The 4 keys to making a real change in your life

Throughout our life we ​​encounter unpleasant experiences or sensations that are repeatedAs if we lived inside a circle and couldn’t find the exit.

These can be experiences related to your emotions (fear, anger, guilt, insecurity or anxiety), your self-esteem (the way you see and relate) your personal relationships (break-ups, addiction or lack of confidence) or even in the professional intrigue (feeling to have a roof or to feel too much stress, low productivity and lack of control at work). How to get out of this circle?

The only way to change your life is to change yourself. However, real, genuine and profound change is not something that is achieved with videos or lectures, but by living a process of profound change where you discover what needs to change or evolve from you for everything to happen. the rest changes. You can’t change what’s going on on the outside, but you can change the way you care about yourself, others, and the world.

This is what will change everything. There are 4 keys to making real change in your life and today you can start to apply them.

Why does it sometimes not work?

Many times people often try to make changes over and over again and rarely succeed. Many people go to the psychologist or some other type of activity (workshops, courses, etc.) and do not get the expected changes.

Of course, this does not invalidate psychology, which is the training necessary to accompany a person in a process of real change. The problem is that the method does not accompany the person in a process of real change, but is imposed by an earlier theory or it is simply a matter of resigning yourself to what is happening without there really being a plan with it. different actions you take. to your change. Real, lasting and profound change, where you find out what is wrong and how to fix it. In short … results, but not material results, but results of life, well-being, emotional and human.

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Key 1: have a goal

Many people think that the goal is something rigid and that it is better to “sink”. However, this is not inconsistent. In fact, having a goal is totally necessary and essentialAs it engages you and guides you towards the change you want.

If you later find out that your goal and the change you need are another, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is to have a goal that made you start experimenting with change. Without a goal, continue in this circle.

Key 2: commitment

When the engagement isn’t 100%, there are usually little excuses to experience that change that ends up snowballing. This is why many attempts fail. Your commitment must be total to live your approachFrom start to finish, where changes and results come from.

Key 3: the time factor

Imagine your goal is to lose 2 pounds. It’s totally different to think about losing two pounds in 3 months … than in 3 weeks. In 3 months it is very possible that the time expands so much that you do not lose it, while in 3 weeks it is quite possible and it will make you concentrate more on your eating, resting or exercising. exercise. If you also plan to lose 3 pounds but don’t know when … the process will be endless and the changes will never come.

This is the main problem with support methods. If you don’t know how long you want to make the change, the goal will be much less.

Key 4: the expert company

The expert company is not the one that advises you, guides you or directs you, but the one that accompanies you like an expert mirror, helps you to see yourself and to broaden your point of view and to immerse yourself in what is happening. . But above all, the expert company generates a commitment that makes you seek different actions and that is why your learning accelerates and becomes deeper and more stable. The expert company is also the one that ensures that the change is 100% real and not just another attempt.

Your well-being and personal development are more important than any other distraction. If you want to make the change, be the change and see it.

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