The 8 Best Masters in Psychology to Study in Mexico

Naturally, after graduating with a degree in psychology, many Mexican new graduates wonder whether it is better to start working or extend your studies and pursue a master’s degree in Mexico (And even a doctorate in the future) to be better prepared to face the work environment of tomorrow.

Some may opt for the employment option if they are lucky enough to find a good job; others, on the other hand, decide to continue training for have a more basic learning, Aware of the investment that this implies for their professional future.

    Best masters in Psychology in Mexico

    Those wishing to study for a master’s degree in psychology in Mexico may find this list of the best postgraduate training options interesting, taking into account the different specialties that make up behavioral science. They are as follows:

    1. Professional Postgraduate Diploma: Masters in Psychology (National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM)

    • Center: National Autonomous University of Mexico
    • Scope: clinical psychology
    • Location: several
    • Duration: 2 lessons

    The Master in Psychology from the National Autonomous University of Mexico it is one of the most prestigious in this country and the highest level of demand. It lasts two years full time and is officially recognized by CONACyT.

    Its program has a theoretical-methodological orientation and the program combines formal classroom courses and a residency program, Which is characterized by supervised practical teaching activities in real professional practice scenarios. This makes it a unique Master in all of Mexico, therefore, under the supervision of experts, students develop skills and abilities for high-level professional practice, in various areas of psychology: psychology applied to health, psychology addiction, clinical neuropsychology, child or adolescent psychotherapy, environmental psychology, etc. After completing their studies, graduates have the opportunity to pursue a doctorate in psychology, etc.

      2. Master in Neuropsychology (University of Guadalajara)

      • Center: University of Guadalajara
      • Scope: Neuropsychology
      • Location: Guadalajara
      • Duration: 2 lessons

      The objective of this Master is to train psychologists interested in acquiring the theoretical and practical skills necessary for good professional development. in the field of neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation.

      During this training, students are able to understand and deal with normal brain function and disorders derived from brain damage, regardless of their origin: degenerative, congenital, acquired, etc. prevention, diagnosis, intervention, rehabilitation and reintegration of the subject into society.

      The lines of knowledge production and application are located around three main areas: neurological development, the brain and cognition; normal and pathological brain plasticity; and validation of cognitive instruments. Students achieve mastery of assessment tests and treatment techniques more effective, and develop the essential skills to implement them.

      3. Masters in Organizational Psychology (University of the Americas Puebla, UDLAP)

      • Center: University of the Americas Puebla
      • Scope: Psychology of work, organizations and human resources.
      • Location: Puebla
      • Duration: 2 lessons

      Psychologists play an increasingly important role in organizationsBecause many companies are increasingly aware of the importance of human capital in organizational performance. The objective of this Master is to provide advanced and quality training in the field of work and organizational psychology, and to provide its students with the necessary tools and the knowledge and skills essential for professional activity in this sector. .

      This postgraduate degree has been taught for over two decades, training professionals trained and prepared for the demands of the changing work environment of recent times. An ideal option for those who want to become experts in this specialty.

      4. Masters in Psychological Orientation (Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México)

      • Center: Ibero-American University of Mexico
      • Scope: clinical psychology
      • Location: Mexico
      • Duration: 2 lessons

      this is a master’s degree in integrative psychotherapyAnd that’s why its program aims to train psychologists who are psychotherapy experts with a comprehensive clinical approach to working with individuals or groups from different angles.

      The Master in Psychological Orientation offers its students various therapeutic tools so that they can respond to any need in the field of psychological support, in the fields of assessment, prevention and intervention. The program is composed of practical, scientific and interdisciplinary content, which allows the development of professional skills in the field of psychotherapy.

      5. Master in Educational Psychology (University of Guadalajara)

      • Center: University of Guadalajara
      • Scope: Educational psychology
      • Location: Guadalajara
      • Duration: 2 lessons

      Psychologists play a very important role in schools as they work to analyze how we learn and teach and how we can increase the effectiveness of different educational interventions in order to optimize this process. They are also important in promoting the inclusion of disadvantaged students or students with learning difficulties.

      For this reason, this Master of the University of Guadalajara aims to train psychologists specialized in this field, namely professionals in educational psychology and experts in special education and high capacities, capable of designing, implementing and evaluating intervention actions, teaching plans and research projects in this field.

        6.Master in Clinical Psychology (University of Monterrey)

        • Center: University of Monterrey
        • Scope: clinical psychology
        • Location: Monterrey
        • Duration: 3 lessons

        Another attractive option for psychologists who wish to specialize in the clinical field is the Master in Clinical Psychology from the University of Monterrey. It is aimed at all psychologists who, in addition to professional skills, wish to acquire skills for successful research development: Your program has the obligation to take certain subjects in this regard.

        The subjects have a strong practical orientation, For which students work on numerous clinical cases throughout the course.

        7.Master in Social Psychology (University of Guadalajara)

        • Center: University of Guadalajara
        • Scope: social psychology
        • Location: Guadalajara
        • Duration: 2 lessons

        A master’s degree offered to its students high quality training in aspects of research and intervention in the field of social psychology. With this, this training aims to train psychologists specializing in the diagnosis and intervention in different social needs from the point of view of social psychology in the individual, group, community and institutional.

        The aim of the Master is therefore that students can contribute to solving psychosocial problems from a scientific point of view, Have a critical perspective and extensive theoretical, methodological and instrumental knowledge. Some aspects that are explored in this postgraduate degree are: violence, suicide, conflict and mediation; psychosocial dynamics of family and social group, environmental psychology, among others.

        8.Master in Sports Psychology (Universidad Nuevo Leon)

        • Center: Nuevo León University
        • Scope: sports psychology
        • Location: Guadalajara
        • Duration: 2 lessons

        Sports psychology is one of the booming areas of psychology in recent years as more and more athletes, coaches and teams have benefited from the knowledge and application of behavioral science. in this domain. In fact, few people already doubt the importance of mental factors in increasing the potential of athletes and their athletic performance.

        In Mexico, sports psychology is in a consolidation phase, This makes it necessary to have professionals capable of designing, implementing and evaluating psychological preparation programs with the maximum guarantees of quality and effectiveness. With this mission, the Master in Sports Psychology was born at the University of Nuevo León, and with this training, this institution goes further in its path to be at the forefront of the quality educational offer in Mexico and at a different level. international.

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