The Benefits of a Flexible Mind (and 5 Tips for Getting It)

Why is psychological flexibility important?

We are in a world that is going faster and faster. In addition, this technological society forces us to constantly adapt to many new things, and not only at work.

Gone are the days of stable work, always with the same partner, living your whole life in the same place… it’s not that before there weren’t changes or that now these norms are impossible, but rather the speed of things.

We are now rocked by more change in less time, and the search for security in many cases has been relegated to knowing how to adapt to the new so as not to be left behind. Often we cannot choose not to change, and if we have psychological flexibility, we facilitate the ability to deal with change correctly.

    What does it mean to have a flexible mind?

    Cognitive flexibility allows you to have flexible thinking, as you are able to see things from different angles, assimilate new information that comes to you and take a different direction, better adapt to new circumstances, be more creative and decisive. .

    We are more inflexible or rigid than we think, our view of the world is deeply rooted in what we already know or have learned, to the point that we can say that everyone lives in their reality, because that is not the same reality for everyone.

    This circumstance gives us space to decide; that’s why many talk about “building your reality”, And they are right. It is important to know what your power is to live or see things differently, and it gives you the power to change them or face them as you see fit.

    A rigid mind is one that causes you to do the same thing over and over., and you can act again and again out of conviction even if it doesn’t work for you. If you are often trapped by circumstances or feelings and you always end up the same, I invite you to ask yourself if you have been trapped, if you need to open yourself to the possibility of seeing things under another angle.

      How do I know if I’ve fallen into the trap of a rigid mind?

      The first is observe what things in our life don’t seem to change or always have an unsatisfactory outcome. You have to keep in mind that you can have a rigid mind for certain aspects and for others a more flexible mind with more openness.

      For example, you may feel that you need to learn something new for your job and feel able to adapt to that change, or even seek it out, and at the same time believe that no relationship will ever be the same as the one you are in. had with him. guy.

      This last example may seem like an absolute and reasoned truth, but also this belief can be a prison that prevents you from enjoying love again. It’s natural to think that.

      Sometimes the difference is the brand how this thought or belief in you evolves. If it does not evolve, it will be a trap that will put barriers in your way. You will see everything more negative, because believing that you will never find the happiness that you had with this person will be like being on the defensive, it will cost you to be excited, you will constantly compare this new love with the one you already had and everything will confirm that it is not the same. , your belief will come true and you will think that you are right.

      If you have a flexible mind, you will give yourself space to see what this new relationship brings you, you will see “it’s not the same” as an opportunity to be with someone different who makes you feel love in a different way. You will conclude that no relationship is the same and even though you knew you would never have a relationship like the one you had in the end, you found a different love that can also make you very happy. etc. it will allow you to evolve and be happy again.

      This is just one example of how a flexible mind allows you to move on and face life in a different way, without getting stuck in, say, the way things were and believing the way which they should be. A flexible mind makes it possible to discover new paths.

        Characteristics of a Rigid Mind

        It’s easy to see if you have a rigid mind if you’re stuck in one opinion, if you think everyone is wrong except you.. To find out if you have fallen into this trap that makes you feel safe and embrace your beliefs, built on your experiences or your past, I suggest you analyze: when was the last time you were able to change your mind? ?

        A flexible mind is able to change a judgment about something by receiving new information that contradicts what was previously thought. A flexible mind will naturally be able to assimilate this new knowledge or evidence and alter what it thinks without falling into the mantle and sword of defending what contradicts its previous position. You will be able to learn, evolve and grow.

          5 tips for working on your psychological flexibility

          Follow these tips to develop your mental flexibility.

          1. Here and now is where the really important thing is, where you have the opportunity to live

          The past is history, learn from it, don’t live in it, and the future is yet to come. But if you don’t live the present, you won’t be able to live the future, since you will never be present.

          2. Learn from your mistakes

          It’s not your fault you stay, it’s your intention make you act different next time. Errors don’t speak for you, but how you handle them says a lot.

          3. Get out of absolute, black/white, good/bad thoughts…

          Embrace the shades which makes it not only a correct answer. Reality is full of details, approaches, points of view…

          4. Dare to change, explore new things…

          Do what doesn’t work for you, get used to trying, enjoying learning, get rid of the tags… Knowing more about yourself leaves limits to rigid minds.

          5. Connect to what really matters to you

          Giving so much importance to everything can be overwhelming. Don’t wait to be touched by what really matters, health, family… Start living today!

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