The importance of managing emotions – this is how you can improve your life

Every second of the day you feel some kind of emotion. Whether it is fear, anger, guilt, insecurity or calm, peace, joy or excitement, emotions are always present in one way or another.

This way, your emotional state influences you not only in your mood, but in all the decisions you make. This emotional energy is therefore the fundamental engine to live a full life, to know yourself better, to surpass yourself and to grow as a person or professional.

For 10 years, I have been accompanying people in private change processes aimed at achieving very different goals as a psychologist and coach; but, I discovered that managing emotions is the fundamental pillar of personal and professional development. Do you want to learn to have emotions on your side rather than against you?

    What are emotions used for?

    Emotions are a basic energy that helps you to know yourself, to know what situation you are in and what you interpret about yourself, others or the environment.

    Although we often talk about “negative” emotions, there really are no negative emotions in themselves, but more pleasant or unpleasant emotions. All emotions are positive and necessary. Fear helps protect you, and anger helps you know that something is going on that is basically wrong for you. But … is everything that your emotions tell you true?

    Your emotions only inform you, but it all depends on how you understand those emotions and know how to deal with them.

    Feeling fear, anger or guilt is normal, but feeling a fear that paralyzes you or does not allow you to move forward in your life, an anger that takes over your daily life and makes you more stressed and hinders your personal relationships. , or a guilt or insecurity that makes you feel bad for too long and too intense is not a positive thing, and a reflex that you do not manage your emotions well.

    How to learn to understand and manage your emotional side?

    Since the term “emotional intelligence” became popular, we have learned that emotions are not our “irrational” side, but a fundamental element of our well-being, of our personal development, Improve personal relationships (as a couple and with family) and also our professional development (knowing how to manage your emotions will help you to concentrate better on your work, to know better how to lead your team, to have better relations with your colleagues or clients or to undertake with better results).

    However, and despite the large number of books, training and courses that exist, these resources do not work on their own. A course or a book is just information, but it does not help you go through a real process of change.

    The problem is this: your current way of dealing with your emotions it’s an apprenticeship. A learning that has probably happened throughout your life.

    To learn to understand and manage your emotions, you have to go through a process of change where you discover how you manage your emotions now and learn to manage them in a more functional way, working in a deep and holistic way with both different actions. and your belief system, personal relationships, the relationship between your communication and the management of emotions, and even between the relationship that exists with your values ​​and your identity.

    A profound process of change this is only possible with an action plan (With different actions that help you understand your emotions better and deal with them in a more functional and positive way) and, of course, the expert and professional company that helps you broaden your point of view and discover everything you can achieve through having your emotions in your favor rather than against you.

    Humans work like mirrors, and it is this business that will make the process work.

    Improve the learning process

    In Human Empowerment (, an online personal development school, you can start now and for free the Emociona’t program to take the first steps in this process of managing emotions.

    And if you really want to take the plunge and go through a 3 month deep change process with an expert company, you can ask for information about Transform Your Emotional World, a real process of change in managing emotions to improve your life and your experiences through your emotions. I can only accompany you privately with a small number of people at a time, so ask for information as soon as possible to reserve your place.

    Emotions can make your life better or harder, but it is not the emotions that are responsible, but the way you understand and deal with those emotions. Having the emotions on your side is the best decision you can make.

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