The 5 Best Online Emotional Intelligence Courses

Emotional intelligence is one of the most important paradigms in psychology modern, and studies suggest that a good management of our thoughts, feelings and emotions brings many advantages: it improves self-knowledge and decision-making, it improves performance at work. improves interpersonal relationships, protects and reduces stress, promotes personal development, provides capacity for influence and leadership, etc.

    Best Online Emotional Intelligence Courses

    Fortunately, it is possible to learn to be emotionally intelligent people, And there are many courses on the market that allow you to learn strategies and skills for better emotion management.

    If you want to take an online emotional intelligence courseHere is a list of the best options:

    1. Improve your well-being and be happier (Miquel Àngel Rizaldos)

    This course is designed and taught by Miguel Ángel Rizaldos, a psychologist with over 25 years of experience in the professional field of psychotherapy. It deals with the main skills to regulate emotions and anxiety states, as well as various strategies to have more autonomy through better management of personal relationships and assertive communication.

    Also, in this online course the basics of mindfulness are also taught, A set of practices that aim to direct our attention to the here and now, so as not to create artificial problems where there are none and to be able to face the real root of the discomfort of the day.

    • If you want to know more about this proposal, click here for contact details.

    2. MasterClass of Emotional Intelligence (Campus Live it)

    To benefit from the practice of emotional intelligence, it is not necessary to take a full course, but some psychology professionals give masterclasses so that you can learn specific things about it.

    This is the case of the MasterClass Campus Live it, which lasts three hours and in which you can learn 7 keys to managing your emotions. Thanks to this master class you will be able to manage your life with your best resources, “your emotions”

    3. Postgraduate Program in Emotional Intelligence (UNED)

    The National Distance Learning University (UNED) is one of the most prestigious online universities. Among its training offer is a postgraduate degree in emotional intelligence, which aims to train health professionals who wish to specialize in this field.

    In the case of a postgraduate degree, it lasts for one year, but costs more than the previous training. The registration fee is 3240 € and the material is 200 €. The program is characterized by both theoretical and applied content and, in addition, it is necessary to complete a master’s thesis (TFM).

      4. Health therapy

      Saludterapia offers a slightly different course from the previous ones, as it also includes the study of relaxation and hypnosis techniques. The goal is be able to use these methodologies to manage their emotions and improve interpersonal relationships, so that it can be useful for psychologists, coaches and other health professionals who, in addition to wanting to know more about emotional intelligence, want to deepen the field of hypnosis.

      To be able to follow this training, it is not necessary to have prior knowledge of relaxation and hypnosis techniques, nor of coaching or emotional intelligence strategies and tools. This training lasts 40 hours.

      5. Emotional intelligence training (Acámica)

      Acámica is a Spanish course website that among its range of training we can find an emotional intelligence course. This course is for people interested in improving the relationship with themselves and with others, and provides skills in conflict resolution, self-motivation, self-management of emotions, stress management and its application not only in everyday life but also at work.

      In this course, you will use very useful videos and information to help you make a positive change in your life, and you will also find personal exercises to improve self-awareness and incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine.

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