The 50 essential Twitter profiles for psychology students

The internet has entered our lives to stay, it is a reality. Networking has not only revolutionized the way we communicate with each other, but it also provided us with a huge amount of information with one click.

That is why, as students of psychology or graduate professionals, we cannot ignore the ability of the internet and especially social media to stay connected with our field of knowledge and with other mental health professionals.

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Twitter for psychologists: the final ranking

A few months ago, in Psychology and Mind, we featured 15 Facebook groups where you can learn more about psychology, as well as a collection of the top 70 blogs on psychology and neuroscience.

Well today it’s time to review the bluebird social network, Twitter, looking for the fifty accounts that can best serve us as students or as mental health professionals. By clicking on each title, you can go directly to the accounts and give them the “Follow” button.

Let’s get started.

1. Psychology and the mind (@psychologically)

Psychology and the mind is the most read website on psychology, neuroscience and wellness in our language. You can follow us to be updated daily with all our content and thoughts.

2. Bertrand Regader (@bertrandregader)

If you fancy following the people in charge of coordinating psychology and mind, you can also Bertrand Regader is the founder and editor of Psychology and Mind, as well as a digital marketing and new technology enthusiast.

3. Adrián Triglia (@atbiels)

Adrián Triglia is the editor of Psychology and the Spirit. In addition to being a psychologist, he is also a publicist and is in love with social and fundamental psychology. A classic of scientific dissemination in our language.

4. J. García-Allen (@jgarciaallen)

Jonathan García-Allen is the communications director of Psychology and the Spirit. He is a psychologist and has trained in various fields: sports psychology, organizations, coaching, mindfulness … A multifaceted profile that deserves to be followed closely.

5. UPAD Psycho & Coach (@UPAD_PC)

UPAD_PC is the story of a very powerful company dedicated to psychology and coaching. If you want to keep up to date with your activities, feel free to follow UPAD_PC. In addition, you will be up to date with news and scientific discoveries in the field of human behavior.

6. Mr. Àngel Rizaldos (@MRizaldos)

Miguel Ángel Rizaldos Lamoca is a seasoned clinical psychologist with a strong network presence. In Psychology and Mind, we had the honor to interview a few weeks ago. You can read the interview by clicking here.

7. Nacho Paste (@nachocoller)

Nacho Paste is one of the most famous faces of psychology in Spain. Writer, clinical psychologist, coach and influencer, Nacho combines many of his passions in his social profile. In his profile, you can also keep up to date with his TV appearances. Essential.

8. In mental balance (@EnEquiMental)

In mental balance is the Twitter account of the famous Madrid psychologist Jesús Matos Larrinaga. From this account you can closely follow the content and television appearances of Jesus, with his personal and close style.

9. Psychologists Mariva (@MarivaPsico)

Psychologists Mariva is one of the most recognized psychology clinics in Valencia. They update their account with the most interesting materials, articles and interviews.

ten. Psico-K (@psypsicoK)

Psycho-K, The website of Karemi Rodríguez Batista, Is an Internet classic for the dissemination of articles on psychology in general and clinical psychology in particular. It has more than 16,000 subscribers.

11. Cultivate

This very interesting Twitter account is based on a simple idea: tweet only selected content related to science and culture in general. Much of its content revolves around psychology and anthropology.

12. Psychotesa (@Psicotesa)

Teresa Vallejo Laso is a tireless psychologist who has set herself the goal of bringing us a large number of interesting documents on the net. One of the must-see Twitter accounts on your “Follow” list.

13. Psychocode (@psicocode)

Psychocodes is one of the most followed websites in the field of positive psychology and personal development. If you still didn’t know about their existence, now is the time for you to follow them.

14. Isidro Migallón (@isidromigallon)

Isidro Migallón is a psychology student who, five years ago, created Psychocode. In addition to talking about behavioral science, Isidre is an expert in digital marketing.

15. Psychopedopaedia (@psicopedia)

Psychopedics is a good page to keep abreast of all topics related to the world of psychology and therapy. You may have already reviewed your website or Facebook follower page.

16. Álvaro Saval (@alvarosaval)

the valencian Álvaro Saval is a young and highly recommended psychologist, one of the most followed on YouTube and Twitter. Your thoughts will not leave you indifferent.

17. Change (@LeocadioMartin)

Leocadio Martín is a psychologist and teacher from the Canary Islands who runs a very interesting website: Switch. If you want to get to know him better, in addition to following him on Twitter, we also recommend that you read this interview.

18. UCE_psi (@UCE_psi)

Twitter account of Civic Union of Students, Based in Madrid, broadcasts on many topics related to psychology and emotional well-being.

19. Reflection on psychology (@pensarenpsicolo)

Founded by psychologists from Mexico, Thinking in psychology it has a lot of visual content on psychology and philosophy topics. One of the most creative Twitter profiles.

20. Jesús Gómez Bujedo (@JGBujedo)

On his Twitter account you will find all kinds of interesting articles and links on scientific psychology, opinion, skepticism and the philosophy of science.

21. Digital mental health (@eSaludMental)

A very good option for anyone who wants to receive information on clinical psychology, neuroscience and psychiatry. Essential.

22. Javier Jiménez (@dronte)

Tweets on psychology, science in general and opinion, lots of opinions. And generally with a touch of humor that I personally like a lot.

23. Eparquio Delgado (@eparquiodelgado)

Very interesting profile of the canary Thin diocese, Psychologist at the Rayuela Center in Tenerife and skeptical writer on topics related to psychology. If you want to have a psychologist who puts the magnifying glass on psychological data and research, Eparquio cannot be missing from your list.

24. C. González-Blanch (@ cgblanch1)

Tweets and retweets related to the latest research in psychology and neuroscience. This is the Twitter of a Cantabrian psychologist who is also president of the ANPIR.

25. In psychological therapy (@enterapia_psico)

A calm and thoughtful space where you can meet your best version. It is a profile perfectly managed by Galician psychologists and therapists.

26. Scientific Psychology (@CienciaPsicolog)

Here you can see a wide variety of links, from Opinion tweets and images related to the dissemination of psychology and neuroscience. Highly recommended.

27. Psychology Seville (@facpsi)

Isidro Maya Jariego controls the official profile of the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Seville. An inexhaustible source of behavioral science resources and content.

28. Psychology for you (@Psic_parati)

Links to articles and images. In this Twitter account, all topics are covered related to psychology and its fields of study. A report commissioned by two Valencian psychologists.

29. Humannova (@Humannova)

Among the tweets shared on behalf of Humannova, you will find content related to leadership and team management, consumer psychology, and building a corporate culture.

30. Mónica Manrique (@Padresenapuros)

Mónica Manrique distributes texts and articles related to child psychology, emotional management and emotional relationships.

31. Effective Psychology NL (@psicologianl)

Tweets on the latest research in basic psychology, neuroscience and health. The story of Effective Psychology NL is one of my favorites.

32. Psychologist Emilia (@emiliapsico)

Emilia is a psychologist from Alicante who provides us with useful information on the fields of study of clinical psychology. All of this, summed up in short tweets and infographics.

33. Pablo Malo (itpitiklinov)

Pablo Malo is a Basque psychiatrist who shares links with interesting research in neuroscience, evolutionary psychology and basic psychology. Interesting and educational.

34. Psychology of Oph (@PsicologiaOph)

From this interesting Twitter account were shared links to all kinds of articles on psychology, in Spanish and English. Still not following her?

35. Diego Cupri (@diegocupri)

In your account, you will find frequent tweets about neuromarketing and consumer psychology. Ideal if you are interested in our relationship with the consumer market.

36. Infocop (@Infocop_Revista)

Here is the Twitter account of Infocop Online, a digital journal published by the General Council of Schools of Psychology in Spain. Obligation to browse your profile once a week (at least).

37. Infopsychology (@info_psico)

Daily tweets with links to articles and selections of articles, all related to psychology, neuroscience and psychiatry. Very full.

38. Emotional psychologist (@PsychoEmotional)

Ciara Molina is the emotional psychologist and she shares a myriad of content related to psychology, caring and human emotions. Essential.

39. Antonio Crego (@antonio_crego)

Antonio Crego is professor of psychology at the Distance University of Madrid. Share links to news, op-eds and articles in Spanish and English.

40. Monika Salgueiro (@MonikaSalgueiro)

Monika shares infographics and articles on mental health and neuroscience in general, usually news on the latest research on these topics.

41. Manuel Sebastià (@msebastian_psi)

Tweets in Spanish and English on cognitive psychology and neuroscience, as well as thoughts and opinions. Another name you should know.

42. Almost all psychology (@MarcRuizDeMinte)

Here you will find, essentially, tweets on clinical psychology and social issues (if the two categories can be presented separately!).

43. Helen Matute (@HelenaMatute)

Through her story, Helena Matute offers an almost daily selection of psychological research, almost always in Spanish. Very interesting!

And now … psychology Twitter accounts in English!

To complete this list, it is also necessary to take into account some Twitter profiles which, although they tweet in English, are absolutely essential to be connected with the latest news, studies and materials.

44. APA (@APA)

We can’t forget the American Psychological Association’s Twitter profile. Almost daily updates on the latest research in psychology.

45. Micah Allen (@neuroconscience)

Through your account, you can access interesting articles on cognitive neuroscience and science in general. It is updated very frequently.

46. Psychological care (@PsychologyCare)

If you like the idea of ​​receiving information about psychology and neuroscience on a daily basis and very often, Psychology Care is a good choice.

47. Social Psychology (@SoclPsych)

If you want to take a break from so much clinical psychology and neuroscience, consider going to social psychology. Here you can read many articles on social psychology.

48. NewPsychologist (@NouveauPsychologue)

A selection of psychology and neuroscience news and opinion pieces available on a wide variety of websites and digital journals.

49. Hugo spiers (@hugospiers)

Hugo Spiers uses Twitter almost every day to post content on psychiatry and neuroscience, essentially. A neuroscientist who shares a lot of material.

50. Neurosceptic (@Neuro_Skeptic)

Another of those Twitter accounts updated several times a day with interesting information on neuroscience, psychiatry, biology and science in general.

51. Dorothy Bishop (@deevybee)

Dorothy Bishop shares articles on cognitive psychology, neuroscience and biology, as well as articles on social and general interest issues.

52. Rolf Degen (@RolfDegen)

Rolf Degen is a writer who constantly shares links and screenshots of scientific and informative articles. If these topics interest you, follow it.

53. Paul Bloom (@Paulbloomatyale)

Paul Bloom is dedicated to researching topics that in some ways overlap with psychology, anthropology, and philosophy. With him, we close this classification.

Update: more profiles to follow

Do you always want more interesting profiles? Well, here’s a little more.

54. Mar Alonso (@MarMarhoyas)

Mar Alonso is a psychologist and neurobiologist and brings us a good number of tweets and retweets on everything related to psychotherapy and the emotional well-being of the little ones in the house.

55. Oscar Saura (@sauraoscar)

The story of Oscar Saura it’s another of my favorites. Oscar is a psychologist very present on social networks and on a personal website where he leaves us precious thoughts every day.

56. Psicomemorias (@Psicomemorias)

Psychomemories is a Twitter account managed by Sevillian psychologists. You should also check out their website, where they post articles frequently dealing with suggestive topics in the field of behavioral science and therapy.

57. PsicoAyudarTeOnline (@LauraRoyo_Psi)

This is the psychologist’s story Laura Royo, Specializes in anxiety therapy. Laura also coordinates her own website, where she offers online therapy for this widespread problem. Highly recommended if you are interested in clinical psychology.

58. Alcarria Psi-coach (@psicoach)

Alcarria Psi-coach is a psychology and personal development center located in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, a town near Barcelona. In addition to providing information on services and workshops, in this account they also disseminate and offer advice to achieve our goals.

59. Mertxe Pasamontes (@Mertxe)

Mertxe Pasamontes is a psychologist, writer, photographer and blogger from Barcelona. His work is impressive, disseminating knowledge about psychology and personal development. Highly recommended.

Did we miss any interesting profiles?

Well that’s all! Here is our list of Twitter profiles to follow if you are a psychologist or a student. Although, on second thought, we might have overlooked one account that deserves to be in this ranking.

If you think we need to include a Twitter account, feel free to let us know in the comments section. If we see it as an interesting account, we’ll add it to the list.

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