La Roux says “will kill”, in the sense of giving everything. Don’t let anything stop you.

      24. Gyal You A Party Animal (Charly Black)

      It’s a new theme, but its electrifying rhythms and melody make this Jamaican dancehall theme get your body moving nonstop.

      23. “Jump”

      An energetic yet fun song in true old school hip hop style. This song has the motivating theme certificate.

      22. Let’s be strong (Jennifer Lopez)

      A Miami sauce theme not to be missed on this list. Latin rhythm to keep the body moving.

      21. Bad (Michael Jackson)

      Few songs are as energetic as this one. A powerful comeback, in true Jackson style.

      20. Viva La Vida (Coldplay)

      This single is without a doubt one of the best tracks from this group. A song that will make you feel good.

      19. Virtual Madness (Jamiroquai)

      Jamiroquai’s soulful and energetic funk always has a new twist. Its sound is pure happiness. Your soul surely surrenders at its own pace.

      20. Here, Now (Fatboy Slim)

      Fatboy Slim is a quirky musician. This topic is very motivating for many people.

      19. Nice day (Bill Withers)

      A theme on the beauty of life, from the American singer of the 70s and 80s.

      18. Wake me up (Avicii)

      A dance theme that has been very successful because its melody encourages you to continue.

      17. Feeling Good (James Brown)

      A classic from the king of funk. A problem that makes your legs move on their own.

      16. Gent de Zona (La gozadera ft Marc Anthony)

      A song dedicated to all Latinos. So that the temperature rises.

      15. Something startled me (Simply Red)

      The British soul-pop group leaves us this beautiful piece to make us feel good.

      14. Walking in the Sun (Katrina and the Waves)

      Few songs inspire such a good roll as this “upbeat” theme. They make you want to walk on the sun.

      13. Feels like the spirit of the teenager (Nirvana)

      The riff and anti-establishment attitude of this song inspired many young people.

      12. On top of the world (Imagine Dragons)

      A single that leaves a good taste in the mouth and changes the outlook on life.

      11. Good vibes (The Beach Boys)

      Good atmosphere for this track from “The Beach Boys” and their Californian sound.

      10. Happy (Pharrell Williams)

      Happiness is what exudes this theme from singer and producer Pharrell Williams.

      9. Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars)

      Bruno Mars has become one of the icons of funk, thanks to songs like this.

      8. Living on a prayer (Bon Jovi)

      Jon Bon Jovi and his band give us this song that helps you get strength where there is none

      7. I have the power (Snap)

      As the lyrics of this song say, “I have the power”. I can overcome difficult times.

      6. Run the World, Girls (Beyoncé)

      A song to inspire and energize all women on the planet.

      5. Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)

      A theme still alive despite the years, because it reminds us that the world is wonderful.

      4. I can’t touch this (MC Hammer)

      A song that has made history for its colorful music.

      3. Girls just wanna have fun (Cyndi Lauper)

      Cyndi Lauper’s original and unique voice fits perfectly with this single which declares that women just want to have fun.

      2. I will survive (Gloria Gaynor)

      When there is fear because things are getting complicated. Listening to this song is reborn, it is feeling alive again.

      1. Survivor (Tiger’s Eye)

      This song became famous for the movie saga “Rocky”. One of the most motivating songs in history.

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