The 8 best speakers in psychology (in Spanish and English)

Like any science, a lot of potential would be wasted if psychology was not revealed. It is one thing to move forward on the basis of research that only a few understand, but the important thing is that this knowledge reaches as many people as possible. And, in that sense, conferences are a big help.

In this article we will see a summary of the main speakers in psychology both in the Spanish speaking and international world.

    The most interesting psychology teachers

    Why do conferences have special value? This way of communicating is unique because it leaves enough space and time to communicate complex ideas in a way that, unlike with books, allows emotions to be conveyed in a very simple and easy way. practically immediate.

    Certainly, literature has a great power to transmit culture, but a good lecture is capable, in a few minutes, of to make us rethink deeply rooted beliefs in our identity and that we discover facts and events that change the way we see life.

    The sum of what is said and how it is said is crucial in appealing to our feelings, and conferences do just that. combine elements of the scene with non-verbal language, The fact of seeing a person of flesh and blood show live his own ideas and of course the power of what he says, of his message.

    With that said, let’s take a look at which are the most important speakers in psychology, first of all mentioning the Spanish speakers.

    1. Miguel Ángel Rizaldos

    In addition to being a seasoned psychologist with over 25 years of experience in the field of mental health, Miguel Ángel Rizaldos has collaborated with several media as a clinical psychologist and has given numerous lectures and lectures.

    In them it is spoken on personal relationships and communication techniques, managing emotions and anxiety, The True Nature of Mental Disorders and much more.

    2. Jonathan Garcia-Allen

    Jonathan is a psychologist specializing in business, sports psychology and personal development.

    His speeches go precisely in this direction: to talk about how we can do more with less, Introduce only small changes in our lives and eliminate a lot of what is unnecessary and create additional problems for us.

    3. Bertrand Regader

    Bertrand Regader, in addition to his role as an expert in digital marketing and SEO, he is a psychologist and trainer of company personnelSo, discussions and lectures are pretty much the norm with work.

    He talks in particular about motivation, the adoption of empowering roles, the dynamics of group learning and how psychology shows us what are the best strategies to regulate our emotions in order to adapt to the environment. and to life in general.

    4. Jesús Matos Larrinaga

    Throughout his professional career as a psychologist, which has led him to treat more than 1,500 people, Jesús Matos has managed to develop a facet of diffuser and trainer parallel to that of psychotherapist thanks to his mastery of theory and convenient.

    On the other hand, in addition to working at the Madrid psychology center In Mental Balance, you will find his ideas in many articles available on the Internet and in his recent book “Good morning, joy”.

    • To learn more about him, click here.

    5. Sònia Cervantes

    In Spain, Sònia is well known for being the psychologist who appeared in the television programs Germà Major and El Campament, but it’s much more than its televisual facet.

    After graduating in psychology from the University of Barcelona, ​​he specialized in various types of therapy and psychological intervention and began to make himself known both in his practice and outside through collaborations, media collaborations, books and conferences. These are specially treated on psychology applied to the world of adolescents and on self-improvement.

    English speakers

    Here are some other special mentions for speakers in the field of psychology who give lectures in English.

    1. Jordan Peterson

    He is perhaps the most fashionable psychologist internationally, at least in the West.

    Jordan Peterson is primarily aimed at a young audience who reaches adulthood with almost no reference and who doesn’t know what roles to take And he does so by insisting on the need to take responsibility.

    2. Dan Ariely

    Dan Ariely specializes in researching what makes us irrational beings who don’t even know they are.

    Talk about topics as interesting as what is behind the decision making, the way we lie, the image we want to give, Etc. Highly recommended.

    3. Steven Pinker

    Pinker is one of the most important psychologists in the field of evolutionary psychology.

    As a lecturer psychologist, he talks about the need to try to understand the world beyond visions biased by dialogue, argument and science.

    And to find out more …

    Lectures are a great way to discover areas of knowledge we didn’t know were fascinating, and therefore they provide a gateway to learning.

    To deepen the subject of psychology by going beyond the lectures, you will find here a selection of books that will help you satisfy the curiosity that will enter you by listening to the psychology teachers that we have seen:

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