The 8 best psychotherapy courses

The work of psychotherapists in relation to mental health this is extremely important today, and it is not uncommon for many people to need to attend psychotherapy sessions to resolve past conflicts, improve some aspect of their life, gain greater self-knowledge , achieve emotional balance, etc.

In a society that demands so much of us, the psychologist must be ready to attend with the maximum of guarantees to patients who need it.

The importance of continuing education

Undoubtedly, a good education is the best investment in order to be able to develop professionally and do a good job as a psychotherapist, but many psychology students who at the end of the diploma or Master in general health psychology recognize that they are not all ready to practice as professionals in psychological therapy. Running touches a bit of everything and provides a good foundation, but it is impractical and unprepared to be able to sit in front of a patient with confidence.

Fortunately, some educational institutions offer a variety of training and certification opportunities for therapists interested in their own professional training. These programs, of excellent quality, they are designed for psychologists who have already completed the degree in psychology (And in many cases the General Master of Health), for professionals with extensive experience in the therapeutic field who wish to continue learning and for career students who are finishing their studies and have already considered their future as therapists .

The best psychotherapy courses

This week we have prepared a list of psychotherapy courses which we believe may be of interest to psychologists who wish to devote themselves to or are engaged in this intrigue of behavioral science.

Some of them are ideal for treating a specific population group, others provide the psychotherapeutic tools, methods and skills necessary to meet patient expectations, and others provide the opportunity to gain practical experience, if necessary for the proper exercise of the profession. All of these programs are excellent and bring great knowledge.

1. Psychotherapy intervention techniques and tools course (Mensalus Institute)

Mensalus Institute, A well-known psychological and psychiatric care center in Barcelona, ​​organizes this online course on Therapeutic Techniques in Integrative Psychotherapy, aimed at psychologists who wish to specialize in clinical practice, as well as to increase their practical knowledge in the field of therapeutic intervention, by integrating specific tools into their clinical practice and by acquiring professional experience for their future work.

This is a 100% online professional course taught by professional psychologists specializing in different intervention styles, with theoretical and practical online courses available at all times, how-to videos, supervised training exercises and a permanent access to the centre’s virtual campus.

The course lasts 3 months, is based on an integrative theoretical positioning, offers an individual tutoring service for students and the possibility of resolving doubts by e-mail. The start date is April 12, 2021.

2. Online Acceptance and Engagement Therapy Course (Active Psychologists)

The Online Acceptance and Engagement Therapy Course Offered by Active Psychologists starts from a global theoretical base and also offers the main knowledge and practical tools, it is therefore aimed both at people who wish to embark on contextual therapies and at those who already have a solid base and wish to deepen their practical knowledge ., thanks to the role-play videos offered throughout the course.

Over the past year, more than 100 people have taken this course and the most shared comments between them are related to the good explanations of the course, which make it possible to understand the most complicated terms; the usefulness of the role-play videos in the practical block to experience first-hand the application of different therapeutic skills and the individualized feedback offered by the teaching staff.

And that’s it, the support and supervision of the teachers of this course, offers at all times the tools and advice that best adapt to the needs of each student to improve their performance and learning during the course.

3. Course for psychologists on child sexual abuse (psychological responses)

Psychological responses offers this interesting course for psychologists on child sexual abuse (ASI), intended for any psychologist regardless of their level of knowledge in this area.

The course content is structured in 8 core modules where each student will learn the main knowledge about ASI. In addition to this, registration for this course includes 3 additional modules for the same price, 12 hours of lessons with useful and up-to-date information, the possibility of permanent contact with the teacher and unlimited access to everything. never in the private student forum.

This course is taught online by a prestigious associate psychologist, UNED graduate, expert forensic abuse expert specializing in trauma and sexual abuse.

4. The practice of couples therapy (Couple’s Institute, Murcia)

This course addresses one of the most important topics in the work of psychologists dedicated to patient and family care: couples therapy services. It is a 20 hour training program divided into 4 sessions, and with a maximum of 12 students. It takes place in the facilities of the Instituto de la Parella, in Murcia.

Its content includes interesting topics such as brief strategic therapy in couples therapy, the use of questionnaires and self-recordings, how to conduct interviews separately or in pairs, the Gottman method for intervention in couples, etc. .

5. Course “Therapist skills” (Miguel Ángel Rizaldos)

Much of the success of psychological therapy is the trusting relationship that exists between therapist and patient. Therapeutic skills are therefore essential for the patient to notice an improvement in their mental health after consulting a psychologist. For this reason, Miguel Ángel Rizaldos, one of the most prestigious clinical psychologists in our country, who has more than 20 years of experience in offering psychotherapy sessions, teaches the online course “Therapeutic Skills”.

Thanks to this course, you can improve your communication and your language before, during and after the sessions, identify your strengths or weaknesses when you practice as a psychotherapist, positively influence the facilitating variables of an effective therapy (motivation, authenticity, creativity, etc.), adopting a relational style as a therapist that promotes therapist-patient trust regardless of the patient’s age (children, adolescents and adults) and more.

If you are a psychologist, doctor, psychiatrist, occupational therapist, nurse or dietitian, this training can be very useful and can help you grow as a healthcare professional.

6. University expert in third generation therapies (University of La Laguna, Tenerife)

In recent years, a new wave of therapies has started to be used in psychotherapy because of its benefits. These types of therapies, called third generation, have a more contextualized and holistic approach to the individual, And don’t just consider the patient’s symptoms or issues, but focus on how he relates to the environment in the present moment, with particular emphasis on verbal behavior and value clarification, always from functionality.

Third generation therapies educate the patient on how he sees the problem and how he de-psychopathizes it, and pays particular attention to internal dialogue and acceptance.

The University of La Laguna offers a course to deepen this subject and offers the opportunity to delve into the different therapeutic visions of this new trend, for example, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Functional Analytical Psychotherapy, dialectical behavior therapy or cognitive therapy based on mindfulness. Therapy. In this way, psychologists abandon the cognitive-behavioral approach to discover a new way of doing psychotherapy.

7. Interview Application Course Motivational Health Problems: A Useful Tool in Treatments (Center for Applied Psychology, Madrid)

The Center for Applied Psychology belongs to the Autonomous University of Madrid and is intended for assistance, research and training. One of the training actions he teaches is the “Course on the application of motivational interviewing to health problems: a useful tool in treatment”. Motivational interviewing is a therapeutic approach, Patient-centered, which aims to initiate behavior change in the patient by helping them resolve their ambivalence.

Scientific research shows that it increases the internal motivation of patients resistant to change and promotes adherence to treatment, so it becomes a particularly useful tool for psychotherapeutic practice, which provides a greater sense of satisfaction in both patients and in professionals. The main objective of this course is to train psychologists who wish to specialize in this methodology.

8. Specialization course in integrated psychotherapy of personality disorders (University of Deusto, Bilbao)

Organized by the University of Deusto, the Foundation for Research in Psychotherapy and Personality (FUNDIPP) and the OMIE Foundation, this training action is aimed at mental health professionals who have a particular interest in deepening the various personality disorders.

The teaching methodology is part-time, and the course gives access to a university degree taught by the same university: “Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy of Personality Disorders”. This training allows students to better understand this phenomenon and provides a broad repertoire of therapeutic skills applicable to daily clinical practice. It is intended for psychologists with previous training in psychotherapy and clinical practice.

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